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“Alright, my dear, dont ask him anymore.”

Xu Yan said, “Everything Lin Yi knows is from the Internet, and he hasnt done it himself.

Theres no basis for what he says.

I think the Land Rover is pretty good.

It looks so domineering.”

“Hehe, youre right.

Lets go take a look later.

If theres a car available, Ill buy it all.”


Ji Qingyan shook her head.

These people were really something.

Inside the exhibition hall were all kinds of luxury cars.

There were dozens of luxury cars worth tens of millions.

This point alone was enough to prove that the rich people of Yangcheng were not inferior.

“Dear, the Land Rover exhibition hall seems to be in area B.

Lets go there,” said Xu Yan.

“Area B sells domestic cars.

Lets not go there.”

“Arent Land Rovers made in China If we dont go there, where else are we supposed tobuy them”

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“In our circle, we dont drive domestic cars, so we have to buy imported ones,” said Zhou Ning with a smile.

“But imported land rovers are hundreds of thousands of dollars more expensive than domestic ones.

Moreover, the appearance is almost the same.

Theres no need to spend that money, right”

Zhou Ning put his arm around Xu Yans shoulder and said with a smile,

“Although they look the same, the interior is vastly different.

If in the future, when your friends see you and drive a Land Rover made in China, wont they laugh at you As a man, I cant let others laugh at my woman.”

“Hehe, my dear, youre so good to me.”

Zhou Ning looked at Ji Qingyan, unintentionally or not.

A smart woman like her would definitely understand his words.

So many hints had already been given out.

If she still didnt know what to choose, then she had to be out of her mind.

“Youre my woman.

If Im not good to you, who should I be good to” Zhou Ning said while looking at Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan.

“Guys, lets go for a walk together.”

“Forget it, lets go look at the other cars,” Lin Yi said.

“Yo, sorry I forgot,” Zhou Ning said with a smile.

“Our goals are different.

I think you guys are going to the local area to look at cars.”

Lin Yi shook his head.

“Lets go to Area C.”

“Area C”

Zhou Ning and Xu Yan looked at the exhibition hall in Area C not far away and smiled.

“Brother Lin, Area C sells trucks and buses.

Are you sure you want to go there”

“Cant we buy them”

“Yes, you can.” Zhou Ning smiled.

“Those tools are pretty good.

If you buy a truck, you can probably earn more than by driving Didi.

I have to say, Brother Lin, you have good business sense.”

Lin Yi ignored Zhou Ning and walked toward Area C along with Ji Qingyan.

“It was not a good idea to come out with you,” Lin Yi said.

“What do you mean it was not a good idea to come out with me I didnt do anything.”

“These people nowadays want to show off when they see a beauty.

Theyre dragging me down to their level,” Lin Yi said.

“You cant blame me for that.” Ji Qingyan said happily.

“Think about it.

If it were Jack Ma, would other men be jealous if he had a beauty standing beside him”

“You make it sound like youre saying that Im not capable enough.”

“I didnt say that.

You said it yourself.”

“You little brat!”

Lin Yi grabbed onto Ji Qingyans waist, giving her a fright.

“What are you doing There are so many people here.”

“I may need to act a little more pretentious, but even so, I can still hug a beauty like you, but they cant.

Arent you angry”

“Dont flatter yourself.”

Ji Qingyan snapped, but she didnt stop him.

“What kind of car do you want to buy Do you have any ideas”Ji Qingyan asked when they reached Area C.

“I want to buy two buses.

There are more than forty children in the orphanage.

If I bring them out to play, two buses should be enough to seat all of them.” Lin Yi said after thinking for a while.

“Then Ill buy a pickup truck which theyll use when they buy groceries.

Ill also buy them a scooter, which well have to go to Area A for.”

“Sure, go ahead.

I dont know anything about this.”

Lin Yi looked around and found that Area C was a mixed area.

Both domestic and imported cars were displayed here, and it looked like they were categorized by type.

All trucks, trucks, buses, and other vehicles were displayed here, regardless of whether they were made in China or imported.

Other than the booths of the major brands, there were also the booths of Petrochina and Sinopec.

Naturally, they didnt come here to sell cars, but mainly to sell fuel cards.

This was because the cars on display here had very large tanks, and they would use fuel cards when refuelling.

If they could form a partnership with a company, they would be able to sell a lot of cars.

“Lin Yi, look at that car.

The tires are so high, theyre almost reaching my waist.”

Lin Yi saw the car that she was referring to and realized that it was a BILT 389.

It was no wonder that she would make such a fuss over such a huge thing.

“That car was the inspiration for a transformer.

Its a gas guzzler.

No one in the country would buy such a car.”

“Oh, but it looks so cool.”

“Ill give you one if you like it.” Lin Yi said with a smile.



Ji Qingyan shook her head.

“I probably wont be able to climb up one of these.

Its too big.”

“Isnt it better to be bigger Dont you like bigger things”

“I dont.

Its more comfortable to be smaller.”

“Oh, so you like smaller ones.”

After walking around, Lin Yi locked onto a bus.

This was the purpose of his trip.

“My God, this Yangcheng Auto Show is too luxurious.

It even has a Mercedes-benz S351DT”

At this time, many people were gathered around a purple-black bus.

Compared to ordinary buses, this S351DT was definitely the most eye-catching behemoth.

The two-story design, coupled with the Mercedes-benz logo, made the S351DT and the BILT 389 the most eye-catching and luxurious vehicles in Area Cs exhibition hall.

“The price is 4.9 million.

Which company would buy this kind of car”

“These cars arent sold to companies.

Theyre usually used by higher-ups.

Of course, Dubais rich are an exception to this rule.”

“Youre right.

No wonder those salespeople didnt even look at us.

It turns out that theyre not targeting us.”

When he saw the S351DTs design, Lin Yi felt that it wasnt bad.

This two-story design could accommodate more people.

If that was the case, buying one would be enough.

“How much is this car”

Lin Yi asked as he walked up to a male salesman.

The male salesman raised his head and saw Ji Qingyan standing beside him.

He was shocked.

This was too good!

“4.9 million,” the male salesman said.

“I want to ask, what are the specific parameters and functions of this car”

A bus worth 4.9 million yuan was already considered a sky-high price.

If it did not have some special functions, it would not be able to sell for such a price.

The male salesman threw a manual over and said indifferently,

“Read it yourself.

Im busy right now.

I dont have time to talk about this with you.”



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