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Tianxin was in a complete daze.

She had never dreamt that Lin Yi would find out about this!

“You… youre talking nonsense!”

Tianxins body was shaking, and she could not even speak properly.

“Am I talking nonsense If Im really talking nonsense, why are you so nervous” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Weve already reached this point.

Were Tianxin and the two black men fighting the landlord, or did they do something unspeakable Im sure youve already made up your mind, so I wont say anything more.”

Everyones eyes fell on Tianxin.

Ji Yongqing was especially angry, his body trembling.

“Bastard, how could our Ji family produce such a shameless thing like you”

“Grandpa, listen to me.

Its not what you think.

Dont listen to his nonsense!” Tianxin kneeled in front of Ji Yongqing and cried.

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“Nonsense Do you think Lin Yi is so free to make up lies”

Ji Yongqing snorted, “If he really framed you, show me the evidence.

If hes really talking nonsense, Ill kick him out!”

“Old Mister Ji, I have a few videos on my phone.

Ill send them to Qingyans phone later, and the truth will come out,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“The rest is your familys matters.

I cant get involved, so Ill leave first.”

Qingyan was very curious.

The hotels user information was very confidential, so how did Lin Yi get it

Was he not too resourceful

“Grandpa, I admit that I went to the hotel with my two black friends, but we really didnt do anything.

We were just discussing business.”

“Just now you said you were playing cards with your best friend, and now youre talking about business with a black person.

Do you really think Im old and stupid”

Ji Yongqing snorted.

“An Tai, help me to go back.”

“Got it, Dad.”

“Grandpa, you have to believe me…”


Before Tianxin could finish her sentence, Fu Zhengping stood up and slapped her in the face.

“Tianxin, Ive been so good to you.

Id buy you anything you wanted.

How dare you cheat on me Ill f*cking kill you!”

“Fu Zhengping, you son of a bitch! How dare you hit me” Tianxin cursed.

“If your stuff didnt work, I wouldnt have found another man!”

The two of them started fighting, but Lin Yi was not in the mood to pay attention to these common-sense things.

Thus, he turned around and walked out.

Ji Qingyan walked behind him.

She could not just leave after what happened to the Ji family.

However, Lin Yi was leaving, and she had to see him off.

“Lin Yi, thank you,” Ji Qingyan said softly as she stood beside the car.

“For what”

“You asked me to take the guest to the side just now for the sake of the Ji familys image.

Otherwise, the Ji familys reputation would be damaged.”

“Whats there to thank” Lin Yi said indifferently.

“You, on the other hand, should not interact with them in the future.

You dont want to get infected.”

“Dont worry, I wont do that.”Ji Qingyan said.

“I still have to thank you.

You were forced to come with the gift for my grandfather, and you spent so much money on it.”

“You dont have to worry about that.

Just make a few more orders and take care of my business.”

Lin Yi got into the car, and Ji Qingyan waved him off as she watched him leave.

Seeing Lin Yis taillights disappear before her eyes, Ji Qingyan was a little confused.

Normally, a man would ask her to do a few more squats or something to feast her eyes on.

However, he was just asking her to make a few more orders

Bah Bah Bah Bah!

What were you thinking, Ji Qingyan!


Lin Yi opened the APP and prepared to accept the orders after leaving East Lake Villa.

The mission was now at (11/20).

He just needed to get a few more five-star reviews and he would be able to get the proficiency points.

He had a lot of acquaintances around him who often took taxis.

He just needed to spend more time and get nine more five-star reviews and he would be able to complete the mission.

However, the mission the system gave him was to experience life.

Lin Yi did not really want to take advantage of his acquaintances.

He treated them like insurance cards, such that if he could not complete the mission in time, he could just ask them for another order.

“You have a new order.

Please pay attention to it.”

Lin Yi grabbed another order from the platform when he saw the mission given out.

He was very satisfied with the Buddhist order.

He looked at the location and saw that it was nearby Huayi, so quickly he drove over.

At that moment, a girl with a backpack and a suitcase walked out from the Huayi District.

She had a ponytail and a round face, looking very cute.

The girls name was Tao Yuan, and she was a student at China University of Finance and Economics.

She was just about to call a car back to school.

“Yuan Yuan!”

Tao Yuan, who was walking towards the door, turned her head instinctively when she heard someone calling her name.

She saw a boy wearing a black casual suit running towards her.

“Ma Rui, why are you here”

Tao Yuan said in surprise when she saw the person running towards her, but she wasnt very happy.

“I heard from Xiao Jing that youre going back to school today, so Ive been waiting at your door preparing to pick you up.”

After saying that, Ma Rui prepared to grab Tao Yuans suitcase.

“No need.

Ive already called for a car, so I wont take your car.”

Both of them were students from the University of Finance and Economics, and they were both majoring in the same subject.

Tao Yuan also knew that Ma Rui had been pursuing her.

However, a spoiled rich second generation like him had never been her type.

She allowed Ma Rui to shamelessly pursue her for more than half a year, but Tao Yuan never gave him a chance.

“Yuanyuan, my dad bought me a new Audi A6.

He just brought it back yesterday, and it hasnt even been taken by an outsider yet.

Youll be the first passenger,” Ma Rui said, as if showing off.

“Then Im not interested.

You go first.

The car I ordered will be here soon.”

“Yuanyuan, youre the belle of the University of Finance.

Taking Didi isnt befitting of your status at all.

Take my A6 instead.

Its much better than those trash domestic cars.”

“As long as you are driving it, I dont care what kind of car it is,” Tao Yuan said.

“Its different,” Ma Rui said.

“This is an imported A6, not a domestic one.

Moreover, its an Audi.

The seats are all made of real leather, so its very comfortable to sit on it.

It definitely cant be compared to a domestic car.

Why dont you come with me”

Hearing the conversation between the two, the passersby on the side were also discussing animatedly.

“This girl is really interesting.

She didnt want to sit in a luxury car like the Audi, but she insisted on getting a Didi instead.

She really doesnt know how lucky she is.”


“Sigh, if an Audi came to pick me up, I would have gotten straight in.”


“Whos Mrs.

Tao with the tail number 4389”

As the two were talking, they suddenly heard someone speaking at the door.

They looked up and saw a silver supercar!

Moreover, the person who was speaking was the driver of the Supercar!

Tao Yuan was stunned when she heard Lin Yi call her name.

How did this person know her name

She walked past the crowd and whispered to Lin Yi:

“Hello Sir, my number ends in 4389.”

“Then get in the car.”

“Huh Get in the car” Tao Yuan was stunned.

Lin Yi nodded.

“Didnt you call for a Didi Im the Didi driver and Im here to pick you up.”


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