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Chapter 1137: You Have Wronged Me

Mu Feichi turned and looked at the man who had been speaking to him.

His dark eyes had a rare warm glow, and his hardened beliefs as a soldier were shining through the warmth.

Yun Xi was approaching her coming-of-age ceremony, and they already knew that she was his weakness.

If Yun Xi didnt hurry up and grow up, she would be forced to face more precarious and challenging situations.

This moment was crucial.

If she had not made the adequate mental preparations and achieved the appropriate skills and strength, it would be impossible for her to stand a chance against all these sly old foxes.

If she didnt have an absolute advantage to begin with, her level of skills and schemes in this operation of hers might face difficulties rather quickly.

“If I hadnt done it, my beloved would still be too soft at the crucial moments.

I needed to put her into a corner so that she could strike back hard and ruthlessly.”

“What are you saying about me” Upon hearing her name, Yun Xi approached the two men and studied their expressions.

Then she turned to Mu Feichi, who was wearing his usual half-smile.

“You said you werent speaking to anyone, so this whole matter would be left to me to settle”

“If not now when Will you leave it be, babe Ive brought you all the weapons you need.

All you have to do is use them.

What are you afraid of”

“Im not afraid.” Yun Xi took a deep breath and looked up, her gaze steady as she continued, “If it was all left up to me, I would become their target.

Our relationship might be revealed to everyone in Jingdu because of this.”

Mu Feichis brows went up in amusement and he laughed lightly.

“So what Arent you prepared for that My status is evident, and even if your parents use it against you, the present you will not be easily bent by them.

You have the tactics, and you have the skills.

Are you still worried you cant overcome your parents I am here for you too, you know.

What are you worried about”

“Im worried…” Yun Xis voice trailed off as she looked into his eyes.

Her pupils were shining with love from the bottom of her heart.

She sighed softly and a bitterness gripped her heart.

Even she could not understand why she was worried.

But all she knew was that she did not want the head of the Mu family and the respected Young Commander of Jun Country to be taken advantage of because of her.

Yun Xi had good knowledge of the characters of her parents.

They were people who would grip tightly to any potential benefit and opportunity.

To have the Young Commander around them or to be able to get a bit of dirt on him because of her was something that horrified her.

Yet, she had no choice about who her parents were.

She was afraid that her family ties would ultimately wear him down.

Whether she was used by her parents or if they forced her to help them, she could withstand all of that humiliation but she didnt want Mu Feichi to be given any grievances.

The irony was that she knew he would give her anything she wanted and do anything she asked.

Yet all she could do was to worry for him, and nothing would hurt more than if he was wronged by her vile family members.

She didnt want him to have to deal with this because of her.

Their difference in status was what had been the wall between them.

It filled Yun Xi with guilt, but it was something way beyond her control.

“Youre worried about me” Returning her gaze, Mu Feichi understood what was bothering her.

He lifted his hands up and covered her eyes.

“Dont you worry about me.

I wont be used that easily.

Isnt today a good example of that Besides, I will never let you feel conflicted as the person in the middle.

We can find a way to compromise, all right”

He was upset because he had not considered the fact that she would have become so upset at this dilemma.

Knowing that her heart had been breaking for him softened his heart.

Her heartbreak and sadness had gotten to him as well.

“It doesnt matter if I have been wronged.

Im used to it.

But you will still be taken advantage of, and because of that I will wrong you!”

“So we have always kept a low profile because you didnt want to wrong me Dont you know that this is doing the opposite of what you intended, and you have wronged me, babe”

Having finally understood what Yun Xis words meant, Mu Feichi was too angry to find the right words to say to her.

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