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“Its ruined!”

Qingyans face turned ugly.

No matter what, this was a gift Lin Yi had prepared for her grandfather.

No matter what the problem was, it was up to her grandfather to decide how to deal with it!

It was not up to him to do anything!

“Qing Yan, this is the rule of the antique world.

If you come across a fake one like this, you have to destroy it on the spot,” Fu Zhengping said.



Ji Yongqing sighed secretly.

Although the painting was fake, it looked pretty good.

He could take it out and look at it normally.

Now that the painting was destroyed, it was too late to say anything.

“Dont be angry.

Let me handle this.”

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Ji Qingyan paused and turned to look at Lin Yi.

She suddenly felt like she was being protected.

“Handle this”

Fu Zhengping shrugged.

“Its just a fake painting that I tore up.

Im following the rules.”

Old Man Liu walked out and said.


Lin, youre not in the right.

Just let it go so you dont lose face.”

“This is none of your business.”

That cold sentence scared Old Man Liu so much that he didnt dare to say anything more.

“Are you the person-in-charge of Didis operations in Yanjing” Lin Yi asked lightly.

“Thats right.

Do you have a problem with that”

“Its nothing,” Lin Yi said.

“I just wanted to tell you that your operating license has been revoked.”


Lin Yis words stunned everyone.

Especially Fu Zhengping, who started laughing as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Lin Yi, are you trying to make me laugh” Fu Zhengping asked.

“You think you can talk nonsense just because you have some money”

“I own 20% of Didis shares.

Do you think I have the right to say that”

Everyone was shocked!

“What, what did you say! You own 20% of Didis shares!” Fu Zhengping exclaimed.

“Thats right.”


Fu Zhengping laughed again.

“I think youre trying to make me laugh.

Theres a limit to what you can say.”

“Lin Yi, what are you talking about”

Ji Qingyan pulled Lin Yi aside.

“Dont mess around.

This isnt the time for jokes.

You cant scare Fu Zhengping.”

Lin Yi smiled and whispered into Ji Qingyans ear.

“If I really own 20% of the shares, will you let me feast my eyes at night”

Ji Qingyans face turned red and she said indiscernibly.

“Youre going to die.

Why are you saying that”

Lin Yi laughed and looked at Fu Zhengping and the others.

“I know you guys dont believe me, but you can call Cheng Shuang and tell him that Im Lin Yi.

Hell give you an answer.”

Fu Zhengping wasnt sure what to say anymore.

He took out his phone suspiciously and dialled Cheng Shuangs number.

A few seconds later, the call was answered.

“Director Cheng, Im Fu Zhengping, Didis operator in Yanjing.”

“I know, say what you have to say quickly.

Im in a meeting.”

“Director Cheng, dont worry, I just want to ask, do you know someone named Lin Yi”

“What did you say Lin Yi”

“Thats right, hes right beside me.”

Cheng Shuang raised her voice, “I order you to treat Director Lin well.

Hes the second-largest shareholder in our company.

If you dont treat him well, Ill immediately revoke your operating license!”

“He… hes really Didis shareholder”

Fu Zhengping was dumbfounded as his legs went soft!

“Of course.

Director Lin holds 21% of our companys shares.

If you dont treat him well, Director Lin will have the right to revoke your license as an agent without my permission!”

“But this man said that he only holds 20% of the shares.

Could it be that I have just met someone with the same name”

“Thats because I gave Director Lin Zhang Daqians famous painting,The Picture of the Peach Blossom.

Director Lin didnt want to take advantage of me, so he transferred 1% of the shares to me! Thats why he owns 20% of the shares now!”


Fu Zhengpings phone fell to the ground.

His head was buzzing, and he felt like the sky was falling.

Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi in disbelief.

How powerful was this man in front of her

He was so young, and he was an orphan.

How could he buy so many of Didis shares

After all, this did not only require money, but also means and the ability to mediate the deal.

Normal people did not have that ability to do such a thing.

“Now, as Didis second-largest shareholder, I announce that your operating rights have been revoked.” Lin Yi put his hands in his pockets and said condescendingly.

“Of course, there might be a breach of contract fee involved.

Ill inform Didis legal department to handle this matter.”

“Lin Yi, dont go too far!”

Tianxin couldnt hold it in any longer and yelled, “Theres no need to completely kill them!”

“Youre Qingyans boyfriend, after all.

Dont you care about family at all” Anrong exclaimed.

“If Qingyan asked, Id agree to anything, but you guys cant go around making request,” Lin Yi said.

“Now, after were done talking about Fu Zhengping, lets talk about the rest.”

“What else do you have to say after you stripped Zhengping of his operating license!” Tianxin roared.

Her parents company was already in dire straits.

Fu Zhengping was her biggest source of income.

If he collapsed, she would be in a very difficult position!

If she could, Tianxin wished that Lin Yi would die on the spot.

“Just now, he tore up the painting that I gave to old Mister Ji in front of so many people.

Shouldnt he compensate me”


The crowd remembered Fu Zhengping tearing up the painting.

Didis CEO had clearly stated that he gave his painting to Lin Yi.

This meant that the painting he gave to Ji Yongqing was authentic!

Judging from the current market, he would have to fork out at least 200 million in compensation!

“No, dont…”

Fu Zhengpings face was pale, and he was so scared that he peed his pants.

“I… I didnt do it on purpose.

Director Lin, please give me a chance.

If I knew that the painting was real, I would never have torn it up!”

“Whats the point of saying all this now Can you not be sentenced if you say youre sorry after killing someone”

Fu Zhengping grabbed Yang Tianxins hand tightly.

“Tianxin, you have to help me.

Otherwise, Im really finished!”

“Get lost!”

Yang Tianxin shook Fu Zhengping off and said coldly,

“From now on, we have nothing to do with each other.

You go your way and Ill go mine.

You want me to help you pay off your debt Dream on!”

Fu Zhengping hugged Tianxins legs tightly.

“Tianxin, dont leave me.

I was so good to you before.

You cant abandon me now!”

“Ptui! Stay away from me.

Dont dirty my dress!”

“You cant be so heartless! You said youd be with me forever!”

“Cough cough cough…”

Lin Yi coughed lightly.

“Men have gold under their knees.

If youre a man, get up.

Its not worth it for a woman like this.”

“Lin Yi, what do you mean” Tianxin said angrily.

If it wasnt for him, Fu Zhengping would not be in this situation today, and she would still be able to live the life of a rich lady!

But now, it was all over!

“Hehe, dont be angry.

The show has only just begun.”

Lin Yi tightened his grip on Qingyans waist and said in a low voice,

“Tell your family to bring all the guests to the side.

I have something else to tell your family.”

“Okay.” Qingyan nodded, not understanding what he meant.

“Got it.”

Soon, all the guests were taken to the side.

Only the Ji family was left in the courtyard.

“Grandson-in-law, what are you trying to say Why are you being so mysterious”Ji Yongqing asked.

“Its about your granddaughter, Tianxin Yang.”

Tianxin looked at Lin Yi suspiciously.

“Stop playing tricks.

If you have something to say, say it quickly!”

“Dont worry,” Lin Yi said.

“You took my car to the Peninsula Hotel Yesterday, right”

Tianxins expression changed slightly.

“My friend and I are were going to play cards there.

Isnt that allowed Is it against the law”

“Then youre really something.

You actually invited two black guys to play cards with you,” Lin Yi said with a smile.


“Is fighting landlords also popular in Africa”


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