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Chapter 1050: Vulgar Bumpkin

Once the guests in the hallway caught sight of Mu Feichi, all of them began to approach him.

Part of the reason they had attended the wedding was to give respect to the Su family, but a bigger part of the reason was for the chance to see Mu Feichi.

The elegance of his status, coupled with his mighty military presence, had captured all the attention in the room.

He was someone who rarely made public appearances as well.

The spotlight naturally followed him wherever he went.

The eyes of many of the female socialites in attendance were captured by him the moment he appeared.

Their eyes unashamedly portrayed their longing and the desire in their hearts as they hungrily followed the mans movements.

This was the only apt description Yun Xi could come up with at the sight of their reactions.

Despite their longing, the women knew they had to maintain the dignity of an elite class.

They could not afford to be too forward with their advances toward Mu Feichi.

The exiled Han Wanling was an example of one who had rushed into the situation and become too forward with her advances.

The women fought and raced each other along the corridor, all of their expressions full of anticipation and longing.

They resembled the concubines of the palace, all of them wishing to be the chosen one.

However, Su Ximan reacted differently to Mu Feichi.

Unlike the other women, she was not surprised by his presence nor did she show much interest in him.

Su Ximan exchanged a simple greeting with him before pulling Yun Xi into the elevator.

For Liang Xinyi, who had waited all night for him as she welcomed guests in the hallway, the moment had sent such a rush to her body that she could not stand still.

Although she did not know when hed arrived or how much hed witnessed, she could not bother with any of that right now.

The Young Commander was her final goal, the reason why she had worked hard to climb and stand atop of others.

As long as she was acquaintances with the Young Commander, she would have enough pull to explain what had happened.

If she could explain that what had happened was a misunderstanding, he would not be suspicious of her.

Yun Xi may have fixed his wounds in the past, but she was nothing compared to her.

There were many guests in attendance tonight.

It would be easy to brush this issue under the carpet.

Before she could move, she caught sight of Su Donglin heading toward the Young Commander.

His broad figure immediately blocked her path.

“Welcome, Young Commander!” Su Donglin approached and politely exchanged handshakes with Mu Feichi.

As their hands parted, he made a forward gesture with his hands, “This way, please!”

Mu Feichi lightly nodded and headed towards the guest banquet hall.

Su Donglin continued to greet Jiang Chenghuan, and, as the two finished their exchange of pleasantries, he turned and gave Liang Xinyi a cold glare.

The glare had communicated all he needed to say as he turned and followed the two.

Mu Feichis arrival had prompted many other guests in attendance to hand in their invitations and enter the venue with him.

A second late, and they would lose their opportunity to chat with him.

The noisy hallway had gradually lost its crowd at this moment.

Liang Xinyi checked the guest list in her hands.

As she looked up, she heard the conversation between two passing socialites who were commenting on her sister, unbothered by the fact that she could hear them.

“This stepchild really thinks she is a daughter of the Su family.”

“She looks nothing like an elite, just a vulgar bumpkin.”

“They are from the countryside after all.”

“Look at her.

She looks like a Peking opera girl.

What a clown! Ha, ha, ha!”

One of the women pointed in the direction of Liang Danyi who had just run out of the banquet hall.

Liang Danyi had heard half of their exchange and did not realize they were mocking her as she called out to her sister, “Is everyone here, sister”

Liang Xinyis expression darkened as she turned around.

Her wrist shook as she held back the urge to give Liang Danyi a slap.

“Its all your fault! How can you embarrass me like this! You look like a peacock! Do you think you look pretty Do you know what you look like to others You look like a Peking opera actress, everything about you screams bumpkin! Are you aware of that”

“Sister…” Liang Danyi bit down on her lip and did not speak.

She had never been reprimanded by Liang Xinyi in this way before.

Being new to Jingdu, she had had to rely on Liang Xinyi and her mother for many things, and she could not return to her fathers side at this point.

If she wanted to remain in Jingdu, she had to remain on her sisters good side.

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