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“He… he won the Summer League Championship!”

Everyone was stunned.

A basketball god!

It seemed like he didnt rely on his connections, he really had the ability!

Lin Yis skills werent bad, but due to his height, it was a little difficult for him to dunk.

However, with the systems support, it wasnt a problem.

Dunking was now easy and enjoyable.

“Alright, cut the crap.

Four sets of suicides.

Well start the real training after were done.”

“Got it.”

Under Lin Yis terrifying strength, the fifty-odd people on the court all obediently started doing the suicides.

No one dared to complain.

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With such a powerful person around, who would dare to complain

“Teacher Lin, the handover is complete now.

Ill leave these students to you, and they get in your way.” Zhangwei said as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

“Okay.” Lin Yi nodded without saying anything.

Zhangwei knew that Lin Yi had some complaints about him, but it was better to leave as soon as possible.

Zheng Jiarui and the others were running back and forth on the basketball court as Lin Yi and Sugar stood to the side.

“Lin Yi, youre really impressive.

I didnt know you were so good at basketball.

I wouldnt have followed you here if I knew.”

“I already told you, you were the one who didnt listen.”

“I was worried about you too.” Sugar combed her hair, “I think youll be able to handle this PE class easily, so I wont cause any more trouble for you.

But dont forget, your next class iscareer plan for college students.

Dont be late.”

“Dont worry, I know what to do.”

Lin Yi continued his class after Sugar left.

This basketball class wasnt difficult at all because of Lin Yis terrifying strength.

It wasnt long before the class was over after the students finished their suicides.

Lin Yi was able to defeat all of them in the following training session.

After one class, everyone was in awe of Lin Yi.

Lin Yis skill level was definitely above Teacher Suns!

At the very least, it was more than enough for him to train them.

The world of men was that simple.

It was all about strength.

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As long as you were strong, they would respect you!

Moreover, it was from the bottom of their hearts.

However, the world of women was different.

If they met someone with a better body and a prettier face, they would definitely think that they were a bitch.

The bell rang, and Lin Yi dismissed the team.

At the same time, Lin Yi looked at the system interface and found that the mission progress already read (2/20) .

At this rate, the mission would be completed in another ten days.

The only drawback was that the intensity was a little too high.

The Physical Education Research Group.

Jianye and Pang Dongxing saw Zhangwei in the office when they returned.

“Old Sun, how was it The students on the school team should have beaten Lin Yi into submission, right”

“Someone was indeed beaten into submission,” Jianye said with a lack of interest,

“But they didnt beat him into submission.

He beat the entire school team into submission.” Jianye said


The two stared at each other in disbelief.

“Dont joke around.

I know the strength of the school team.” Jianye said,

“Even I wasnt their match.

How could that pretty boy beat them into all” Jianye said.

“You werent there at the time.

You had no idea what happened.” Sun Changwei sighed.

“His basketball skills are definitely not inferior to mine.

His basic skills and techniques are particularly solid.

He even performed a tomahawk-style dunk over Fu Qingshan.

At that time, I was almost scared to death.

I felt as if there was a spring installed on his feet.

The jump was terrifying.”

“No way.

Did we all misjudge him”

“We did indeed misjudge him.

When he was in university, he was also the main force of his basketball team.

Moreover, he won the summer league championship.

In short, he has the strength.

Your method did not work at all.”

Sun Changwei sighed.

There was no hope for him to claim his additional class time bonus.

“Its not your fault.

Before this, who would have thought that his basketball skills would be so good” Chen Jianye patted Sun Changweis shoulder and said,

“Theres a taekwondo class tomorrow.

Ill help you take revenge for this.”

“How do you want to deal with him”

“What else can I do Of course, with a spar.” Chen Jianye smiled proudly and said,

“Moreover, fists and feet have no eyes.

Even if theres a problem, I can still push the responsibility away.

In short, I must give him a show of strength.

Dont think that I, Chen Jianye, am a soft persimmon!”

“Then Ill be waiting for your good news tomorrow.”

“Dont worry, just watch me.”

Lin Yi arrived at the classroom after basketball class.

The classroom was packed, just like the first class, with more than 90% of the students being girls.

Of the remaining 10%, more than half of the students had problems with their sexual orientation.

This also reflected that Lin Yis looks were definitely passable in a university.

Lin Yi had planned to get through a class likecareer planning for university students just by bragging a little.

However, seeing the pairs of expectant eyes staring at him, Lin Yi felt for the first time that bragging would actually be pretty stressful.

Lin Yi packed his things and returned to his office after class.

“Why arent you guys off work yet”

“Sis Su said that shell treat everyone to dinner tonight as a welcome.”

“Were not outsiders.

Its a waste to welcome everyone.”

Lin Yi rejected Sugars offer because Wang Ying was still at his house.

After driving home, Lin Yi saw two hangers at the door with his clothes and bed sheets hung on them.

Even his underwear had been washed by Wang Ying.

How virtuous.

When he entered the house, he found Wang Ying with a towel wrapped around her head and wearing silk pajamas.

She was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.

The focus of the scene wasnt the dishes in the pot, but on the fact that Wang Ying was dressed too coolly.

“I cant believe dressed like this in the home of a single man.

I think youre trying to seduce me.” Lin Yi said

“Lets see if you can hold it in, then.” Wang Ying said with a seductive look in her eyes,

“Im a weak woman.

I cant fight back if you want to try, but if President Ji finds out about this, it wont have anything to do with me.”Lin Yi said


Lin Yi walked over and slapped Wang Yings butt.

It felt pretty good.

“Do you think I wont do it”

“Youre so brave.

Theres nothing you wont do.” Wang Ying put down the spatula.

She didnt mind Lin Yis bold move at all.

She smiled and said, “How is it I feel pretty good, right Do you want to do it again”


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