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Chapter 1067: Women Who Packed a Punch

The sight of Jiang Chenghuan had frozen Han Zhongtengs heart.

Two of the three heads of the noble families had spoken up.

He had to step away from this matter immediately.

Soon, no doubt, the Young Commander would speak up as well, and his involvement would have a terrible effect on the reputation of the Han family.

“Please excuse me, thats not what I meant, Young Master Jiang…” Han Zhongteng stuttered awkwardly, and he began to try to back out of the situation.

However, Liang Xinyis claws seemed to have dug in to his arm, and he was unable to move away.

Jiang Chenghuan regarded the pair with a sardonic gaze.

Liang Xinyis tears were truly distasteful to him.

She was like nothing like his Mo Mo, who had not only kept up a brave front but had even planned an enormous comeback.

And when she did begin to make her comeback, her tactics were more merciless and vicious than those of his own would have been.

He had always liked women who were like this, spicy and exciting.

His type of women were those who packed a punch.

Although these girls were peers in age, they differed so much.

“For Third Master Han to protect this lass like this, Im quite curious about your relationship with her.”

Crossing his arms, Jiang Chenghuans appealing features carried a sinister smile.

“I heard that you had slept with an underaged girl recently.

Could she be the one”

This question from Jiang Chenghuan sent all the onlookers into a frenzy of heated gossip.

Rumors had floated throughout the social circles in Jingdu about Han Zhongteng sleeping with an underaged girl.

However, because there had never been any proof uncovered about it, no one investigated.

Everyone had assumed it was a false rumor, and the Han family was able to cover it up.

This reminder from Jiang Chenghuan was timely in this particular circumstance because he had stood up for Liang Xinyi at the risk of offending Huo Tingxiao.

Suddenly, everyones confidence in the rumor increased tenfold.

Even without any definitive proof, no one had any doubt about the truth.

What status did Liang Xinyi have for Han Zhongteng to risk offending the Huo family by speaking up on her behalf They must have had an undisclosed private affair or something else that Liang Xinyi could use against him, in order for him to have done something this foolish.

Jiang Chenghuans suspicions had triggered suspicions and debate among all of the onlookers.

Han Zhongtengs expression darkened as he frowned, and every ounce of him regretted jumping out to speak up for the fool at his feet.

Han Zhongteng had doomed himself now.

His savior act had caused him more trouble than he had been in before.

HMMM! “You have quite unique taste, I must say, Third Master Han.

Its all right if you alone are speaking up for her, but if you are doing so on behalf of the Han family…”

Han Yaotian emerged from the crowd and cut into the words of Jiang Chenghuan with an apologetic smile, “Worry not, Young Master Jiang, hes not in charge of the Han family, so nothing he does represents us.

Please dont misunderstand.”

“Thats good to hear!” Jiang Chenghuan raised an eyebrow.

Shooting a look at Han Zhongteng, who was barely able to suppress his anger, his lips curled up in satisfaction, and he turned toward Yun Xi.

“Hey, lass! What do you plan to do about this If you want me to give a show of revenge, remember to give me a call, Im pretty free.”

“Uh…” Yun Xi returned Jiang Chenghuans smug look with a sour, resigned expression.

If she had wanted him involved in her plans, he would have surely killed Liang Xinyi with no hesitation.

This was something only he could say and do.

“Thank you, Young Master Jiang, I appreciate your offer.

But this is someones wedding, and it would be rather disrespectful to turn this jubilant event into a disaster.

Just because someone lacked any dignity or respect, I should not follow suit, dont you agree”

Jiang Chenghuan smiled and lightly nodded.

“Always so mature in your actions, arent you Well, since you have said so, then todays incident…”

He turned to Su Donglin, and Su Donglin understood his expression immediately and stood up to close the incident.

“It was an error of conduct on the Su familys end.

I will give Miss Yun a makeshift apology right now and visit your home for a proper apology another day.

For Young Master Huo, the Su family will definitely give you a proper resolution.”

There was no doubt about his ability to put on a welcoming front despite his strict attitude.

With just a few sentences, he had resolved the issue at hand.

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