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Chapter 1047: Fake Invitation

Yun Xi glanced at the guests who were standing around them and who had stopped because of what Liang Xinyi had said.

Then, as she chuckled, she raised her eyebrows and turned to the side.

Her gestures inadvertently revealed her dignified, poised temperament, which attracted looks from many guests.

“This is a wedding banquet.

I am here to attend the wedding.

Is there something wrong”

“But I did not invite you.

Leave immediately! Dont be a nuisance here.”

Liang Xinyi was unhappy that Yun Xis appearance had stolen all her limelight.

She was even more afraid that Yun Xi would disrupt the wedding by saying something that shouldnt be said.

“You did not invite me, but it does not mean that no one else can invite me.

I have an invitation.”

Yun Xi took out her invitation card and handed it to one of the staff members for inspection.

The staff member then nodded at Liang Xinyi, confirming that it was indeed an invitation.

Liang Xinyi did not believe that Yun Xi could get an invitation from someone else.

So she rushed forward and snatched the invitation card from the staff.

She scanned the card and, although it looked real, Liang Xinyi still couldnt believe it.

Every invitation from the Su family had the name of each one of their guests, and Yun Xis name was clearly written on it.

But Liang Xinyi was sure that she had not been included on the guest list.

How did Yun Xi manage to get the invitation

In Liang Xinyis opinion, if she hadnt been the one who sent the invitation, then it must be a fake.

So she decided that Yun Xi must have faked the invitation.

Liang Xinyi was very sure that she had not sent an invitation to Yun Xi, and no one in the Su family knew Yun Xi.

So there was only one possibility: Yun Xi had used the invitation shed given to Liang Xiuqin and forged a copy.

That was definitely bold of her, coming to a wedding with a fake invitation, probably looking to hook up with a rich man.

Shes definitely even more shameless than her mother.

“I was the one who sent out the invitations.

I went through the guest list multiple times, so I am sure I did not invite you.

How is it possible that you have a wedding invitation”

Liang Xinyi pretended to have a realization while she continued to make things difficult for Yun Xi.

“Oh, I just remembered something.

I gave you an invitation for your mother a few days ago.

You must have made a copy using the real card.

If you didnt do that, where else could you have gotten an identical copy with your name on it”

As if afraid that no one could see what Yun Xi had been up to, Liang Xinyi talked with her chin up and acted like she was the young heiress of the Su family.

She continued to attack Yun Xi without holding back at all.

“Youre shameless.

Dont you know what the occasion is today Do you think ordinary folks like you can enter You should look around to see where you are before you think about sneaking in for a free meal.

You better get out of here now.

Dont stay around and be an eyesore.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows but kept a straight face.

She watched Liang Xinyi raising her voice deliberately to attract attention.

Slowly, there were more and more guests gathering around them.

Liang Xinyi was trying to embarrass her in front of a big crowd.

Yun Xi thought she would have some smart moves to use against her, but she was disappointed.

But you really cant blame Liang Xinyi, as she really didnt invite Yun Xi.

Shed accused Yun Xi of faking the invitation and sneaking in for free food.

Although things like that had happened before in the countryside, Yun Xi had come with a legitimate invitation.

The people around them were confused as they looked at Yun Xi and the host of the wedding.

Finally, their eyes fell on Yun Xi, who had not spoken to explain herself at all.

Looking at how Yun Xi was dressed, she doesnt look like shes trying to get a free meal.

Also, the Zhao familys heiress was standing beside her, along with some other guests.

Everyone should be treated as a distinguished guest, and it wouldnt look nice to chase someone out on such a big joyous event.

Liang Xinyi was humiliating Yun Xi in public, but before Yun Xi could say anything, Zhao Yumo couldnt take it anymore.

“Liang Xinyi, what are you going on about Do you mean that the invitation can only come from you and no one else Do you think you are the only person in the Su family Sure, your mother is getting married today, but the groom is an elder from the Su family.

Suppose you think the wedding does not concern anyone else but your family.

Did you also believe that the guests attended out of respect for your family and not the Su family Since when is your family such a big deal”

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