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Chapter 1013: Prepubescent Lads

When they were back at the Mu Mansion, Yun Xi cleaned Mu Feichis wounds.

It was already dawn by the time they got ready for sleep, and Yun Xi wanted to take a shower.

Mu Feichi fell asleep on the sofa in the living room.

The butler came out of the side hall and looked at the figure stepping out of the guest bathroom.

He quietly asked her what she would like to have him prepare for breakfast.

Yun Xi stepped forward to check on Mu Feichis injuries.

Thankfully, he did not have a fever or else she would have had no rest.

“Prepare some shredded chicken porridge, please.

The others can wait until Young Commander is awake.”

Yun Xi did not rest at all that night, but had to slave away the entire night.

She should have been so exhausted that she could sleep anywhere, but she could not sleep at all.

Mu Feichi was still asleep when Qi Yuan came over.

At that time, Yun Xi was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, deep in thought about the rescue operations and biochemical experiments.

If the mastermind behind the scenes was Crocodile, then instead of trafficking in drugs, he was producing biological weapons on Jun Countrys territory.

What was his objective

No matter what she thought, things were not as simple as they had seemed.

Qi Yuan came in with a stack of documents and glanced at the sleeping figure on the sofa.

He walked quietly forward.

“These are the materials retrieved from the laboratory.”

“May I take a look” Yun Xi stood up and walked forward, asking hesitantly.

“Of course you may.

We dont understand these professional terms, but we couldnt find any trace of virus or antibodies in the laboratory.

They were probably taken away when the mastermind escaped.”

“How about the people that they performed experiments on Is the infection serious”

“They have been quarantined and are being treated as we speak.

Because the pathogens are different, the antigens are not the same.

Since the virus antibodies were taken away, we are urgently searching for their whereabouts.

The experts in the quarantine area are still working hard to study the virus.

Hopefully, they can find a cure before death comes knocking.”

“I see, Ill go over and take a look later…”

“You are not allowed to go!” Yun Xi had just finished speaking when the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes and interrupted her.

The man on the sofa propped himself up and tried to stand.

Yun Xi hurriedly put down the documents in her hand and helped him.

“There are so many experts and professors in the quarantine area, what are you going to do there Dont you know what virus this is What if you are infected”

As they did not have the new virus antigen, before they could discover the whereabouts of the antigen, one more person infected was equivalent to one more person down!

Nobody knew when they would find a cure for the virus.

If anything happened to her, how many people he killed would not help the situation.

“I understand.

Dont worry, I wont go there.”

When she saw his face, Yun Xi could only speak softly and try to get him to calm down.

“However, I still have to meet Feng Yang and ask him about the ins and outs of this matter.”

“All right.

After you have breakfast, ask the butler to take you down the mountain.

He should be in the villa residences currently.”

Yun Xi was stunned and turned her head in surprise.

She stared at Mu Feichi with interest.

“Hey Young Commander, since when are you so agreeable”

He had agreed so readily to help her find Feng Yang.

This was not like the macho Young Commander Mu she was used to!

“I already told you that I wont stop you in whatever you wish to do.

Since its for business, why do I need to worry about this prepubescent lad”

“Young Commander, you are also a prepubescent lad…” Yun Xi could not help but remind him.

This man was the same age as Feng Yang, but Feng Yang was a prepubescent lad in his eyes.

He really did not take others into account as usual.

“Wouldnt this prepubescent lad be a good match for you”

“…” The seasoned orator could not help flirting with her, and Yun Xi bit her lip and obediently kept quiet.

After breakfast, she took the materials she had read and went down the mountain with the butler.

Qi Yuan and Mu Feichi walked out of the living room as soon as she had left.

After watching her leave, Qi Yuan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Is the Young Commander really not going to tell Miss Yun the truth”

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