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Chapter 1129: Impulse to Kill

Perhaps because she had died once before, or perhaps because she had been trained by Yan Shuo for more than three months, Yun Xi felt that her reaction to danger or the threat of dying had become much sharper.

“Watch out!” she yelled.

A big truck at the intersection had started racing seemingly out of control, heading straight for them.

The big truck was coming extremely fast, as if the driver had his foot all the way down on the gas pedal, and it had passed the crosswalk in an instant.

The left and right sides of the road were blocked with parked cars and there seemed to be no way out.

Yun Xi could do nothing but watch the truck come rushing toward them.

Then, suddenly, at the last minute, four cars raced over from the left and right sides and got in a formation that blocked the car Yun Xi was in.

Then, the two cars that were in the front also stepped on the gas and rammed the big truck head-on at the fastest possible speed.

The big truck that was racing out of control slowed down because of the sudden impact.

However, because of its speed, the two cars that had attempted to ram it were instantly thrown to the side of the road and crashed.

The front ends of both cars were completely destroyed.

Even though the big truck had been slowed a bit, it still hit the next two cars that were attempting to protect Yun Xi.

These two cars were knocked away from the impact of the truck and rammed directly into the guardrails on both sides of the road..

“No…!” Yun Xi stared in horror at the scene in front of her, as the loud rumblings and crashing sounds filled her ears.

Then, when four more cars pulled out of traffic and stopped in front of the car she was riding in, she realized what was going on.

She was shocked that they had had to take such extreme measures to protect her car.

The driver of her car had reacted quickly and reversed the car.

There was a bodyguards car behind them that had already backed up, causing it to crash directly into the car behind.

However, at this moment none of these little things made any difference.

The big truck then crashed head-on into the front of Yun Xis car, forcing the sedan backward a few yards.

Sitting in the car, Yun Xi felt it shake violently, and her body was slammed into the car door.

Two cars emerged from the traffic and crashed into the passenger side of the big truck, which caused it to skid and roll over into the guardrail, where it then slowly and finally came to a halt.

“Yun Xi!” Jiang Chenghuan had reacted quickly and jumped on her to hold her down, afraid that she could be thrown out of the car from the impact.

The intersection was instantly filled with the sound of car horns blaring.

Yun Xi held on to the armrest for dear life, and even though the vital parts of her body had avoided getting injured, she was still knocked directly against the car window by the violent impact.

At this moment, she wasnt thinking about her pain, as she stared in disbelief at the wreckage of the big truck, as well as all the damaged cars that had been sent flying to the sides of the road.

A sudden chill shot up her spine.

“Are you…are you all right” She didnt know how long it took before she reacted and turned her head to look at Jiang Chenghuan who was sitting firmly beside her.

“Im fine, you…”

Jiang Chenghuan looked at her bumped head, with some blood streaking across her cheek.

It contrasted with her pale face and looked a little eerie.

“Im fine, call the police.


lets try to save some of these wounded guys.


Not waiting for Jiang Chenghuan, Yun Xi pushed open the car door and ran out, squeezing into the crowd to help the other drivers get the injured patients out of the cars.

She had studied medicine and even fought alongside Mu Feichi.

She had never been afraid of death and gunfire, but had was a strong fighting spirit that was aroused by danger and struggle.

At this moment, looking at the blood and the wreckage all around her, remembering the cars that had just rushed out to serve as shields for her without hesitation, a raging fire burned in her chest and an enormous impulse to kill those who had attacked her grew in her spirit.

The stench of gasoline and blood mixed together made her want to gag.

The truck hadnt been out of control.

She had seen the driver was looking straight at them when she noticed the big truck rushing their way.

She had seen that the driver didnt make any move to brake or jump out of the car.

Rather, he just stepped on the gas and rushed toward them!

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