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Chapter 104: Not Enough Drama

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She skimmed through a few pages of auction items, and on each item the name of the owner was written.

However, the “Longyun Jade Seal” on the final page didnt have the name of the owner written down, and that made her a little curious.

Her mother had had the audacity to try to bribe someone to steal the final auction item.

How reckless!

The security staff of the auction house were all Mu Feichis subordinates.

She was now curious about how much money her mother had spent on bribing these people.

Of course, she knew the extent of her shadiness.

Seeing how the person had reported the incident to Mu Feichi right after she had bribed him, he probably hadnt taken her seriously at all.

Moreover, it wasnt easy to steal things from this auction, so it didnt make sense for things to have gone so smoothly for her mom.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that the mastermind behind the scenes wasnt her mother, but…

She frowned as she stared at the Longyun Jade Seal in the auction brochure.

Then she realized what was going on and immediately sucked in her breath.

That jerk Mu Feichi! What about his promise about not intervening

This had obviously started as a trap that her mother had set for her, but, as if he thought things werent severe enough, hed decided to intervene and blow things up out of all proportion.

The thing her mother had wanted to steal probably wasnt the Longyun Jade Seal, but some other small object.

In order to make things worse for her, hed deliberately sent the final auction item, the Longyun Jade Seal, to her mother.

Liang Xiuqin had set a trap for her to fall into, so Mu Feichi had gone along with it and used the item hed put up for auction to add icing to the cake.

So when hed called in the afternoon, he was clearly provoking her instead of warning her.

He wanted to see what she would do on this sort of occasion.

Shed finally understood why hed asked her whether she was afraid that he would add salt to the wound.

He wasnt adding salt to the wound, he was fueling the flames.

Once this evenings incident was blown out of all proportion, not only would her mother not be able to survive, but the entire Yun family would lose face in Jingdu.

Shed just wanted to punish her.

She hadnt wanted things to get too ugly.

However, after hed intervened, if she was found stealing a national treasure belonging to Young Marshal Mu of China, she could go to prison.

Her mother was digging her own grave, while Mu Feichi was making mischief.

She had to look out for both of them, because they were conniving against her.

Her mother wanted to see her disgraced in front of the entire high society so she would have to be sent back to the countryside.

What about Young Marshal Mu

There was not enough drama in his life, so hed decided to fuel the flames in order to test her ability to adapt in this situation.

Or maybe…

She suddenly couldnt understand this man.

He was so enigmatic that she even feared digging deeper.

This evening, there were only two options: either go with the original plan or use their own schemes against them.

Her mother wanted to frame her for the theft, and shed originally planned on planting the stuff on Liang Xinyi to serve as a warning not to mess with her.

But now…

She looked up at Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling, who were heading to the bathroom together, and she took her handbag from behind her and stood up.

“Second Aunt, Im going to the bathroom.”

“Okay, be careful and ask the hotel attendant if you cant find your way.”

“Got it!”

She couldnt stop her mother from digging her own grave, but she cant let her ruin the entire familys reputation in Jingdu.

After all, shed come back to the Yun family to inherit its mantle.

After coming back to life, she didnt want to be a failure again.

Therefore, she cant have her reputation stained by a mother in prison.

Yun Xi, Liang Xinyi, and Yun Ziling practically entered the bathroom at the same time.

Seeing her come in, Yun Ziling scoffed coldly and walked in front of her.

Yun Xi smiled, put her bag on the sink, took a paper towel from her handbag, then squatted down to wipe her dirty shoes.

Seeing her bag wide open, Liang Xinyi, who was waiting for an opportunity, glanced at her, and quickly took the jade seal from her own bag and placed it in Yun Xis bag.

In order to ease her guilty conscience, she kindly handed a tissue to Yun Xi.

“I have more, do you want some”

“Yes!” Yun Xi took it politely and lowered her head to continue wiping.

It wasnt until Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling had walked out of the bathroom that she stood up and looked at her bag on the sink.

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