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Chapter 1107: I Know Her Well

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Yun Xi had heard about Liang Xinyis expulsion from Jingdu University, but the moment she heard that the school had reversed its decision in the final moments, she knew someone had reached out to speak for Liang Xinyi.

If Han Zhongteng had made it clear that he would not intervene, the only one who could have offered any help to her would have to be Han Wanling.

There were two months left until the socialite ball.

It was the right time for Han Wanlings return.

That night as Yun Xi returned to her apartment after classes, she caught sight of Mu Feichi sitting in the living room on the sofa.

“Did Han Wanling return” she asked as she removed her shoes.

Looking up from his computer screen, Mu Feichi gave a slight nod.

“Just returned today, and put Liang Xinyi back into Jingdu University the moment she got here.”

Mu Feichi tided up his pile of documents and looked toward Yun Xi.

He stood up and poured a glass of honey water for her.

“If that upsets you a lot, I can send someone to fix it.”

“No need.” Yun Xi shrugged after she had taken a mouthful of water.

“Shes already reached a point of complete ruin in all aspects of her reputation and spirit due to me.

Im sure she hates me more than anything in the whole world.

The more hatred she has, the more she will want revenge, and this hatred makes her a better tool for others.

I know her well and, compared to a stranger, I would rather others use her against me because I have a higher chance of winning.

She does not have any genuine support from anyone after all.”

She had to keep herself guarded all the time in the face of unknown enemies.

Yun Xi did all kinds of research at a great cost of time and manpower to prepare herself to deal with them.

However, Liang Xinyi was not worth any effort.

She was akin to a hard-to-kill cockroach.

As long as there was an opportunity to climb the social ladder, she would risk it all…even if it meant sacrificing herself as a tool on her ascent.

There was no bottom line for individuals like her.

In Yun Xis eyes, as long as she understood Liang Xinyi, she knew where her weak points were and how to handle her.

More significant, Liang Xinyi had the hatred but not the wits, nor did she have a strong personality nor strong absolute support behind her.

If she were to fail, anyone would simply abandon her like a useless chess piece.

They would never be by her side till the end.

Enemies like her were easy to handle, and Yun Xi did not worry that she might offend the power backing Liang Xinyi in their battles.

Mu Feichi nodded.

He understood what she meant, and if she elected to stay out of the issue he would not ask anything further either.

As they asked each other about their days, Yun Xi did not need to share much about Liang Xinyis expulsion as Mu Feichi had already been notified by someone else.

However, what she wanted to bring up was someone who had hidden her involvement in the event well, almost as if she was invisible.

“I am pretty certain that Si Wenxuan interacted with Qiao Ximin privately.

She had proposed the anti-narcotics campaign to the principal, and coincidentally Liang Xinyi found a drug-abusing AIDS patient.

Im guessing Si Wenxuan is somehow involved in this too”

“I knew about that.” Mu Feichi looked up, his pupils dark as he continued, “What do you plan to do with her”

“You were aware” Yun Xi was surprised.

“How did you know I was only guessing, and all I knew was that she had approached Qiao Ximin, but I did not have any proof.

How did you find out”

“We attached a tracker from our lab onto Si Wenxuan.

Of course, this tracker came with a listening device.

If it had not been for what happened, we would not have listened to her private life normally.

But once we heard what had happened, we investigated.

She indeed approached Qiao Ximin and wanted to bring you down.”

“Wow, thats terrifying! Could you have installed a listening device here too” She was teasing him.

Yun Xi did not feel like dealing with this now that she was aware that Si Wenxuan was involved.

She knew this was not her business to handle and therefore she decided to change the topic.

“Its our private space, why do I need to install one Would I need a spy device if I am talking to you directly”

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