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Chapter 1065: Invisible Knives

Upon witnessing Liang Xinyis relief, Yun Xi smiled to herself.

Looking up, she turned to the crowd and spoke, “If the security monitor footage shows that it was me, I will apologize.

However, if it does not, I wont be as nice to you as Young Master Huo has been.

You have been trying to slander me.”

Huo Tingxiaos brows rose up, his handsome features tightened, and his face had an unreadable expression.

Had he seemed nice during their exchange

Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth and her eyes shot darts of poison toward Yun Xis confident expression.

She was unafraid because she knew that there was nothing they could do without the footage from the security monitor.

She would simply await her apology from Yun Xi and crush her confidence beneath her heels.

Turning around, Huo Tingxiao exchanged a nod with his bodyguard who had been waiting in the crowd.

Two other bodyguards had retrieved the footage from the security monitor and found a projector for viewing.

Huo Tingxiao waved his hand and the bodyguard standing next to him immediately plugged the video into the projector.

The footage was projected onto the walls of the swimming complex.

Although the quality of the video footage was not optimal, one could clearly see the two figures at the side of the swimming pool.

As soon as she lay her eyes on the two figures in the footage, Liang Xinyi felt a chill run down her spine.

Her eyes widened in shock.

This was impossible.

The few thoughts that were swimming around her head were “How is this possible”, “How did this happen”.

Liang Xinyi was certain she had detached the plug from the security monitor socket.

There was no chance that the security monitor had recorded the scene.

She had no idea what had occurred.

She had only unplugged the monitor briefly before the incident.

Who had plugged the socket back in and restored the monitor She could not come up with an explanation.

Her lips were quivering as she bit down on them with her teeth, and her eyes never left the blurry security footage on the wall.

Almost as if an explosion had occurred in her head, her mind blanked.

In her heart she prayed, she prayed and begged that the scene of her pushing Yun Xi would be cut and the wires would short-circuit in time.

However, things did not go as she wished.

The footage rolled on smoothly like a movie and told the story of the conflict between her and Yun Xi for all to see.

Moreover, the angle of the footage was focused on Liang Xinyi.

All could see her facial expressions and how Yun Xi stayed seated upright on the lounge chair until she stood up and walked toward Liang Xinyi.

“Ah…” The scream of Liang Xinyi falling into the water had shocked everyone.

These few seconds had been enough for everyone to know who was the one responsible.

Many ladies at the scene were sent into a shocked frenzy by Liang Xinyis cold-blooded and merciless actions.

“She was the one who wanted Yun Xi dead! And she was shameless enough to try and pin the guilt on Yun Xi.”

“Who would have thought someone so young could be this evil I have finally seen it all.”

“I better distance myself from her.

With someone so evil and vile around, her next target might be us.

“Exactly, lets steer clear of this woman.”


The groups of socialites who had been drawn to the scene backed away immediately with their faces pale as a blank piece of paper.

They had finally learned what it meant to have a corrupt and twisted heart.

The blessing in disguise was that they had seen Liang Xinyis true form, and they would forbid anyone like her into their circles from this moment on.

The relations with the socialites that Liang Xinyi had spent all year networking on had broken down immediately.

She was exiled from their circles before she had even really passed the threshold.

All of her efforts had gone to waste.

All of her planning, her schemes….all had been for naught.

“No…this isnt the truth! No, this isnt…”

Chen Lixue had been shocked by the footage as well.

She had never thought that Liang Xinyi was the one responsible.

Her passionate defense of her daughter had bitten her where it hurt and ruined her own reputation.

The Su family had suffered the heaviest hit on their reputation tonight.

It was impossible for them to show any kindness toward the mother-and-daughters trio from this moment on.

Liang Xinyi collapsed onto the ground, her hands still holding onto the towel in a death grip.

The chill of an oncoming night wind could be felt deep in her bones.

The sounds of mocking and humiliation from all around her had transformed into hundreds of invisible knives, all of them piercing into her body at once.

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