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Chapter 1136: Kindness the Only Weakness

Jerking her head up, Yun Xi faced Mu Feichi with an expression of disbelief.

“How did my dad have access to these top-secret files”

“As I said before, dont underestimate your dad.

It takes a trick or five to climb from the bottom to the vice president of the Urban Construction Bureau.”

Yun Xi smiled.

“I knew he had schemes, but its a shame how short-sighted he is.

He has been stuck in terms of promotion for years, but if he had this around he could have climbed more.

Yet, he chose to give it up now, at what cost What did you have to do to convince him Hes a man who only goes after profits.”

“I only used my authority as the Young Commander as a carrot for him and nothing else.

Do I look like someone he could bargain with”

“My dad was willing to let himself be used like this Doesnt make sense though.

He could have been living at the height of luxury with this.

Why didnt he do anything with it”

“I knew he had the information, and he knew he could not move me.

If this information ever leaked, I would be fine but that wouldnt be true for him.

This was why he didnt use it after all these years.

He didnt have the backing I have.

Now that I asked, he handed it over immediately.

It was a shame your mother pulled what she pulled, and he didnt get to reap the benefits.”

Mu Feichis words were an epiphany for Yun Xi.

She finally understood what he meant by “getting someone else to do the dirty work”.

The trouble had been caused by Liang Xiuqin and it caused Yun Yuanfeng to lose the potential benefits he could have reaped with this information.

Mu Feichi merely took advantage of the situation.

The help from Mu Feichi was much needed for them to resolve the issue.

His presence was a relief to all.

But her mother had been too foolish and offended him at this particular juncture.

This was the perfect time for Mu Feichi to ask for this information from Yun Yuanfeng, and all the blame could be placed on Liang Xiuqin.

Yun Xi was almost floored by how determined and ruthless the Young Commander was in handling others.

She gained a new level of respect for him.

“Take your time and do whatever you want.

Ill close my eyes for you.”

He would remove all the obstacles in her path, but he would not stand up and support her in person.

In fact, this matter was a test from him to Yun Xi.

She had witnessed the bodyguards who were willing to give up their lives for her safety.

That alone had eliminated any possibility of her showing the men who had planned the attack any mercy.

He did not want her to maintain her benevolence either.

From his perspective, the only flaw in all of her plans was her kindness.

He had always thought that he needed to persuade Yun Xi to be more ruthless when it came to supporting her moral principles.

Now, the car accident seemed to have been the wake-up call for her.

Standing up, Mu Feichi issued an order to Qi Yuan, “From today onward, I will not see anyone.

Tell them Im on vacation.”

The order left Qi Yuan conflicted.

He had to handle the relationships with others ultimately, and he was the one who had to be the mouthpiece.

It was clear to all that the vacation was merely an excuse.

If the Young Commander refused to meet anybody, it indicated his impartiality in the situation.

Anyone who chose to work against him would be targeted.

Not only was the Young Commanders intention to put Miss Yun to the test, but he perhaps had planned to use this opportunity to introduce her to the world.

The socialite ball was just around the corner, and even if Miss Yun were to attend as a member of the Jiang family, she had to have the talents and social skills to support her status.

If this matter were to become blown out of proportion and the public got to know about Miss Yun, there would be more attention paid to her capabilities.

After much hesitation, Qi Yuan looked up.

“You sure about this, Young Commander”

Miss Yun might not be mentally ready for what was to come.

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