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Lin Yis words made everyone in the office laugh so hard that they couldnt close their mouths.

This feeling was familiar to everyone present.

“Oh right, I need to get a set of desks for Director Lin.

You dont have a place to sit now that youre back,” Li Xingbang said.

“Im not a director anymore.

Call me Brother Lin if youre younger than me.

Call me Teacher Lin if youre older than me.

I really dont like it when you call me Director Lin.”

“Alright then, well call you Teacher Lin then,” Li Xingbang said with a smile.

“Teacher Li, just send Lin Yis desk to my office after you get it,” Sugar said.

“Huh Send it to your office”

Everyone in the office looked at Sugar with slightly awkward expressions.

“Sister Su, Brother Lin isnt a director anymore.

Why should Teacher Li send his desk to your office”

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“Its already so cramped here.

Naturally, you have to send it to my office,” Sugar said, pretending to be calm.

“Okay, okay, okay.

We understand.

Theres no need to explain.”

After bringing the table back, Lin Yi was dragged to his office by Sugar.

He played a few games with her before going to lunch.

“Lin Yi, are you sure you want to teach physical education I heard that those boys are all troublemakers.

I am afraid that you wont be able to handle them,” Sugar said.

“So what if theyre boys Im a teacher, after all.

They cant rebel, right”

“The main thing is that the two classes you picked are quite technical, and you came in through the back door.

How are you going to teach them”

Song Jia had already told Sugar about Lin Yis identity as the vice principal.

However, the two were tactful and didnt ask any more questions.

After all, it was unethical to ask about other peoples private affairs.

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.” Lin Yi said indifferently,

“The undergraduate courses arent that high-level.

I can handle it.”

“Are you sure” Sugar said.

“Do you need me to keep an eye on things for you this afternoon”

“Are you kidding me I only needed a woman to keep an eye on things last class.

“Dont look down on me.

I played basketball when I was in college, and I still know how to play.”

Lin Yi glanced at Sugar.

“Meanwhile, I think you know how to not only play basketball, but also how to hit people with the ball.”

“Hit people with the ball”

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At first, Sugar didnt understand what Lin Yi meant.

However, when she looked down, her face turned red.

“Where are you looking at” Sugar scolded,

“Class is about to start.

You should think about how to deal with those students.”

Lin Yi didnt take Sugars worries to heart.

When he was in university, he was the main player on the basketball team, so his experience wasnt a problem.

Moreover, with the help of the Sages wisdom, his basketball skills would definitely improve.

It would not be a challenge to give these undergraduate students PE lessons.

Zhonghai Normal University, Physical Education Research Group.

“Teacher Sun, I heard that your class has been canceled.”

The one who spoke was a male teacher.

His name was Pang Dongxing, and he taught a fitness class.

The person he called Teacher Sun was called Sun Changwei.

He was the teacher in charge of basketball lessons in the Normal University, and he was also the coach of the school team.

“Dont **ing mention it, Im going to die from anger,” Zhangwei cursed,

“The basic salary wasnt high to begin with, and I was just trying to fill my classes quota.

Now that its been snatched away, Im going to lose more than 1,000 dollars by the end of the semester.”

“Whos that Lin Yi Wasnt he the secretary of the school committee before How did he end up teaching basketball in the PE Research Group”

“I heard that he had some sort of relationship with the principal.

He must have pulled some strings.”

“That cant be right.

Principal Zhaos reputation has always been good.

How could he do something like that”

“Whats the big deal Hes the reason why Li Detian and Fu Jiajun were expelled,” Zhangwei said.

“According to what you said, his relationship with Principal Zhao is too good.

He even expelled Principal Li for his sake.”

“Thats why I was angry.

He arranged it so clearly that he show any humility at all.”

“Then theres nothing we can do.

Whether he has a relationship with Principal Zhao or not, we can only endure it.”


“F*ck! How f*cking unlucky!”

Just as the two of them were talking, a slightly plump male teacher walked in from outside.

His face was filled with anger.

“Teacher Chen, whats wrong with you Didnt you go to the principals office Who provoked you”S un Changwei asked.

The man called teacher Chen was called Chen Jianye.

He was the teacher in charge of taekwondo at the university.

“Dont mention it.

I thought Principal Zhao wanted to discuss me being an outstanding teacher.

I didnt expect him to talk about something else.”

“So what There are so many teachers competing for this title in the school.

Even if you dont get selected, you can just work hard next year,” Sun Changwei said.

“I really dont even care about the outstanding teacher title,” Chen Jianye said angrily,

“But guess what Not only am I not qualified to be an outstanding teacher, butmy classes have even been reassigned.

I wanted to earn more money for my classes and pay off my debts.

Now, theres nothing left.”

“Your class was reassigned as well” Zhangwei asked in surprise.

“What do you mean Your class was reassigned as well” Jianye asked.

“Yeah, it was reassigned to someone called Lin Yi.

He used to be a member of the school committee, but now hes teaching basketball.

Dont you think its infuriating”Jianye said

“No way.

The person who is taking over my class is also that guy called Lin Yi,”Jianye said.

Everyone else in the office was dumbfounded.

“Whats going on He took over two classes by himself Thats too much!” Zhangwei said.

“Its a little too much,” Dong Xing said.

“Physical education isnt an important class, but it shouldnt be treated like this.”

“Theres nothing we can do.

He has a relationship with the principal,” Zhangwei said.

“Even if were not satisfied, we have no choice but to endure it.

Unless we quit, theres nothing we can do.”

“Haha, I see whats going on now,” Jianye said with a cold smile,

“That Lin Yi guy is using his connection with the principal to get more money.”

“Isnt that obvious” Zhangwei said.

“Old Sun, can you really bear with this”Jianye asked.

“What if I cant I just bought a house and havent paid off my loan yet.

I cant quit.”

“Who said you need to quit Just give him some difficulty and make him quit.”

Sun Changwei was interested.

“Huh How can I give him some difficulty”

“Dont you have classes in the afternoon Many of them are from your basketball team.

When hes in class, just ask a few of the main players to go and beat him in a match,” Chen Jianye said,

“How can a teacher whos not even as good as his students have the guile to teach them”


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