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Chapter 1017: Difference Between the Presidents Daughter and That Wretched Girl

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Yun Xi considered what Mu Feichi had said.

As he said, viruses spread faster than drugs and were a more effective tool in achieving a goal.

She simply did not believe that this was Crocodiles style.

To some extent, producing viruses was much more risky than dealing drugs.

It was no simple feat to set up a laboratory, hire experts, and obtain the required chemicals and pathogens.

In her last life, she had spent most of her time in the laboratory, and she knew that some of the raw materials were under strict controls.

Moreover, everything that exited a warehouse had to be reviewed and approved by different layers of authority, and some things were not even available in the country.

The shipment that had been robbed in the heist was also highly suspicious in its timing.

The more it seemed coincidental, the more she believed that this batch of chemical agents that had left the warehouse had been intercepted directly from the source.

They must have arranged to ship the drugs out of the warehouse.

Whoever was behind this must have been placed under orders of someone in the top management of Jun Country.

If they were the authorities themselves, it would be a breeze for them.

When were the chemical agents sent out of the warehouse, which routes were they going to traverse, and which type of chemical agents they needed to produce the virus were all right there on display in front of them for the picking.

However, Crocodile sold drugs in a different way.

He had his own plantation in the Golden Triangle, and the source of the drugs did not need to be handled by others.

Apart from strict border inspections and domestic restrictions everywhere, the underground dealings continued to transpire without interruption.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was not as simple as Mu Feichi had said.

Womens instincts have always been difficult to reason with or explain.

This trafficking in biological weapon was far from being so straightforward.

However, this project had been handed over to the Biochemical Department now, and Mu Feichi did not allow her to intervene, so she had no way of investigating further.

Her only hope was… Thinking of the ledger in her hand, she had an idea.

It was unlike Mu Feichi to have no foresight.

As he had acted so calmly and unperturbed in front of her, there could only be one explanation.

He knew the dangers involved and did not want her to get involved in it.

But this time, she did not want to let those people get away!

Due to what had occurred during the military training, Si Wenxuan had been completely embarrassed at Jingdu University.

When she returned to the Presidents official residence, Mu Feichis calls were transferred directly to the Presidents office.

Si Wenxuan was not allowed to set foot outside for 20 days.

She finally regained her freedom when the military training officially ended and classes commenced.

Although 20 days had passed, even if they still remembered how she had acted during the military training, they did not dare to do anything to her because of her identity.

Sure enough, as she had thought, her classmates were still just as respectful to her as before, and no one dared to mention the military training again, and no one dared to treat her with reproach.

She was still the distinguished Presidents daughter, and everyone had to kiss up to her.

The only thing that upset her was that that wretched girl Yun Xi had turned out to be the campus belle of the Medical School, and there was a large group of admirers chasing after her.

Although there were no shortage of boys who showered her with compliments, it was still not the same.

They kissed her up only because of her identity, but Yun Xi had nothing and was a nobody, but those people were willing to support her like a princess.

Yun Xi was a lowly girl, but she had robbed her of the attention that should have belonged to her.

Even the senior sisters of the term before had showered her with adoration and care, which was simply annoying to Si Wenxuan.

On the contrary, the seniors only smiled politely when they saw her, although she was the Presidents daughter.

Their attitude toward that wretched girl was completely different from their attitude toward her, especially the group of people standing in the cafeteria at that moment who were laughing and giving way to Yun Xi.

They were chatting and laughing without a care.

But when she, the Presidents daughter came into the cafeteria, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

What was this called Preferential treatment

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