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Chapter 1069: Interested Parties

As the crowd dispersed, Su Donglin and Su Zongping were the only members of the Su family left at the pool.

The rest had gone back to the banquet hall to entertain the guests.

Liang Xiuqin had originally come to gain more contacts with the people in this circle in order to find a husband for Yun Ziling, and she had not expected to catch such a good show!

Chen Lixue was a showoff who had humiliated Liang Xiuqin by sleeping with her husband.

Look at her now! Her daughter went around everywhere looking for trouble and had even messed up her wedding day.

Chen Lixue certainly had a good daughter, who went around looking for trouble without forgetting to drag her mother down with her.

Liang Xiuqin felt so good seeing that happen.

Other than not gaining anything, they had also been utterly embarrassed.

As for Liang Xinyi, she definitely wouldnt be able to enter Jingdus socialite circle anymore.

It might even be difficult for her to ever find a partner.

With all the commotion, the influential families in Jingdu would have found out that Liang Xinyi had gotten herself involved and slept with Han Zhongteng at such a young age.

So, if she was still thinking about getting married into another prominent family, she could dream on.

Liang Xiuqin was surprised that Yun Xi, who she had always felt was a jinx, could get the Huo family heir and the Jiang family heir to speak up for her.

Since when had she become such a popular girl

If Yun Xi really had such connections, she could introduce Yun Ziling to the Huo family and the Jiang family.

In that case, Liang Xiuqin wouldnt need to worry about her daughters marriage prospects anymore.

Thinking about that, Liang Xiuqin was interested in seeing how embarrassed Chen Lixue was.

Looking at the situation now, Chen Lixue probably wasnt going to lead a very good life in the Su family anyway.

Chen Lixue had boasted about marrying a wealthy man.

But she probably wouldnt be able to lead the comfortable life a of rich wife.

In Liang Xiuqins opinion, Chen Lixue had chosen to jump into this situation herself.

Hence, she deserved whatever was in store for her in the future.

After everyone left, Su Donglin called for his assistant to come over, and he instructed him in a cold voice, “Take them back, and dont let them show up here again tonight.”

Su Donglin then turned around and looked at Liang Xinyi.

“You better prepare yourself for what happened tonight.

We will not just leave the matter at that.

Also, even if you are part of the Su family, dont expect us to help you with anything you are going to do.

If you are going to go around asking for trouble, you better learn to take care of it yourself.”

Su Donglins cold words hit Liang Xinyi hard.

She had just recovered slightly from the shock and embarrassment she had gone through just now.

She had already expected that the Su family would not step in to help her clean up any mess.

However, for Su Donglin to say it straight to her face, she still felt extremely humiliated.

Whatever happened today was going to be a big blow to her.

Not only did she not get anything good out of it, it had even exposed her relationship with Han Zhongteng.

She was so embarrassed by this fiasco.

Because of this, she had completely lost her chance to win in the upcoming socialite ball.

D*mn it! Once again it was all Yun Xis fault! It was all her fault!

Without Yun Xi, everything would have gone according to her plan, and things wouldnt have turned out like this today.

Liang Xinyi had spent a lot of effort to get into the socialite circle in Jingdu.

It was an opportunity she had gotten by separating her father and mother.

But, now that she was about to step into the circle, she got kicked out right at the entrance.

She was going to make them feel twice the humiliation shed suffered today in the future.

Just wait, Yun Xi, I will make sure you have a taste of what I went through today.

Due to the spiteful hatred Liang Xinyi felt, she clenched her hands, and her fingernails dug into her palms.

But, no matter how painful it was, it would never be as intense as the hatred burning in her chest.

As soon as Liang Xinyi was taken away, Qiao Ximin walked out from a dim corner.

Her dress swayed as she moved, and there was an unconcealable satisfied expression on her face.

It seemed like she had made the right move, as just anything would deepen the hatred and conflict between them.

The fight between Liang Xinyi and Yun Xi had been much more intense than she had imagined.

And she was really looking forward to the next one.

Liang Xinyi is a fool who is neither bright enough nor shrewd enough.

So she would become an easy weapon for Qiao Ximin to use.

She will let Liang Xinyi deal with Yun Xi while she reaps the benefits from the sidelines.

Its a good deal, no matter how she looks at it.

She just has to figure out exactly how to make use of the opportunities!

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