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“Hes already offered the money, why wouldnt you accept it”

“Got it, Boss Lin.”

“Wait, what did you say You called him boss Lin” Qiao Zihao asked in surprise.

The Gu family members were also very surprised, not knowing what was going on.

“Thats right, Boss Lin is the owner of our Peninsula Hotel, so we naturally have to refer to him as Boss Lin.”


Qiao Zihao stood rooted to the ground like he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

He almost fell to the ground.

“Lin, Lin Yi, is the Peninsula Hotel really yours”

“She already called me Boss Lin.

Doesnt that prove that its my hotel” Lin Yi said.

“If this wasnt my property, I wouldnt have said that I was staying here in the first place, right But thank you for supporting my business so eagerly.

I wont stand on ceremonies with you.”

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Qiao Zihaos face was ashen as he finally understood.

Lin Yi did not say that he was staying here to show off, but because this was his hotel!

He did not need to pay to stay here!

“Aiya, I didnt expect this hotel to belong to my Lin,” Jianguo said.

“Okay.” Lin Yi nodded and opened up three rooms at the front desk.

“Zihao, were already here.

Little Yi will take care of the rest.

I wont trouble you anymore,” Jingshus mother said.

“Okay, okay…”

Qiao Zihao said awkwardly and then left the hotel without saying goodbye.

After getting into the car, Qiao Zihao panted heavily.

Now, he even wanted to die.

He thought that with the help of Gu Jingshus parents, he could use this opportunity to take her down.

However, he did not expect to meet this damn guy.

He completely crushed him from all angles.

He did not even have a chance to fight back.

It seemed that he had no hope of chasing after Gu Jingshu.

Because Lin Yi was by her side, Gu Jingshus parents did not say anything.

After seeing the two of them go into their rooms, they went back to their own rooms.

Their daughter found such a good boyfriend.

They could not wait for something to happen so that they could formalize a relationship.

After entering the room, Lin Yi called for a few waitresses.

He was not good at this kind of work, so he would let them do it.

Furthermore, he would probably have no problems the next day if he did this.

After settling things, Lin Yi drove off alone.

After returning home and washing up, Lin Yi opened the game and prepared to play a few rounds of his video game.

He found that thepleated skirt had sent him a few private messages.

Hundred pleated skirt, “Are you there”

Hundred pleated skirt, “Im playing the game.”

Hundred pleated skirt, “Lets go fight a scumbag together!”

Invisible chicken wings.

“Are you a pervert Why are you fighting a scumbag when youre a scumbag yourself Did the scumbag dig up your ancestral grave, or did he r*pe your anus”

Hundred pleated skirt, “I saw a scumbag today.

He got a girl drunk and brought her to a hotel.

Dont you think hes a scumbag”

Pleated skirt, “Again, Im not a scumbag.

Im a girl!”

Invisible chicken wings, “Stop pretending.

I can see the hair on your legs.

Dont pretend to be a girl and disgust me.”

At home, Sugar, who was curled up on the sofa, looked at his legs.

Was there hair on her legs

Pleated skirt, “Tsk, if you dont believe me, then go ahead.”

Pleated skirt, “Hurry up and play the game.

Carry me a few rounds.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Lets play a few rounds, then Im going to go to bed.

I still have business to take care of tomorrow.”

Pleated skirt, “No problem, thank you, God.”

Forty minutes later, Lin Yi ended the two rounds with a one win and one loss.

Invisible chicken wings, “Your operation has refreshed my understanding of burdens.

Im so f*cking godly, yet we lost.”

Pleated skirt: “God, dont be angry, I was wrong.

Ill be obedient next time.” She followed this with an aggrieved emoji.

Invisible chicken wings, “There wont be a next time.”

Pleated skirt: “Dont, Ill send you a picture as compensation.

Ill let you see if theres any hair on my leg.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Dont disgust me, go to sleep.”

Invisible chicken wings, “With your combat ability, youll be a scumbag in the future!”

Lin Yi did not reply to the rest of the message and went straight to sleep.

