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Chapter 1092: Passion

Yun Xi was perplexed.

She had thought that her father would have figured out a method to patch up the problem.

Who would have thought that he would shamelessly approach Mu Feichi for help at the very first sign of trouble

“Where did he get the confidence that you would help him Isnt he afraid of provoking you”

“A beggar can never be bankrupt.

He has nothing to fear.

Besides, I trust your dads intellect.

He knows why he was given his position.

He knew that it had something to do with me, and he thinks maybe he can help me out too some day, and thats why he uses it as leverage.

It definitely takes a few tricks to have remained in his good posting as the vice president of the Urban Development Board for so many years, dont you think”

He knew that Yun Xi had spent a long time in the countryside.

She might not know her father very well and perhaps she had underestimated his abilities.

Contrary to what Mu Feichi thought, there was no one Yun Xi knew better than her father.

He had changed little from her past life.

All of his manipulations and tricks remained the same in this life as they had been in her last.

He had attempted to squeeze all utility out of Yun Xi, just as he always had.

For Yun Yuanfeng to attempt to climb Mount Tianyu and seek Mu Feichis assistance, he must have come prepared.

Realizing what he meant, Yun Xi sat down next to Mu Feichi.

With a frown, she looked up and asked, “Does my dad have something you want”

HMMM! “Clever as usual.” Mu Feichi lifted his hand and ruffled Yun Xis hair.

“I cant tell you what it is now though.

You will know when its time to use it.”

“What do you mean” Yun Xis face was ridden with questions.

His cliff-hanging words had caught her attention.

“Nothing much.

Dont you want to see your father suffer a few days more Id be too nice if I settled it for him quickly.”

“Well, good for you!” She was disappointed that her fathers great solution was simply asking Mu Feichi for help.

At least it was direct and quick.

Nevertheless, this had proved that her sly father had never faltered in his manipulations.

“The anti-narcotics campaign is nationwide now.

We expect results very soon.

I sent the Intelligence unit over to gather information.”

Yun Xi nodded, her eyebrows creased as she pondered the updated situation.

She was too deep in her thoughts, and she did not notice the cup that Mu Feichi brought to her lips.

Yun Xi took a sip from where Mu Feichi had just drunk.

Pursing her lips she continued, “Theres nothing from the Han family either…”

Unbeknownst to her, the man next to her had been sent into a rush of passion by her act of opening her mouth to drink.

Before Yun Xi could finish speaking, Mu Feichi swooped down and pressed her against the sofa with a kiss.

“Wha…” She was in the middle of a serious talk.

She found this annoying.

As Yun Xi focused on pushing him away, the man pushed in deeper and trapped her in the kiss.

Between the passionate kisses, hints of happiness could be seen in Mu Feichis eyes.

His strong scent threatened to overwhelm her and caused her to shiver slightly.

Her subconscious action had touched him in his heart.

She had looked vulnerable and small as she slowly sipped the water from the cup.

He was not an impulsive man.

He had maintained his dignified and determined front as a soldier all these years.

But her sweet, enticing body scent had wrapped itself all around him and completely pushed all of his cool logic to the back of his mind.

Mu Feichi loosened his grip as he resurfaced, satisfied with his kiss that left Yun Xi panting against the sofa.

Her complexion was a blushing pink that sent his heart into a beating frenzy.

Gathering herself together, and frustrated that she had been caught off guard, Yun Xi suddenly flipped herself over and brought their two bodies tumbling off the sofa.

He fell onto the carpet with her falling right on top of him.

Although the force did not hurt him in any way, a feeling began to stir up somewhere around his abdomen.

Her reddened lips and her domineering appearance resembled a devil of the night, one who had just taken someones blood.

Just like the devil, she was equally attractive and equally capable of driving him mad with passion.

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