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 1059 - Trip with Fate ②

To be honest, Im happy enough when Im relaxing and chatting with Fate-san while munching on sweets and enjoying the great outdoors on a beautiful day, so I dont need to catch any fish.

But well, since Ive bought a fishing rod, it would be nice to catch at least one fish.


[Unnn I think the rod twitched just now——— Whooooaahh!]


Feeling my fishing rod jerking, I reached out and grabbed it, and the moment I did, I felt a tremendous force pulling me.

The fishing rod bent so much that I thought it was going to break, and if I wasnt careful, it would be pulled with such force that the fish would take the rod with it.

Eeeehhh, w- what the heck is this pull! This is totally different from the fishes I had with Anima…… T- This might be a very big fish……


[Kuuhhh, uuuu…… S- Strong.]

[Ohh~~ Doesnt it look like youre gonna catch something amazing Kai-chan, do your best~~]


The big game has such a great pull…… I mean, Im not much of an amateur when it comes to fishing, but I dont think theres any technique that could help to successfully hand a fish with such a tremendous pull!

I- I thought it was going to snap the fishing line…… I mean, the pull is so strong I cant reel it in…… W- What should I do


[F- Fate-san, what do you think I should do from here]

[Eh I dont know, arent you supposed to tire the fish or something]


[A- Ahhh, come to think of it, I think I heard something like that somewhere…… T- Then, I guess Ill just have to hold on to this for a while huh.]


Ive heard somewhere that you have to tire the fish before you can reel it in, and if I hold on like this, the fish will eventually get tired of moving around.

I bought a very expensive fishing rod, so Im sure it wont break…… but wouldnt that be unreasonable for the fishing line So far, it hasnt snapped……


[Guhh, its vigorously moving left and right———!]


Just as I was thinking about this, the fish moved from side to side in the water, and I felt the lateral force trying to make me lose my balance.

My legs relaxed for a moment, before my body leaned towards the lake as I was pulled with great force.


[……Got you.]


The moment I thought I was going to fall, Fate-san came up from the side and put one hand in front of my chest to support me.

……This is amazing, she had such a thin arm, but its so stable that youd think it was a perfectly fixed iron bar. As expected of a Supreme God.


[T- Thank you very much.]

[Well, take your time and dont rush. The hardworking Kai-chan is cool, so Ill just leisurely cheer for you here.]

[……Youre not gonna help me]

[No, it wouldnt be interesting if I helped you out here. Well, if youre in danger just like earlier, Ill help you, so dont worry and do your best~~]

As opposed to me, who was desperately struggling with the fish, Fate-san seemed to be in a relaxed mood. Well, its true that if Fate-san were to help me, Id be able to catch the fish in an instant…… but it seems like shed be there to support me like just now, so lets try our best.


[……Ahh, I also made it so that “the fishing line wont snap”, so dont worry~~ Omnom.]

[Youre still eating sweets!]


……Hmmm, she probably used her Authority of Fate, as the fishing line still hasnt broken even now. If I lose my balance, Fate-san is also here to help me.

Well, with a situation like this, I guess even an amateur like me could catch this big fish. Heck, it would be more difficult for me to fail…… As Fate-san said, lets not rush here and go for the steady route.


Just like that, I continued to struggle with the fish, listening to Fate-sans cheering, before I finally succeeded in catching it.


[I- I caught it…….]

[Ohh~~ Thats great. Isnt that about a meter long]

[Well, it sure is a big fish. No matter how I look at it, it wont fit in the bucket Ive prepared. Errr, I guess Ill just put in my magic box……]


Befitting the pulling strength it had earlier, the fish I caught had an overwhelming size. I think it looks like a black bass or something like that.

Just as Fate-san said, the fish was about a meter long, and it looked really impressive. I never thought Id be able to catch such a big one on my first fishing trip after buying my own fishing rod……


[Hey, Kai-chan. Is that fish edible]

[No, I have no idea…… I dont think it looks very edible though……]

[I also dont know much about fishes…… Alright, wait for a bit, okay Errr…… Would it be in that Feels like itd be.]

[Unnn What is it]


After her gaze suddenly started scurrying about, Fate-san muttered with her gaze turned towards an unknown direction.


[No, it seems like Shall-tans being considerate and was pretty far away…… Oiiiii, Shall-tan~~! Is this fish edible~~]


Ahh, I see, she was looking for Alice huh…… After Fate-san loudly called out to her, Alice soon appeared and looked at the fish I caught.


[Ahh~~ Well, you can eat that fish, but its flesh is tough and the taste is muddy, so I think youd better eat other fish instead.]

[I see~~ What a shame. Thank you for telling us. Shall-tan know everything, so youre very useful when we want to research something.]

[Please stop treating me like Im some convenient search engine. Anyway, Ill take my leave then.]


Giving an astounded look towards the smiling Fate-san, Alice disappeared again.


[……She says all that, but shed still kindly answer when I ask her stuff.]

[Shes very caring after all.]


Seeing Alice acting as usual, Fate-san and I exchanged glances, before chuckling.










Serious-senpai : [Seems like theyre having fun.]

: [Seems like Fate-san is also having some fun. Even when she herself isnt fishing, shes secretly supporting Kaito-san like with the fishing line, and she also never said anything about supporting Kaito-san being troublesome.]


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