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Chapter 1091: A Gentle Man

Yun Xi guessed what Huo Tingxiao wanted to say and bit her lips, feeling awkward.

“You asked Gu Baifan to lead the mayors project and dole part of it out to the Qiao Corporation to cover up my interest in having them acquire part of it.

He actually agreed with this ludicrous suggestion.

Do I look so useless that I cant even keep things confidential”

“Er…it wasnt really that… I just feel that perhaps the Qiao family side branch is not strong enough to go against the main branch of the family.

If they expose themselves too soon, they will be attacked relentlessly.

The Qiao family main branch will suppress the branch, and it will definitely affect your entire plan.”

“I dont think you have to worry about that.

The branch of the Qiao family that I want to support will be able to handle this situation.

Theyve been fighting with the main family for so many years, and they havent been wiped out yet.

They arent as weak as you seem to think they are… But thank you, Young Master Huo! I really appreciate that you have come to see me in person.”

“Its been a pleasure for me.

To be honest, Im suddenly envious of the lad.

With a smart person like you by his side, his long life will be much more fun.”

As Huo Tingxiao finished speaking, Yun Xis face turned red from embarrassment.

Just then someone knocked on the car window behind her.

She turned abruptly to look at the figure outside the tinted car window.

She was stunned, but Huo Tingxiao had already lowered the window before she could react.

Mu Feichis handsome face came into view.

There was a hint of coldness in the night air and his dark eyes merged into the air.

“Are you finished” Mu Feichi propped one hand on the window, speaking to Huo Tingxiao instead of Yun Xi.

Huo Tingxiao nodded.

“Were finished.

You can take her away now.”

Yun Xi pushed open the door and got out.

Mu Feichi stood by the car door and raised his eyebrows at the man in the car with an intense gaze.

He wanted to say something, but stopped himself.

Huo Tingxiao leaned back against the seat and looked out of the window at his friend.

He couldnt help teasing him, “Ha, ha, ha, I realize that after all you do have a soft spot.

You seem to have become more like a mortal.”

The corners of Mu Feichis lips curled up slightly as he scoffed, “Isnt it more appropriate for you to say that Im now more human”

Huo Tingxiao raised his eyebrows and did not respond.

This man who had returned from years on the battlefield had carried a murderous aura around with him for a very long time.

It was only after this girl had come to Jingdu that things had gotten better, and he had gradually become more human.

He watched them from the car window.

There was a light shining on the sidewalk from a nearby apartment building.

These two figures were holding hands as they slowly walked.

The shadows on the ground stretched until they were like ink blending into the night.

He looked at the two of them walking farther and farther away, one tall, and the other short.

This man who used to kill mercilessly was now as gentle as water.

He suddenly felt envious.

When they returned to the apartment, Mu Feichi did not ask why Huo Tingxiao had been looking for her.

Instead, he talked about the police chief looking for Yun Yuanfeng.

“I know, it was Jiang Chenghuan.

Initially, I wanted to find my fathers higher-ups and have them tell him about it.

But who knew that Jiang Chenghuan would be even more ruthless and get the police chief to look for my father directly.

This time, my father is really seriously embarrassed.

Not only did he offend the Jiang family, but he has also lost his prestige in the police station.

My mother is not going to have a good time in the coming days.”

Speaking of this, Yun Xi felt that there was a need to remind Mu Feichi of something.

“Now that my father knows that he has offended the Jiang family, he will definitely think of ways to make amends.

When he is at his wits end, he might come looking for you.”

Mu Feichi leaned lazily back on the sofa and crossed his long legs.

He casually answered her, “He came to look for me today.”

“What Where did he find you Tianyu Mountain”

“The sentry post.

Without my permission, who would dare let him up But without your permission, I wont see him.”

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