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Chapter 1038: Worried She Could Be a Target

Yun Xi chuckled softly and squinted her eyes as she stroked Mu Feichis head just like how she would stroke Great White.

There was a sly playfulness in her bright eyes.

“Its impossible that I wouldnt feel distressed for you.

Who made you provoke so many enemies Now that my hands are itchy, I will practice on them first.

If they get the better of me, dont I still have Young Commander on my side”

“With me around, I wont let you fall.”

Mu Feichi clasped her wrist, lowered his head, and played with her small hand.

He asked casually, “Among so many people, who are you going to go after first”

Yun Xi was momentarily stunned.

She raised her eyes to look at his carefree expression and was determined to follow her original intentions.

“The Han family.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, although he seemed to have guessed it.

His thin lips curled into a smile, and he asked, “Whats the reason”

Yun Xi patted the photocopy of the ledger beside her.

“At the beginning, I thought this ledger was something important and thought I could use this opportunity to lure Crocodile with it.

But I didnt expect that they were using this ledger to play with me from beginning to end.

Just because they baited me to try to get me hooked, I dont plan to be kind to the Han family.”

It went without saying that she had bad blood with Han Yaotian from her previous life.

However, the family had also toyed with her one time after another in this life.

From that alone, she would not settle this account so easily.

She had no choice because she was clear about her grievances.

“Okay, lets talk about your plans.” Leaning back, Mu Feichi had an earnest look on his face, seemingly looking forward to hearing about her plans.

He had never questioned her intelligence or even her ability in certain business dealings.

Her methods did not pale compared to his.

While he had been surprised by all of her talents, he was even more worried that such an outstanding woman would be targeted by others.

Fortunately, she was low key, cautious, and better at concealing her strengths than he thought she would be.

Many things had developed that were beyond his control, so he just let them be.

As long as she was safe, he did not care much about any other things.

Getting up, Mu Feichi took an invitation card from the drawer and handed it to her.

“As you wished, theres going to be a good show soon.”

Yun Xi glanced at the bright red invitation and knew who had sent it without even reading it.

Her ex-auntie was going to remarry and she had to be present because of their connection.

However, Liang Xinyi would definitely not allow her to attend, so she must find a good reason to show up.

“The Su family sent two invitations, knowing that Liang Xinyi would not invite you.

So this one is for you.”

“Oh How did Su Donglin know that Liang Xinyi wouldnt want me to come He is so considerate to invite me to be a spectator.” TSK, TSK.

“He is really a smiling tiger, and his style is so unique!”

“Honey, do you think that Im dead How dare you praise other men in front of me”

“…” Yun Xi glanced at him, put away the invitation card, and waved her hand.

“Im leaving now.

You can take care of the rest, Young Commander!”

After leaving Mu Mansion, Yun Xi went back to the villa residences, planning to go to talk to Feng Yang.

Qi Yuan took Yun Xi back to the villa residences and returned to Mu Mansion with Feng Rui.

No matter what, there would always be unexpected surprises when Miss Yun came over.

“Young Commander, did Miss Yun come here because of the ledger Now that she knows about everything, what are you going to do”

“Im not doing anything.

You only need to cooperate with her and follow her plans.

Help her to do whatever she wants.”

“Ah But her plans conflict with what we discussed before.”

Qi Yuan was a little confused.

However, the Young Commander was a self-indulgent ruler, so they had to suffer the consequences.

“She has changed her plans now.”

Mu Feichi casually filled them in on Yun Xis plans.

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui knew the whole inside story, and it did not sound like it would affect them that much.

After listening to it, they could understand Yun Xis plans.

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