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Meng Guangqiang stood rooted to the ground with an awkward expression on his face.

He wished he could find a hole to hide in at that moment.

This matter had nothing to do with him.

“You should leave now.

The temple of our university is too small.

It cant accommodate a Buddha like you.”

Since the matter had come to this point, Meng Guangqiang did not have the face to stay here.

He lowered his head and left dejectedly.


Lin, Im really sorry.

I didnt know this would happen.”

“Its nothing.

Dont take it to heart.” Lin Yi said, waving his hand.

“Lets talk about you two.

Why are you welcoming me It wouldnt be good if the students saw it.”

“The main thing is that Im too excited for you to be back in school, Mr.


“Stop joking with me.

Lets go back to the office first.

We have something important to talk about.”


Lin, please come in.”

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The three of them went to Zhao Qis office and Lin Yi sat down on the sofa.

“Actually, its not that big of a deal for me to come back.

I just want you to prepare a position for me.”

“Is the position of schools youth league committee director okay Ill ask Sugar to step down and be your assistant.

Not only will you have free time, but youll also get paid.”

“You misunderstood me.

What I want to be is a teacher who can teach.”

“A teacher”

Zhao Qi said awkwardly,

“Teacher Lin, if this were my institution, I could give you the green light no matter what the conditions were.

But you also know that if you want to be a teacher, you have to have a certain level of certification.

You cant do it just because you want to.”

“Then are there any classes that dont require a high level of certification”

“If thats the case, then I can only offer the physical education classes,” Zhao Qi said.

“Alright, then arrange some physical education classes for me.

It doesnt matter if you schedule more, I can handle it.”

To Lin Yi, having a class was the most important thing.

He didnt care about anything else.


Lin, I can give you a green light, considering your contributions to the school,” Zhao Qi said.

“The other teachers only teach one class.

Ill let you take two.

That way, youll have more class time, and itll be good for your future job prospects.

As for which two classes you want to take, you can choose them yourself.

Ill arrange them for you later.”

“Show me your class schedule.”

Physical education classes were all optional, and there were all kinds of them classes available.

Now, Lin Yi was going to take two classes so that he could have more class time.

“Wait a minute, Vice-Principal Lin.

Ill go get ready now.” Zhou Genzhe said.

Within a few minutes, Zhou Genzhe took out the class schedule.

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Lin Yi glanced at it, and his eyes locked onto the basketball and taekwondo classes.

Basketball and taekwondo were popular subjects in the university, and there were more sessions for them, so choosing these two classes was just perfect.

Apart from that, there were also some classes in swimming and aerobics.

However, most of these classes were for girls, so Lin Yi filtered them out.

“Alright, Ill go make the arrangements now.” Zhao Qi looked at the class schedule.

“Theres a basketball class in the afternoon, so Teacher Lin can start immediately.”

“Its settled then.”

“Principal Lin, do you have any requirements for the location of the office Should we set you to join the school committee or the Physical Education Research Group”

“Lets go to the school committee.

After all, Ive worked there before, so Im familiar with everyone there.

Itll be natural for us to get along.”

“Alright, Ill send you there now.”

“No need, go do your own thing.

Youre not outsiders, so theres no need to be so polite.”

Lin Yi stood up and walked towards the school committee.

School committee, Sugars office.

“Sis Su, so you knew Director Lin was a rich second generation”

“I only found out the morning he resigned,” Sugar said as he changed his clothes.

“The Koenigsegg he drove that day wasnt Qin Hans, it was his own.”

“Why didnt you say so earlier If I knew, I would have gone to Director Lin for help.” Song Jia said with a smile.

“You dont know.

During dinner yesterday, Director Lin showed off his power and killed all my classmates who liked to flaunt their wealth.

It was amazing.”


“With the level of your classmates, Lin Yi could have just brought one of his spare tyres and it would have been enough.” Sugar said with a smile.

“I have another big piece of news to tell you,” Song Jia said mysteriously.

“I talked to Director Lin yesterday.

He said that he might return to school soon.”

“How is that possible Dont listen to his lies,” Sugar said.

“Hes just having fun in school.

To put it bluntly, hes just experiencing life.

Now that hes experienced it, whats the point of coming back To pick up girls”

“How is that possible” Song Jia said with a smile.

“The level of female students is so low that even Director Lin disdains it.

If he wants to pick up girls, he would pick you up.”

“What do you mean by picking me up Im not instant noodles.”

Song Jia swept her gaze over Sugars body.

“Maybe its because the milk flavor is stronger.”

“The milk flavor is stronger”

Sugar was stunned for a moment before she understood what Song Jia meant.

Thus, she said with a straight face,

“You dont want your bonus this month, do you”

“Hehehe, Sister Su is angry,” Song Jia saidm

“But he told me this yesterday, and he looked very serious.

I dont think he lied to me.”

“Thats impossible.

Just give up on this idea.”

“Then how about we make a bet”

“Lets make a bet.

Do you think Im afraid of you”

“Lets make a bet with a box of Mrs.

oral liquid.

Whoever loses will have to drink a box.”

“Theres no point in betting one box.

Whoever loses will drink the whole carton,” Suger said.

Sugar had only managed to drink one box of Mrs.

Lins oral liquid Lin Yi had bought for her back then.

There was still one box left in the office.

“Its settled then.

Ill call Director Lin now.”

Song Jia took out her phone and was about to call Lin Yi to verify the matter.

However, at that moment, she suddenly heard a scream from outside.

“Director Lin, youre back.”

The two looked at each other when they heard Li Xingbangs words.

Sugar quickly buttoned up her shirt and rushed out.

He found Lin Yi standing right in front of her!

“You, why are you back”

“Can I not come back yet”

“I didnt mean that, but, but…”

“Whats there to be surprised about Is it weird to see me”

Song Jia chuckled.

“Director Lin, its like this.

Sister Su said that if you can came back to work, shed drink the remaining box of Mrs.

oral liquid.”

“I was wondering why you looked better.

So you drank a box.

Not bad, not bad.

Keep it up.”

Sugar was on the verge of tears.

Did God send you here to play with me

“Have a seat, Director Lin.

Dont stand there.” Xingbang pulled a chair over.

“The office became a lot less fun without you.

Now that youre back, the school committee will be interesting again.”

Lin Yis heart warmed.

“Theres something I need to tell you guys.

I came back this time to borrow the committees office, but Im not working in the school committee anymore.”

“Could it be that Director Lin has other things to do” Li Xingbang asked.

“I applied to teach two classes.

Im in charge of the schools basketball and taekwondo classes until the end of the semester.” Lin Yi said.

“No way, Director Lin.

Youre going to be a physical education teacher” Song Jia said in surprise.

“Dont you believe in my standards” Lin Yi asked.

“The main thing is that the students taking these two classes are all boys.

Im really afraid that you wont be able to handle them,” Song Jia said.

“Youre so handsome.

You should teach swimming and aerobics classes.

When youre in class, those girls will definitely be obedient so it wont be difficult to teach them.”

“What you said makes sense, but Im afraid that my kidneys wont be able to take it.

My life is more important.”


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