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Lin Yi took the pen and signed his name on the document.

After signing, the female store manager opened the password-locked box in her hand.

There was a very exquisite gift box inside.

When the gift box was opened, a shining wristwatch was displayed in front of everyone.

“Its… its really 175th Anniversary Edition Patek Philippes !”

Upon seeing the diamond inlaid on the wristwatch, everyone was rendered speechless!

“As far as I know, the price of this wristwatch is as high as 17.5 million.

How could it appear here!” Fu Zhengping exclaimed in shock.

“Sir, its like this.

Three days ago, Mr.

Lin spent 17.5 million to buy this 175th anniversary piece wristwatch.

Because this wristwatch has always been stored in the headquarters, it was only given to Mr.

Lin today.”

“He actually spent 17.5 million to buy a watch!”

Yang Tianxins eyeballs almost fell to the ground!

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Could it be that she had really misunderstood him

Could it be that he really came out to experience life as a rich second generation

At the same time, the other people present also reacted.

There might really have been a misunderstanding here.

Since the store manager personally came to deliver the goods, there naturally would not be any mistakes!

There was no doubt that he was the one who bought the watch!

Spending 17.5 million on a watch was even more extravagant than spending 20 million on cars!

Therefore, the Pagani Zonda at the door should not belong to Didis, but Lin Yi!

“Alright, thats all for you guys.

You can go back now.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“Alright, we wont bother you anymore.”

The two of them then left and drove away.

Ji Qingyan took a deep breath.

She was used to Lin Yis rich behavior since he was able to buy nine villas in the Jiuzhou Pavilion in one go.

Holding the watch in the box, Lin Yi put it on his hand.

The weight was not too heavy, but it was quite comfortable.

“Old Ji, your granddaughter is amazing.

She found such a good son-in-law.

Your Ji family will be on a higher level in Zhong Hai in the future.”

“I knew it.

With Miss Jis ability, why would she find a mediocre man to be her boyfriend I didnt expect him to be such a well-hidden person.”

“The rise of the Ji family is just around the corner!”

Ji Qingyan felt a little embarrassed when she heard the compliments from others.

There was a trace of joy in her heart.

“Then thank you for your kind words.” Ji Yongqing agreed and looked at Tianxin.

“Tianxin, you guys seem to have made a mistake.

Lin Yi can afford a watch worth more than 10 million yuan.

He should be able to afford this car.

Please apologize to him.”

“Grandpa, whats there to apologize for” Tianxin said.

“Its just a misunderstanding.”

“Tianxin is right.” Anrong stepped forward.

“This Lin Yi is rich, but he doesnt care about you at all.

I dont think he actually cares too much inside, and he might even dump her in a few days time.”

“What do you mean !” Qingyan snapped bluntly.

“You cant eat any grapes, so youre claiming my grapes are sour”

Even though they were pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend, Qingyan did not allow others to talk about Lin Yi like that.

“Qingyan, dont you see that” Anrong said.

“I thought this watch was a gift for Grandpa, but I didnt expect it to be worn by himself.

He came to the birthday banquet and didnt even prepare a gift.

Its obvious that he doesnt care about you.”

“My mom is right,”Yang Tianxin said.

“Look at our Zhengping.

He started to prepare a congratulatory gift for Grandpa one month in advance, unlike you guys who dont take Grandpa seriously at all.”

“Zhengping, I think its about time.

Take out the congratulatory gift you prepared,” Yang Feng said with a smile.

“Got it, Father-in-law.”

Fu Zhengping returned to the car, took out the gift he prepared, and showed it to everyone.

“This is the bronze coins from the pre-Qing dynasty.

Ive collected a whole set!”


Lius eyesight is really good.

He recognized this thing at a glance.”

Fu Zhengping said, “I know that Grandpa likes these things, so I spent more than a month to collect them.

The emperor didnt let down those who had good intentions, and he finally let me collect them.

Otherwise, this gift would have been incomplete.”

“Then you are really thoughtful,” the old man surnamed Liu said.

“This set of pre-Qing copper coins is rarely circulated in the world.

In all of China, there might not be more than 50 complete sets.

According to my estimation, the value of this set of copper coins is at least 2 million.

In a few years time, it will definitely rise in value.”

“Qingyan, did you see that This is a gift prepared with great care,” said Yang Tianxin.

“So what if you found a rich boyfriend He doesnt take you seriously and isnt willing to spend a penny on you.

Its simply a waste.”


If you find a man, you have to find someone who is good to you.

Otherwise, whats the use of going out and having a good time every day” Remarked Ji Anrong.

“Mother-in-law, Tianxin, its not a big deal even if he bought a Zonda and a watch worth more than 10 million dollars.

With my net worth, I will be able to afford these things if I work hard,” Fu Zhengping said.

“Who said Lin Yi didnt prepare a gift!”

After saying that, Ji Qingyan took out a small box from her bag.

Then she opened it to reveal a jade ring inside.

“Grandpa, this is a gift Lin Yi prepared for you.

He put a lot of thought into it.”

Lin Yi smiled when he saw the antique jade ring.

Ji Qingyan was quite a nice girl.

She actually said that she prepared her gift for him so that he would not lose face.

How thoughtful of her.

“Qingyan, your boyfriend drove a luxury car worth more than 20 million yuan with a watch worth more than 10 million yuan, yet he gave you such a cheap item”Tianxin said.

“Who said it was a cheap item Lin Yi spent a lot of effort to get it!”

“Haha, lets ask Old Mister Liu if its a cheap item.

Hes an expert in this area.”

The old man who spoke earlier walked over.

“The quality of this ring is not bad.

Its indeed a good item, but in terms of collection value, it cant be compared to the pre-Qing copper coins.

The market price of this is around 500,000 dollars.

It also will not appreciate as much as that set of coins.”

“Its only worth around 500,000 dollars,” Tianxin said in a weird tone.

“Qingyan, Im so sad for you.

Youre only worth 500,000 dollars in his eyes.


“What do you mean by only worth 500,000 dollars” Qingyan asked.

“Gifts are given with sincerity.

It took Lin Yi a long time to get this jade ring, and its enough to show his sincerity.”

“Its only worth 500,000 dollars.

Even if you put your heart into it, it wont be worth much in Grandpas collection,” Tianxin replied.

“Its not about the money…”


Lin Yi patted Qingyan on the shoulder.

“This was your gift to begin with.

You dont have to cover for me.”


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