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Chapter 109: Love at First Sight

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Her so-called fiance hadnt been there when shed stayed at the Chen familys house the last time.

The old man said that hed gone to party at the beach.

Having been called back by the old man in such a hurry, now he probably resented her for cutting his vacation short and ruining his fun.

If that was the case, she had a 30 percent higher chance of winning the bet.

As for the remaining 70 percent, that all depended on her knowledge of Jiang Henglin from her previous life.

After shed been born again, although many things had changed, peoples fundamental dispositions always pretty much stayed the same.

Whether it was her mother, Yun Ziling, or Liang Xinyi, they all still had the same opportunistic tendencies that theyd had in their last lives.

They were just exactly as ruthless as they had been before.

Of course, Jiang Henglin was no exception.

In her last life, they had been allies with mutual interests.

She was well aware of his ambitions and understood his cynical nature.

She walked back to her place in the corner.

Upon seeing her coming back, Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling looked nervous.

Seeing that Yun Xi didnt even bother looking at them, nor did she appear to be behaving strangely, they felt relieved.

After returning to her seat, Yun Xi turned to look at Yun Ziling, who was staring straight at her.

“Why are you staring at me”

“No reason.” Feeling guilty, Yun Ziling turned her head away.

Yun Xi tugged at her arm playfully.

“I think I just saw your idol Ling Jing.”

“Really” Yun Zilings eyes lit up as soon as she heard the mention of Ling Jings name, and she asked eagerly, “Where did you see him”

“I saw him in the hallway, so hes probably also a guest at todays auction.”

Not wanting to say more, she turned around after successfully piquing Yun Zilings interest.

Yun Ziling wanted to ask more questions, but Liang Xiuqin told her to sit down and be quiet.

The auction was about to start, the host was in place, and almost everyone was already seated.

At this time, the manager rushed to the main table and reported something to Mrs.


After listening to the managers report, Mrs.

Chen stood up and glanced toward the main entrance.

When the three people sitting at the main table realized what was going on, they all stood up too.

When all the other guests saw this happening, they imagined that some big personage was arriving, and one by one they all looked toward the entrance.

Two figures walked in from the entrance.

The venerable green color on his clothes inspired reverence when all the people present saw who it was.

Mu Feichi, Chinas Young Marshal Mu.

Nobody had expected such a legendary figure to appear unannounced at tonights auction.

When Yun Ziling first saw Mu Feichi, she couldnt help but grasp Liang Xiuqins arm to suppress her excitement and ecstasy.

“Mom, its Young Marshal Mu! Its really Young Marshal Mu!”

Liang Xiuqin patted the back of Yun Zilings hand.

“Calm down.

Dont forget your ladylike manners.”

Regarding Mu Feichi, Liang Xinyi had heard all about him from Yun Zilings wikipedia introduction earlier in the morning.

In Yang Village where she was from, they all admired manly men.

Ever since shed been a little girl, Liang Shinyi had frequently had fantasies about masculine heroes.

Upon seeing Chinas legendary Young Marshal Mu in person, she immediately swooned.

He appeared extraordinarily debonair, and his blue-blood upbringing gave him the suaveness and charm of the elite.

It was as if he had been born to be the king standing at the top of the food chain, enjoying the admiration and worship of everyone.

Such a dazzling figure was enough to make someone fall head over heels for him in one glance.

At this moment, Liang Xinyi finally understood what love at first sight truly meant.

After seeing such a brilliant man as Young Marshal Mu, it would be difficult to fall in love with any other man in the future.

“I didnt expect to see Young Marshal Mu in person.”

It was also Liang Xiuqins first time seeing Mu Feichi, and she sounded both honored and proud.

From her excited tone, it seemed as if she had seen the Great Elder!

With everyone staring at Mu Feichi, Yun Xi took advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to put the watch in her hand into the handbag on the chair.

She did this at such a fast speed that nobody noticed anything.

They were all staring intently at the venerable figure on the stage.

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