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Chapter 1071: Coaxing with Candy

The guests were making their ways home from the entrance of the hotel.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi, who was getting into Chen Yichens car.

His dark eyes were like icy daggers in the cold night, and it seemed to crystalize the air around him.

Chen Yichen must have felt someone looking at him from behind and glanced at the hotel entrance when he closed the car door.

He nodded slightly and went straight to the back seat.

The car drove away before Mu Feichis eyes.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and turned around to see Qi Yuan drive over.

Qi Yuan handed him a scrunched-up piece of paper after he got into the car.

There seemed to be a white straw stuck in the middle of it.

Mu Feichi opened the paper wrapping and glanced at it.

It had a few words written on it.

“Old Madame Chen is unwell.

I will go have a look at her and return later.”

If she was only going to see a patient, that was fine.

Hed also sent someone to protect her covertly.

However, she had gone off with Chen Yichen in front of him, and he felt very uncomfortable.

Mu Feichi glanced at the pink thing wrapped in a transparent paper in his hand, raised his head, and asked, “What is this”

“Well, it seems to be a lollipop from the dessert table just now…”

Qi Yuan remembered that he had seen children eating them in the buffet line.

It was candy.

Miss Yun was so courageous to treat Young Commander as if he was a child.

She had his respect!

On the other hand, someone was holding a lollipop in his hand and complaining in astonishment, “Coaxing me with candy while she runs away with another man…”

Qi Yuan looked dazed.

He was just glad the target was not himself.

“Young Commander, this is your womans doing, and it wasnt my idea.

You cant blame me.

Miss Yun at least knows how to use candy to comfort you, so she is not without a conscience…”

“Do I look like a kid to you”

“…” The Young Commanders skills at sending people into stupors were getting more and more smooth.

He was clearly upset, but when the macho Young Commander realized that his woman was comforting him with candy, the uptight look on his handsome face somewhat eased.

Qi Yuan understood that Yun Xi was the Young Commanders weakness.

The Young Commanders moods were all controlled by her.

With a light cough, Qi Yuan updated Mu Feichi about the calls and reports he had received tonight and finally added, “The President has asked you to meet with him tomorrow.

According to the Secretary-General, it is regarding Crocodile.”

“All right.”

When the three family heads left, Su Donglin did not feel like socializing, and he let Su Zongping and Chen Lixue finish out the banquet.

It was supposed to be a lovely banquet, but Liang Xinyi had single-handedly messed it up.

Chen Lixue resented the unlucky star Yun Xi, but did not dare to make a fuss in front of Su Donglin, especially because the events of this evening had caused the mother-and-daughter trio to be in a dangerous situation.

She felt that she had to be more cautious right now.

“Mom, since sister was sent back, what should we do next”

Liang Danyi was unsure what was happening, as she thought of Su Donglins merciless attitude.

She definitely didnt think that she could get as much respect in the Su family as she had initially hoped.

After all, the Su family was a big family with complex relationships, and they were only outsiders.

Seeing Su Donglins attitude tonight, it seemed that he wasnt going to let it be.

“Uncle, the people from the Su family wont do anything to us, will they Its not all my sisters fault what happened today.

Its that wretched girl Yun Xi…”

“Thats enough.

Everyone is clear about what happened today.

The Su family was deeply embarrassed and almost offended the two noble family heads.

If we dont give them some kind of an explanation, who knows what trouble the Su family will have in the future.”

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