Lin Yi opened his eyes at six the next morning.

Lin Yi wanted to sleep a bit more, but his circadian rhythm had not adjusted yet.

Secondly, he had to report to the university today, so he could not be late for the first day of work.

After washing up, he changed his clothes and prepared to leave.

He looked around the garage and finally decided to drive his stupid Shari.

There were so many people in the school, and it was a bit eye-catching to drive a supercar.

It was his first day of work, so he had to keep a low profile and see what the situation was like.

After all the preparations were done, Lin Yi went out.

As soon as he got into the car, Ji Qingyan called him.

“Are you up I want to take your car to work.”

“Im afraid I cant do that anymore.

Im not going to drive for Didi anymore.

Im going to change to another job.”

“Youve changed jobs”


Lin Yi was not short of money, and he was only driving for Didi to experience life.

Now that he had experienced it enough, it was normal for him to change to another job.

“What job did you change to this time It cant be delivery or express delivery person, right”

These two jobs did not have many barriers, and Lin Yi could easily handle them.

“Im a teacher at a university.

Its my first day of work today, so I cant send you to work.”

“What did you say Youre a teacher at a university”

Ji Qingyans tone was shrill She could not believe what Lin Yi said.

“Im just going to work at a university.

Do you have to give such a big reaction”

“Even you said it yourself.

Its a university.

Do you think anyone can just walk in there”Ji Qingyan asked.

“Oh right, you havent told me which university youve gone to.

What position exactly”

“Zhonghai Normal University, the Secretary of the Colleges Committee.”

“I see.”

Ji Qingyan was quite familiar with the universitys situation.

The staff of the school committee were not exactly committed to teaching, so they did not have very high requirements.

It was understandable that Lin Yi could get a job there.

“Now that youre working in a university, I wont be able to take your car anymore, right”

“Thats not what you said.

I can still do it when Im free.”

“Actually, it doesnt matter.

I can just drive myself,” Qingyan said.

“Youre just experiencing life anyway.

When are you coming back to the company to experience a desk job Ill pay you double.”

“Didnt I work at the company before Ive already experienced it.”

“Thats in the sales department.” Qingyan said with a smile.

“I can let you be my secretary this time.

Are you interested”

“Is it the personal type” Lin Yi said.

“If thats the case, I might consider it.”

“Youre just dnady.”Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“Alright, I wont waste your time.

Head to work now, so you wont be late on your first day.”

“Alright, well talk later.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi drove toward Zhonghai Normal University.

When Lin Yi arrived there, it was the busiest time of the day.

It was a beautiful sight to walk around in a school with so many boys and girls, looking at the beautiful white thighs.


Seeing Lin Yi walking towards them, the female students who were going about lost their composure.

“Look, that boy is so handsome.”

“Is he a student at our school He looks a little mature.”

“He doesnt look like a student.

He might be a teacher.”

“If our school had such a handsome teacher, I would definitely attend class every day and never skip class again.”

Lin Yi walked through the crowd and followed the signpost to the school committees office in the main building.

He then knocked on the door.

“Please come in.”

Lin Yi pushed the door open and entered after getting a response.

There were six desks inside, and four of them were empty.

One of the desks was clean, and there was nothing else on it except for the computer.

If everything went as planned, this desk should be his.

“Hello, my name is Lin Yi.

Im a newly-hired school committee member.

Im here to report for duty today.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Theres an empty desk over there.

The director went out on an errand and will be back soon.

You can just report to her later.”

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man in his forties.

He wore thick glasses and was very enthusiastic.

However, Lin Yi noticed that the other female teacher was looking at him strangely.

What was going on

They should never have had any previous interaction, right Why was she looking at him like that

Was she attracted by his looks

Song Jia, who was sitting by the window, widened her beautiful eyes.

She never expected this.

Her new colleague was actually the scumbag that she had met the day before!

Was this not a little too much of a coincidence

However, then again, although he was a bit of a scumbag, looking at him up close, he was really handsome!

What if she could not control herself anymore


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