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Chapter 1082: Sweet Revenge

After Qiao Ximin left, Si Wenxuans bodyguard took her back to school.

Soon, Yun Xi received a message from the bodyguard.

The meeting between Si Wenxuan and Qiao Ximin was not something she really cared about.

Regardless of what they were planning to do, with Si Wenxuans methods, their plots and schemes would not be that sophisticated.

But with Qiao Ximin involved, she didnt dare to be too careless.

As she was about to go to the library, her cell phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, she answered the phone.

“Second Master Jiang, what a rare surprise!” Receiving a call from Jiang Chenghuan, Yun Xi was surprised for a moment.

However, then she quickly guessed that it must be about her mom and Yun Ziling, who had gone to try to establish a connection with him.

“Little Yun Xi, your mother and your sister are now downstairs at my office.

Should I see them or not”

How could Jiang Chenghuan not know what was on their minds when they sought him out so quickly after he had spoken up for Yun Xi

But he still called and asked her what she thought before deciding.

“No, youd better not see them.

Once you see them, they will continue to cause scenes in the future.

If you dont mind future trouble, then go ahead and meet with them.”

“Forget it! I dont want to get myself into any trouble.”

“So its okay not to see them, but you have to let them know that their impulsive behavior in looking you up has upset and offended you.”

“Oh What do you want me to do Why do I seem to smell a hint of conspiracy”

“I will first have someone make trouble for my younger sister in school, so that they will understand that they have offended you and created so much trouble.

When Im finished on my end, youll strike again on your end.

You just need to find my dads superior and ask him to go and remind my dad that my mom and my sister have offended you.”

“Huh Why do I have to act offended Why do you sound like you have something to gain by their offending me Quick, tell me, whats the story Bring me up to speed!”

“What benefit can there be If my family offends you, they would have to use me to make amends to you.

Are you sure you can afford that”

Jiang Chenghuan hurriedly refused.

“No, I really cant afford your apology.”

He still wanted to live a few more years!

If she really were to apologize to him, Mu Feichi would definitely rip him a new one.

He is not going to do such a stupid thing.

“Say, why are you so involved in such a show Arent you just making yourself miserable If you have masochistic tendencies, find the Young Commander and he will be happy to help.”

“Speak properly!” Yun Xi yelled at him in a good-natured way.

“Because you and Young Master Huo stood up for me at the wedding banquet, my parents now think I know you guys.

To dispel this belief, I have to participate in this little drama so that they will not have any ideas about using me in the future.

I dont want to be used all the time.

It is too degrading.

Furthermore, knowing my mothers nature, after offending both of your families, she will try to get connections to solve her problem.

And, if I dont help, she will, in the end, definitely seek help from my ex-uncle.”

“What do you mean by that The hole youre digging turns out to be pretty deep, huh”

“Thats right! I cant just forget about the swimming pool incident.

After all, I dont need to pretend to be a good person.

When its time to take my revenge, believe me, I wont be soft!”

“Birds of a feather flock together.

Our Young Commander is as dark and ruthless as you are, and his hands are just as merciless.”

“Dont say that, I am still very kind sometimes.”

“Yes, yes, I cant afford to mess with a kind creature like you.”

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