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“That might be possible.”

Changwei changed his position, feeling that Jianyes words made a lot of sense.

In the afternoon class, apart from some boys who liked to play ball, the rest were all members of the school team, so there was no doubt about their strength.

There were even a few who were ranked at the city level, so it would be easy for them to deal with him.

“Well just sneak in.

He doesnt he have a relationship with them, right Then let him go to class.

Whether he can continue this class or not will depend on his own ability.”

“Alright, well do as you say.” Sun Changwei said, “Since you dare to steal my class, you bet ter know your place!”

“Lets go.

I think its about time.

Lets go to class.”

Sun Changwei stood up and hid the dejected look from before.

“Wait for my good news here.

In less than half an hour, Ill make him retreat!”

“With the tempers of the school team, each and every one of them is like a god or a second brother.

I reckon that in ten minutes, theyll be able to make that pretty boy collapse.”

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“Haha, that makes sense.”

With a loud laugh, Sun Changwei took his jacket and went to the gym.

At the same time, the people who came to class were changing their shoes one after another, preparing for the physical education class.

Seeing Sun Changwei come in, a total of more than fifty male students automatically stood in two rows, waiting for the class to begin.

“Dont be so nervous.

I have something to tell you today,” Sun Changwei said slowly,

“From now on, I will no longer be in charge of your basketball class.

I came here today to inform you of this.”


Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

“Coach, dont make fun of us.

No one is more qualified to give us basketball lessons than you,”J iang Yajun, the basketball teams point guard, said.

“Yeah, and the college summer league is about to start.

Lets hurry and start our class,” Fu Qingshan said in a muffled voice.

Zhangwei was very satisfied with the performance of his members.

The plot was progressing according to his expectations.

It wouldnt take more than ten minutes for Lin Yi to leave with his face covered in shame.

“Im not joking with you guys.

The principal found you a better teacher, so I got laid off.

I wont be responsible for you guys anymore.”

“No way!” Jiang Yajun said,

“You were the main small forward of Zhonghai Sports University, and you also competed in Cuba.

Who could be better than you Unless you find a retired CBA player, no one else has the ability.”

“Dont say that.

Maybe the principal thought I couldnt do it, so he got you a better teacher.

Dont complain,” Sun Changwei said with a smile, looking like he was watching a good show.

“Coach, there are only a dozen physical education teachers in our school, and there havent been any new physical education teachers hired recently.

Whos the new teacher who will be teaching us” Jiarui asked.

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“Hes already part of our school.

Hes been the most most popular teacher recently, I think his name is Lin Yi.”

“I know him!” Yajun said,

“But isnt he the secretary of the college league committee He used to teachcareer planning for college students, and now hes teaching basketball Isnt that ridiculous”

“It cant be helped.

He has a relationship with the principal.

He can take whatever class he wants,” Sun Changwei said,

“Besides, not only did he take my basketball class, but he also took teacher Chens taekwondo class.

He can earn a lot of money by teaching two classes by himself.”

“What the hell” Jiang Yajun said,

“I havent heard of a teacher that can teach two subjects.

Isnt it obvious that theres something shady going on Its too f*cking shady!”

“Were not letting that pretty boy teach us!” Someone shouted.

“Yeah, well kick him out when he gets here!”

“Hes just a pretty boy.

He probably doesnt even know how to throw a ball.

How is he going to teach us anything”Jiang Yajun said.

“With his small build, hell probably fly away after I give him a light touch,”Fu Qingshan said.

“I really want to give him a fight on the inside.”

“Strike! Im not going!”


The doors to the gym were pushed open, and everyone looked over to see Lin Yi walking in from the outside.

However, the head of the school committee, Sugar, came in with him as well.

Zheng Jiarui, Jiang Yajun, and the others had looks of disdain on their faces.

Hed come for a physical education class, and even dragged the head of the school committee, Sugar, here with him.

Was he afraid that he wouldnt be able to handle it, and thus sent someone to take care of it for him

This was too cowardly.

Seeing Lin Yi and Sugar come over, Zhangwei fixed his expression.

He didnt think much of Lin Yi, but he still had to give face to Sugar.

“Director Su, Mr.

Lin, youre here.” Zhangwei said with a smile, looking like he was happy to see them.

Lin Yi nodded.

“I heard someone talking about quitting class when I came in just now.

Whats going on They havent even joined my class yet and theyre already so angry”

“No, no, no, Teacher Lin, you misheard.

They didnt say that they were going to boycott the class.”

“Coach, just tell him the truth.

Thats exactly what we said.” Jiang Yajun said,

“The basketball class is fine as it is.

Why should we change our coach We still have to play in the league.

Without a high-level coach to guide us, our performance will definitely be affected.”

“Be quiet!”

Sugar revealed the seriousness befitting of her position and said,

“The school has its own reasons for this kind of arrangement.

You just have to listen to us.”

Sugars expression was cold and her words were brutal.

Calling these people troublemakers wasnt wrong at all.

The class hadnt even started yet, and they were already starting to make a fuss.

However, it was also likely that Zhangwei was adding fuel to the fire.

Otherwise, these students wouldnt have given such a big reaction.

She didnt know if Lin Yi could control these students.

“Stop talking,” Lin Yi said,

“This is the students will.

As a teacher, if someone interferes, its no different from keeping them locked up in prison.”

Sugar pursed her lips.

‘Im doing this for your own good.

Zhangweis lips curled into a smile.

He hadnt used much force yet, and this man was already stunned.

As the old saying went, you had to have a strong body to forge metal.

If you didnt have a strong body, then dont stand in the way of porcelain.

It hadnt even been five minutes, and hed already been kicked out.

There was no need for any drastic measures.

Lin Yi took a few steps forward, looking at the fifty-odd students across from him with a smile on his face,

“I heard from outside that you guys are having a class strike.

Now, Ill do a little investigation.

Those who are willing to stay and attend the class, please take a step forward.”

The people in the team looked at each other.

No one moved.

If they stood out at this moment, they would be isolated in the future.

They might even be called sycophants.

Thus, they absolutely could not stick out!

Moreover, this fellow indeed did not have the qualifications to teach basketball lessons.

Although they were just students, they had to take a stance!

They had to show the school that they were not pushovers!

Zhangwei was relieved to see that none of the students had come forward.

He should have called the other teachers over to watch the show.

“Since none of you have come forward, it means that you all want to quit class.

You dont have to take this class until the end of the semester.”

Lin Yi turned around and smiled at Sugar.

“Thats it for the basketball class from now on.

Go back and do the marking.

Justtreat it as all of them failing.”

“Failing” Sugar was surprised.

“Youre failing so many students”

“If you dont attend classes, whats wrong with failing” Lin Yi said.

“Look at their other subjects and I think you will find that they are failing those too.

According to the schools rules, if you fail more than four subjects, you have to repeat the semester and retake the classes.

You can even charge more tuition.

How great is that”


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