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Whenever Megiddo-san proposes a match against an opponent, he would always fight on terms that give his opponent a chance to win.

However, this is only the case when “he himself proposes a match”. Its a different story when hes challenged to a match by his opponent or when he participates in a tournament such as this one.

In that case, Megiddo-sans doctrine is to fight as hard as he can as a courtesy to his opponent, what that means is that…… they will be trampled down.


If anything, the match ended in a single punch. Guess that was obvious. There was no way she could fight while singing in front of Megiddo-san, and after being knocked unconscious with a single punch, it turned into Megiddo-sans solo performance.

It was truly no contest. Well, it was quite obvious, but Megiddo-san had an overwhelming advantage. Even so, Megiddo-san sure is great at singing……


Well, putting aside Megiddo-sans overwhelming victory, the rest of the tournament was quite impressive. Surprisingly, singing while fighting was a tense experience, and the singers themselves seemed to be filled with enthusiasm, perhaps due to the adrenaline rush they were feeling.

Many of the songs had a particularly fast-paced feel to it, songs that make me feel as if Im watching a scene from an action movie, and despite my initial impression of this presentation, it was quite the spectacle.


Its just, well, since it was already settled that the winner would be Megiddo-san, it was a little disappointing that the finals wouldnt be as exciting as it could have been. Well, there was no one who could compete with Megiddo-san, so I guess that would be inevitable.


“Now, for the final match of the first round, last but not the least is No. 12…… Background, unknown! Species, unknown! Every profile except her name is shrouded in mysteries! Self-proclaimed “Mysterious Transcendental Beauty Singer”…… Cosmos!”


……And there she appeared, one who could compete against such a Megiddo-san. I mean, what the heck is that idiot doing over there…… She may have changed her appearance, but if Megiddo-san fights her, hell probably realize its Alice.

Well, I think having such a good match would make Megiddo-san happy, but its hard to think that Alice would go out of her way to participate in order to please Megiddo-san…… That being the case……


[……Alice, can I ask something]

[What is it]

[……You definitely betted, arent you]

[……Well then, Ill take my leave here……]

[Wait right there, oi……]

I freaking knew it! With Megiddo-san participating, she anticipated that the leverage would become tremendously lopsided, so she joined at the same tournament that Megiddo-san would appear.

If Alice/Cosmos were to win the championship here against Megiddo-san, it would be a totally unexpected result. Due to the fact that she is completely unknown, No. 12 is probably almost the least popular…… In that case, her getting victory would probably have a tremendous leverage rate.


Even though I was astounded, seriously wondering what the heck shes doing, theres a part of me thinking that her participation is making the tournament a little interesting. With a match between Megiddo-san and Alice, I wouldnt be able to predict who the winner will be.

Moreover, with them singing in the short time of 2 minutes……

Incidentally, this venue, along with a barrier that protects the audience, its also enclosed in a ward that has the effect similar to those glasses Shiro-san gave me before, so that even when they had a hyper-speed battle, even we can see to some extent.


Just like that, Alice a.k.a. Cosmos won her battle without any problems, and as she steadily gained victories…… Coming up would be her showdown against Megiddo-san.


“Now, with the third round over, its finally time for the final match! First up, the leading contender for this tournament, No. 9, the War King, Megiddo Argetes Borgnes-sama! After her comes No. 12, whose background is unknown, but has won this far with her solid fighting and singing abilities, the Mysterious Songstress, Cosmos!”


The two entered the venue and stared at each other in the center of the arena. Standing near Megiddo-san, the difference in their physiques was enormous, but even so, Cosmos kept a fearless smile on her face.


[……I didnt expect youll appear here. Seems like this match will be fun.]

[Putting aside if its a simple battle, if the theme is singing while battling, I should have great odds for winning…… Come, lets have a fun time!]


Perhaps, acting as her character Cosmos, her tone sounds mysterious and fearless. Her voice is also like its from an adult woman, making her feel dignified and beautiful.

As the two sides glared at each other, with the start of music, the battle began.


While Megiddo-san sang wildly with an overwhelming volume from his huge body, Cosmos sang while dancing while dodging Megiddo-san attacks as if shes performing an elegant dance…… Its truly an amazing battle of hardness and softness.

Not only that, but Megiddo-sans powerful singing voice and Cosmos fleeting and beautiful singing voice meshed beautifully with each other, creating a beautiful harmony that resonated through the air.


The two-minute battle, which really felt like a sing-dance performance, was over in a flash, and both returned to their initial positions to quietly await the results.

Even though the battle was still unresolved, both sides songs, though opposites, were wonderful…… But in my opinion, Megiddo-san has a slight advantage over her.

Its true that Cosmos singing voice was no less than Megiddo-sans, but Megiddo-sans voice was superior in volume, so I felt that Megiddo-sans voice sounded louder and resonated more.


“Each of the five judges will now give out 20 points for their performance. The result is…… 99:96! The winner is…… No. 9, War King, Megiddo Argetes Borgnes-sama!!!”


