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Chapter 1010: Split Second Between Life and Death

Completely unexpectedly, the moment Yun Xi and Mu Feichi stepped into the tunnel a loud explosion could be heard from within it.

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui, who were following them, watched as a giant boulder fell right in front of them, blocking their line of vision.

Then, just as they tried to rush in after Yun Xi and Mu Feichi, the tunnel exploded once more.

“Young Commander!” The strong explosion had completely shattered the rocks at the entrance of the tunnel.

Now, since the tunnel was narrow to begin with, the explosion had blocked off any path of entry.

The special forces who were waiting outside tried to rush in after the booms and tremors of the explosion abated.

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui ran out from the entrance of the tunnel, head to toe covered in dust, and called out without catching their breath, “Quick! Get help! Young Commander and Yun Xi are trapped in the tunnel behind these collapsed rocks!”

“Get tools to free them! Quickly!”

The quiet valley instantly erupted into a panic.

All of the men mobilized as quickly as they could and went to scout for tools that could help rescue them from the tunnel.

No one even considered the likelihood of a third explosion.

All that was on their minds was to rescue the Young Commander and Yun Xi.

In the pitch-black tunnel, the explosion had caused a collapse of the roof of the tunnel, and the falling rocks had filled up the space between the tunnel and the outside portal.

It had sealed their way out.

Mu Feichi had sensed something was amiss right before the explosion, because in the damp tunnel he had picked up the smell of gunpowder.

He had subconsciously cradled Yun Xi in his arms at the moment of the explosion, and the two were now curled up tightly in a corner of the tunnel.

Thankfully, the explosion had not been super intense in its impact and had only sealed off the entrance to the tunnel with falling rocks.

But Mu Feichi was not sure exactly where the exit had been located or how the tunnel was shaped.

All he could see was darkness.

As he had been closer to the explosion, the aftershock had left a sharp pain ricocheting in his eardrums and the debris that had fallen on his back at the moment of impact had left him stinging with a dull pain.

“Babe, are you okay” With the light from his torch, he pulled Yun Xi from beneath him.

Yun Xi shook her head.

The loud bangs of the explosion had left her ears ringing.

Mu Feichi had placed himself on top of her as protection at the very moment of the explosion.

This reflexive decision had left Yun Xi heartbroken.

The moment of the explosion in the split second between life and death, he had thrown himself over her to protect her without a second thought!

He was injured already, yet he did not care about anything but her.

“Are you okay” She reached out nervously to examine his wounds.

Thankfully, his bulletproof vest had mostly absorbed the impact of the flying debris.

However, his neck and the back of his ear that had been exposed had been cut by the flying debris, and they were bleeding profusely.

The sight made Yun Xi feel shocked.

Such a powerful impact could have led to potential brain damage.

“Dont move, let me check out your injuries.” Yun Xi pulled him toward a rather damp piece of rock, her hands shaking as she opened her medical bag.

“Young Commander!” His headset crackled with the panicked voice of Qi Yuan from the outside.

Mu Feichis ears were ringing, and because of that he hadnt heard the calls.

Now, though, he could hear the faint sound of someone yelling.

“Im okay! Confirm my position and start digging the tunnel from the outside.

The other end has not been blocked so we will exit from there.

Wait for our update!”

As soon as news of their survival reached the outside, the men could not contain their shouts of relief.

In the next moment, hands reached out to dig out the debris tirelessly.

Everyone started working in sections methodically.

Inside the tunnel, Yun Xi was hastily cleaning the wound on Mu Feichis neck with help from the weak glow of a flashlight.

Her hands were shaking, and she had spilled the medicinal power all over his collar time and again.

“Calm down, babe.

Slowly, slowly.”

Mu Feichi turned around and gently stabilized her wrist with one hand.

Even in this dim light, she could see his eyes were glowing with warmth and love.

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