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“F*ck, youre a f*cking pervert! Why didnt you play with the cute live streamer Why did you leave to drive for Didi”

“You dont understand.

Im enjoying myself.

Do you want to join me”

“Im not going.

Those girls get hot as soon as they get in my car.

Who can stand it”

“Maybe its because youre a monkey with a lot of money and are easy to fool,” Lin Yi joked.

“Get lost, get lost, go and drive your Didi.

Ill take your car one day and give you a bad review.”

“If you give me a bad review, Ill beat you to death.”

The two laughed and chatted for a while before Lin Yi drove away.

After leaving the racetrack, Lin Yi looked at the progress of the mission.

With the good review from Xia Xinyu, it was now at (14/20) .

It would not be a problem for him to complete the mission today or tomorrow at the latest.

Lin Yi took a bite out of lunch and drove until six oclock in the evening.

By then, he was ready to call it a day.

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It was meant to be a life experience, so there was no need to work so hard.

He received eight orders in one day because he was a Buddhist.

Three of the female passengers gave him five stars, while the rest gave him four stars.

Lin Yi was a little puzzled as well.

His service was so good, so why was the positive feedback so low

However, upon seeing that the mission progress was already at (17/20) , Lin Yi was still very gratified.

The rest would be taken care of the next day.

There was no difficulty in completing the mission.

Lin Yi raised his head and looked at Thursday.

He found that he was near Xuanqing Road and suddenly remembered that it had been a long time since he last ate fried rice in a small shabby restaurant.

The shabby restaurant Lin Yi was talking about was a stand outside that was run by a middle-aged couple.

The main dishes were various kinds of fried rice which were all cheap and very affordable.

It was only a street away from Chaoyang Group, and Lin Yi used to eat there in the afternoon.

When he recalled it, he realized that he had not been there in a few days, so he decided to satisfy his cravings first.

He found a parking spot on the side of the road and walked towards the small alley in front.

There was a temporary shelter not far away, but he noticed that the old couple were closing their stall.

“Auntie Liu, why are you closing so early today”

The middle-aged woman smiled when she saw Lin Yi.

“Yo, Lil Yi is here.”

“I havent eaten your fried rice for a long time.

Im here to satisfy my cravings.”

“Do you want to eat egg fried rice or something else”

“I dont think Ill eat anymore since youve closed the stall.

Ill come back some other day.”

“Its that child, Xiaojing.

She said that she had no clothes to wear, so the two of us thought that we should close the stall early and fetch her back.

Then, well go buy some clothes,” Aunt Liu said.

“It wont take long to make fried rice.

Tell me what you want to eat, and Ill ask your Uncle Kong to make it for you,” Aunt Liu said with a smile.

“How about this Ill go get Xiaojing for you, and you guys make me egg fried rice.

Ill bring her with me.”

“Thats not good.

Ive troubled you several times before.”

Occasionally, Lin Yi would come to buy fried rice after work, and he would help them pick up their children when they were busy.

“Dont mention it.

Were all on the same side.” Lin Yi turned to leave as he spoke.

“Yi, dont be in such a hurry to leave, we havent even talked about what to eat yet.”

“Make a high-quality egg fried rice, add ham sausage slices, two poached eggs, and a dragon guard spicy strip for me.”


“Yo, its payday.”

“Even if its not payday, you have to be extravagant.” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

Aunt Lius daughter was called Kong Jing, and she went to school at Zhonghai First Highschool.

In the high school category, Zhonghai First Highschool was considered a famous school.

Countless students from this school went to Tsinghua and Yan University every year.

As long as they werent the last in the year, they could at least go to 211.

When he reached Zhonghai First Highschool, he found that the school gate was already full of people and cars.

Lin Yi looked around for a while before he found a parking spot.

He looked at his watch.

It was already past seven in the evening, but the third-year students had not finished their classes yet.

The rows of lights were still on, and they were all studying at night.

He waited for more than ten minutes before the bell rang.

It didnt take long for the students to come down one after another with backpacks strung over their backs.

Lin Yi waited for a long time, but he did not see Kong Jing come down.

“Hello, classmate.

Have the third-year students finished their classes yet”

Lin Yi grabbed a little boy and asked.

“Let me go,” the little boy replied.

“There are still some on-duty students left,” the third-year girl could not help but speak up, her eyes unable to look away from Lin Yi.

“I see, thank you.”

“Youre welcome.”

Lin Yi waited for a few more minutes, but Kong Jing still had not come down.

He felt that something wasnt right, so he walked over to the Class One.

“Miss Gu, what do you think we should do about this Look what my son made her do.”

“He pulled my hair first! He even wrote on my uniform! Otherwise, I wouldnt have bothered with him!”

“Isnt that Jings voice”

Lin Yi recognized Kong Jings voice, so he quickened his pace and walked over to Class One.

Lin Yi paused for a moment as he entered the class.

Wass the woman in uniform on the podium not the Gu Jingshu he had met earlier !


Gu Jingshu was wearing blue jeans and black sports shoes.

She was wearing a womens shirt, which made her appear simple and elegant.

However, he had come to pick up Kong Jing before, and her teacher-in-charge did not seem to be Gu Jingshu back then.

It had only been a few days, and there was already a new teacher.

Jingshu was surprised to see Lin Yi come in from outside.

Wasnt this the super-rich second generation she had met a few days ago

Why was he here

“Yi Bro.”

Before Jingshu could say anything, Kong Jing trotted over to Lin Yi and stood beside him.

“Your parents are closing up the stall.

Ive come pick you up today.” Lin Yi looked at the middle-aged couple standing not far away, and noticed that their faces were filled with anger.

There was a fatty standing in front of them with a few bloody marks on his face.

That must have been Kong Jings masterpiece.

“What happened Did you fight with your classmates”

“Hes the one who bullied me.”

Lin Yis arrival made Kong Jing feel like she had support.

She was not afraid anymore and turned around:

“Brother Yi, look at my clothes.

Theyre all marked with oil.”

“Alright, I know what happened.”

Lin Yi rubbed Kong Jings head and shielded her behind him.

“Your son was in the wrong, but Jing scratched your son, which was her fault.

Lets call it even.

Dont hold it against us.”

Gu Jingshu was a little surprised.

She did not expect Lin Yi to be so easy to talk to.

If it was anyone else, they would have already gone crazy.

“Were even”The boys mother asked.

“Open your eyes.

What if my sons face is disfigured Hes going to enter the entertainment industry in the future, and this might delay my sons future.

Can you take responsibility for that”



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