The result of the judging was that Megiddo-san got a perfect score from four judges and one giving him 19 points, while Cosmos got one perfect score and four 19 points, making Megiddo-san the winner by a slight margin.

Hmmm, it was a great battle. However, well, I guess it would be a disappointing result from Alices point of view


[……Alice, it was a shame.]

[Eh What is]

[No, the result, I mean…… Unnn What are you holding over there]

[My bet for the top 3 winners, 9-12-7.]

[……Ahh, I see……]


I thought she was aiming for the overall winner, but she actually made her bet with Megiddo-san winning in mind huh…… I dont know if I should say its to be expected of her or not, but she sure is a shrewd one.







Makina : [My children, thank you for waiting! Thanks for the many questions you sent us! As I said before, I wont be able to pick up all of them and just answer some of the questions. Well then, lets get started!]


Q: How wealthy is Alice

Makina : [Because she has most of the rights in Trinia in her grasp, holds control of the movement of people from Human Realm to Demon Realm, and has a very wide range of income from the trading companies she has under her control, including Molochs, Alice is very rich. Her wealth isnt as great as Kuromueinas, but I think she would at least be 3rd richest in the world. Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to hire such an overwhelming number of people on good terms. She should have the income to have a large number of people working for her.]

Q: Cattleya and Seigis Marriage Relationship

Makina : [At that moment, their weddings had not yet taken place. Preparations have been underway while they were waking for my beloved childs return, but as it was the wedding of a member of the royal family, it seems like its taking a long time to get ready for that wedding. I wonder if there will be a wedding-related story in a few more chapters]

Q: Why does Makina almost neglect her own children

Makina : [I basically dont interfere with my childrens matters too much. Of course, my children are cute, but I also love to see my own children think for themselves, develop through their efforts or perhaps, perish because of it. Its basically like Im watching over them, leaving them to management terminal Paradise. I also have lots of children from different star-systems besides the one Earth is in, and everyone is just so adorable! As for that world, if I hadnt met my beloved child there, I wouldnt have interfered with it, and I actually dont interfere with the matters of that world. However, thats not the case when my beloved child is involved! Ive decided to give my beloved child all of Mothers love, so Mother will give her lots of attention!!! The reason why I went around and called my children who are now in Trinia is because I will have one Paradise residing in Trinia interacting with my beloved child.]

Q: Thoughts of Hapti towards the Hero Party

Makina : [I feel like she isnt really acting here, and genuinely likes them. In fact, even when shes not Hapti, but as Alice, she seems to be kind to the members of the Hero Party.]

Q: Who introduced baby castellas to that world

Makina : [It seems that Trinia originally had a pastry similar to that, only it was called by a different name. It seems like Kuromueina liked such a pastry even at that time. And as a person who used to play the role of Hero arrived and called it “baby castella”, such a name was passed down through history, and that name has stuck over the tens and hundreds of years that have passed.]

Q: Regarding the Male/Female ratio in Trinia

Makina : [This was mentioned a bit in the main story, but its the result of various adjustments made in the process of collecting the factors Shallow Vernal needed to summon my beloved child to Trinia. It seems that she had a lot of hand in the development of civilization, and especially in the Human Realm, Shallow Vernal had done a lot of fine-tuning behind the scenes.]

Q: The Strongest with the exception of the Epilogue

Makina : [This depends somewhat on the conditions. If its under the condition where shes able to activate her ability to encompass everything, Nebula is the strongest. If not, then, I, Makina, would be the strongest in terms of pure combat power. Also, answering the question of how Alice can match me, if its a normal fight, I would win 100% of the time. However, Alices strength is greatly affected by her mental state, so depending on the situation, an irregular situation would occur. If, for example, I were to harm my beloved child and Alice fights in a battle to protect him, I would never be able to say that I could win against her…… Thats the kind of awesome girl Alice is.]

Q: What is Little Epilogue

Makina : [With my beloved childs victory against Shallow Vernal, this is the result of not only Shallow Vernal, but Epilogue itselfs lovestruck emotions towards my beloved child. Epilogue had secretly latched onto my beloved childs being, protecting him, and if I were to describe it, I suppose it would be his own Epilogue limited to a single target If my beloved child really falls in danger, itll automatically trigger and bring the other party to their end…… Seriously, its not even trying to restrain itself. Just about anything goes for it huh, Epilogue, I mean……]

Q: Will there be a discussion regarding the date schedules for Kaitos lovers

Makina : [……No, well, if there were important events like Christmas or something like that, in my beloved childs case, “that day would increase just as much as his lovers”. With what kind of person Shallow Vernal is, thats what she would probably do. Thats why, I dont think date schedules wont particularly happen.]

Q: Why doesnt Alice use her mothers Heart Tool, Artemis

Makina : [This is simply because the bow doesnt really fit Alices fighting style, but she can use it normally. Basically, Alice is versatile, but her main fighting style is melee combat. Also, unless it has a special ability like Trick Jester which allows Alice to switch places, Alices own ability is too high for it to be of much use.]


Makina : [And thats about it this time, I guess If we get another chance, I will ask for questions again and answer them, so look forward to the next opportunity!]


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