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Chapter 1045: Ability to Handle the Liang Sisters

On the day of the wedding banquet, Yun Xi returned to the apartment after class.

As soon as she entered, she saw the pink gift box placed on the cabinet.

On the gift box was a sticky note with a few words written on it: “I will pick you up at 6:00 oclock this evening.”

Yun Xi opened the gift box and looked inside.

It was one of Ling Jings masterpieces.

The pink embroidered dress was in her usual style, except it was more formal and solemn than her daily wear.

However, it was not conspicuous.

Yun Xi took a bath and changed into her dress about 5:00 oclock.

Then she noticed that Mu Feichi was already in the living room.

Seeing him, Yun Xi was rather taken aback and looked down at the dress she was wearing.

She checked in the mirror that there was nothing wrong with it.

A scorching gaze from the sofa fell on her, seemed to be scrutinizing her, even a little deeper than usual.

Mu Feichi looked at the woman in front of him, and his eyes darkened.

His hands resting on his crossed legs trembled uncontrollably.

The dress she was wearing was pink and off the shoulder with gauze lantern sleeves.

The collar was embroidered with flower buds and floral patterns, showing off her beautiful collarbones.

The see-through lantern sleeves partially concealed her slender arms, and the pink embroidered belt outlined her tiny waist.

The satin floor-length skirt came with two layers of embroidered tulle, and she exuded a fairy-like air of a little peach blossom fairy walking out of a painting.

This color on her made him feel as if he was in the spring season when the peach blossoms were in full bloom, and there was a fascinating pink girlish air about her.

As expected, the talented designer Ling Jing could reveal the most beautiful character of Yun Xis youth in front of him, little by little.

Every time he saw such a beautiful side of her, he wanted to hide it away privately.

“I arranged with Yumo to go to the wedding together.

Is it appropriate for us to go there like this”

“Jiang Chenghuan went to pick her up.

When we arrive at the hotel parking lot, we can go in together.

Well arrive at about the same time if we leave now.”


Liang Xinyi had probably never imagined that she would come, but Yun Xi was looking forward to it.

She was looking forward to how Liang Xinyi would react when she saw her.

Su Family Mansion…

Su Ximan could not understand how her eldest brother would agree to let such a wicked woman marry into the Su family.

Moreover, she was an old countrywoman who had just gotten divorced after giving birth to two children.

Su Ximan had checked out all the information about Chen Lixue and her two daughters.

Plus, Fourth Uncle was still in the grieving period, and he could still find such a woman… She was in awe of his abilities.

Especially that horrible Liang Xinyi, whom she had seen at the gates of the Feng residence once before.

Just like Yun Xis sister, she was rotten to the core.

Coupled with the scandalous events that had taken place with Han Zhongteng later, she was shameless and outrageous.

“Brother, if you let these difficult characters into the Su family, it will only embarrass us.

Even if Fourth Uncle is widowed and having difficulties finding a wife, must he marry such a person and lower himself to such a degree”

Su Donglin stood in front of the full-length mirror and put on his tie leisurely.

He casually looked at his sister, who was standing behind him, in the mirror, his thin lips curling up into a smile.

“Doesnt Fourth Uncle like this type How long do you think this marriage will last Besides, you have the ability to handle the Liang sisters.

What are you afraid of”

Su Donglin snorted softly, tied his tie, and turned around.

“I think its worth it to exchange a short-lived marriage for a favor from the Young Commander.

Besides, Fourth Uncle doesnt feel like he is losing out.

Why do you need to feel so indignant on his behalf”

“Young Commander What does this have to do with the Young Commander”

“Isnt this Liang Xinyi Yun Xis cousin She wants her ex-auntie to marry Fourth Uncle.

As a reward, the Young Commander is going to share the mayors project that the Mu Corporation is responsible for with our Su family.

Although its just one share, the benefits are definitely more than what Fourth Uncle can get by marrying a wife.

You are smart, so dont you understand now”

“Yun Xi She and the Young Commander…” Su Ximan was stunned.

“It seems that I was right.

Something is going on between them.”

Su Donglin patted Su Ximan on the shoulder with an understanding look in his eyes.

“Form a good relationship with her, all right”

“I understand!”

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