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As for the details regarding the last day of the Six Kings Festival, I received an additional guide booklet from Alice yesterday.

The last day of the Six Kings Festival seems to be an all-star event, a combination of the events in the six previous days. Other than the regular stalls, the most popular attractions and stalls from the past six days will be on display again.

The venue for the Six Kings Festival is so huge that its impossible to go around it in one day, so its nice to have a selection of the best ones on the last day.

Looking at the guidebook I received, it seemed that the plant maze that I visited with Lillywood-san and the VRMMO I had visited with Alice were also being exhibited again.

Especially that VRMMO…… that racing game, according to the hummingbird Lilia-san sent to me before going to bed, Lilia-san and the others even had to wait three hours before they got to play.

I didnt have to wait long at all because I was with Alice, who was the organizer and abused her authority, but I heard that on the fifth day, when you can experience the latest technology, it was normal to wait for several hours to try out the popular attractions.

Well, thats why today, we have a selection of attractions and stalls to choose from, but where should we start If Shiro-san had an attraction shed like to try……

[Well then, lets go to the target shooting that Kaito-san did on the first day.]

[Errr…… Ahh, the one where you throw balls on a target huh. Wait a moment, Ill check the guidebook for the location.]

The target shooting that Shiro-san is referring to must be that attraction that I went to with Anima.

Hearing Shiro-sans request, I checked the guidebook. This guidebook is designed with a table of contents divided by type and an index that allows you to search by store name, so I thought I would be able to find it easily but…… arehh

[……It doesnt seem like theyve built such a stall again. I guess it wasnt that popular of an attraction.]


[Unfortunately, we have to find another attraction……]

[There was an attraction like that here.]


Lifting my gaze from the guidebook when I heard Shiro-sans words…… There was indeed a familiar attraction at the end of our path.

……I dont think there would be a stall that wouldnt be written on Alices guidebook though…… I mean, why is that attraction “standing in the middle of the road” How strange, isnt it

I think it would be more correct to say that this stall appeared out of nowhere than something that was originally set up in this festival……

As I was thinking about this, I glanced behind me…… A little further away, I saw Chronois-san leaning against a pillar with a tired expression on her face.

And then, I noticed Life-san and Fate-san approached and called out to Chronois-san.

[……God of Time and Space, youve done well. Go and have some rest.]

[Shes right. Its Shallow Vernal-sama after all…… I wouldnt be surprised if she demanded a stall that didnt exist. I think we should take measures if such a thing really happens.]

Unnn, I already have a pretty good idea of what happened. How should I say this…… Chronois-san, thank you so much for your hard work.

[……S- Shall we try it out]


Thanking Chronois-san within my heart, I went into the target shooting stall with Shiro-san…… and a woman dressed in the garments of a God deeply bowed to us.

[Welcome. Weve already made the arrangements.]

[E- Errr, thank you.]

Im pretty sure shes a God, but Ive never seen her before. Somehow, well, I dont mean to be rude but…… I feel that she was like Chronois-san. No, Im not talking about her powers, Im talking about how shes being troubled……

[……Incidentally, may I ask who she is, Shiro-san]

[Shes God of Fertility.]

Ahh~~ Speaking of which, Ive never met her before, but Ive only heard about her from Fate-san. If I remember correctly, she was a subordinate of Life-san, a low-ranking God in charge of the Archlesia Empire.

Fate-san sometimes brought me souvenirs, saying how “she had God of Fertility” made them so, unnn. As I had expected, I guess shes being troubled with lots of things.

[……Shiro-san, do you want to try it]

[Well then, Ill give it a try.]

Ive already played with it once before, so I suggested to Shiro-san to try it herself. Shiro-san surprisingly agreed, and after she let go of my arm, she held the ball in her hand.

[Ill throw it.]

[Ah, yes. “Please do your best”.]

[……Ill do my best then.]

Arehh What is this I just felt an incredible chill run down my spine…… arehh Its just that somehow,  around the ball Shiro-san is holding…… “the space looked like its cracking”…… also, why do I feel like theres an earthquake happening

I dont this is the case but…… Shiro-san really isnt planning to “seriously throw it” right Hahaha, as expected, theres no way thats happening.

After all, if Shiro-san really throws it seriously, it would be a throw that could destroy the world…… Theres no way she would……

[Shiro-san!!! Wait————!]

I hurriedly tried calling out to her, but it was already too late, as Shiro-sans hand glowed for a moment…… before the ball disappeared. One of the numbers on the targets also looked like something bore a hole through it.


[Whats the matter]

[Ah, no……]

Im alive and in one piece. The building also hasnt been obliterated. The target board isnt burned to a crisp.

That means Shiro-san properly held back huh I guess I didnt really need to worry……

Dear Mom, Dad————- The first thing Shiro-san wanted to try out was the target shooting stall that I went to with Anima. Thinking about it again…… Could it be that———— Shiro-san planned to visit the attractions that I visited on my five-day dates one after another

~ ~ Extra : Some Details Regarding the Countries in the Human Realm (Theyre not Really that Important of a Detail) ~ ~

Capital City : Fornia

Supreme God in Charge : God of Time and Space – Chronois

Low-ranking Gods who have temples in the Capital and stay there : God of Health – Healthy, God of Laws – Law

Member of the Six Kings they have Connections with : World King – Lillywood Yggdrasil

Species Present : Humans, Elves, Fairies, Spirits

Capital City : Alexandria

Supreme God in Charge : God of Life – Life

Low-ranking Gods who have temples in the Capital and stay there : God of Fertility – Elune, God of Hunting – Carsa

Member of the Six Kings they have Connections with : Dragon King – Magnawell Baskus Lardo Kurtzvald

Species Present : Humans, Dwarfs, Wingeds

Capital City : Aquarius

Supreme God in Charge : God of Fate – Fate

Low-ranking Gods who have temples in the Capital and stay there : God of Love – Heart, God of Liberty – Free

Member of the Six Kings they have Connections with : War King – Megiddo Argetes Borgnes

Species Present : Humans, Mermaids

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