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“System, do you think Putin will be jealous of my looks”

“Of course not.”

“Then the chances of me getting blown up by a hydrogen bomb arent very high.”

After the systems explanation, Lin Yi had a certain understanding of the mechanism of the lucky card.

Unless it was an extreme situation, the lucky card would change his luck.

The most important limitation was that it couldnt change reality, and it couldnt break the rules of the real world.

After understanding this mechanism, Lin Yi kept the lucky card in his pocket.

He looked at the time and found that it was already 3:30.

Lin Yi didnt plan to take any more orders.

Instead, he prepared to go back and change a car.

The sports car wasnt very comfortable, and it wasnt suitable for picking others up.

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There were only two seats in the sports car.

Since Zhang Song was coming with his girlfriend, the sports car couldnt fit all of them.

Lin Yi went home to change his clothes and drove out in the Bentley Continental.

He arrived at the airport on time at four oclock.

It wasnt long before he saw Zhang Song walking out of the exit with a young woman.

Zhang Song was about 1.8 meters tall, with short hair and a blue shirt.

He looked like an elite professional.

Lin Yi noticed that his best friend seemed to have matured a lot since school.

He wasnt as cowardly as he used to be.

Society was indeed a melting pot.

It had trained this cowardly person to such an extent.

Beside Zhang Song stood a woman in denim shorts.

Her looks were passable, and she was a good match for Zhang Song.

She was just looking down at her phone, seemingly absent-minded.

Lin Yi thought about it.

Zhang Songs girlfriends name was Yue Jiao, and she seemed to be from Zhonghai.

Zhang Song saw Lin Yi at the same that Lin Yi saw him.


Zhang Song waved his hands non-stop when he saw Lin Yi.

His excitement was beyond words.

“This is the airport.

What are you shouting for Cant you see that everyone is looking at us” Yue Jiao complained.

“I havent seen my boss in half a year.

Im just excited.”

Song pointed at Lin Yi as he spoke,

“See that guy in white Thats my boss.

He took care of me when I was in college.”

Yue Jiao followed Songs finger and saw Lin Yi not too far away.

Her heart raced.

Songs boss was way too handsome.

He was too excited that he didnt notice the change in Yue Jiaos emotions.

He put down his suitcase and ran towards Lin Yi.

“Haha, Boss, give me a hug.”

Lin Yi wanted to reject the gayness, but Zhang Song didnt give him a chance.

He gave Lin Yi a big bear hug.

“We can hug, but dont f*cking kiss me.

There are so many people here.

I dont want people to think that Im gay.”

“You just reminded me.” Zhang song hugged Lin Yis face and gave him a kiss.


Lin Yi laughed.

“You ruined my reputation.”


Zhang Song laughed and introduced,

“Boss, this is my girlfriend, Yue Jiao.

Shes from Zhonghai, and she came back with me to visit her family.”

Yue Jiao reached out her hand, wanting to shake Lin Yis hand, but Lin Yi only nodded and killed her hopes.

“Whats so cool about him So what if hes handsome Hes just a part-time worker!” Yue Jiao complained in her heart.

“Lets go.

I feel like you two are hungry.

Ill bring you guys to eat something nice.” Lin Yi said.

“Dont be so polite.

Lets just find a food stall.

Were all on the same side.”

Zhang Song knew Lin Yis situation.

He was working in a real estate company, and although he made a lot of money, Zhonghais situation wasnt as comfortable as Yanjings.

It was already good enough that he could receive them, and it wasnt a big deal if they did not eat anything fancy.

“Food stall”

Yue Jiao said,

“Lets make it clear in advance.

Im not eating at food stalls.

My mom called me earlier and told me that Ill be coming home to eat today.

If you want to eat, you guys can eat yourselves.”


Zhang Songs expression changed.

“Didnt you tell them to come back tomorrow My boss is having dinner with us today.”

“I let it slip the other day.

She found out I was coming back today and insisted on having dinner with me.

I had no choice.”

“Then what do I do”

“You two can go.

You dont have to go home with me.” Yue Jiao said.

“And Im not used to eating at the food stall.

Its too unhygienic.”

“I didnt say I wanted to eat at the food stalls, did I” Lin Yi was speechless.

“Where else can we eat if we dont eat at the food stalls” Yue Jiao asked.

“Are you thinking of having a big meal If so, I can still think about it.”

“Dont you have to go home to eat”

“It depends on the situation.

If its a big meal, Ill go with you.”


Zhang Songs face didnt look too good.

The boss was still here, and she was being too disrespectful.

Lin Yi shook his head.

With his brothers character, it would be hard for him to control such a woman.

If they really tried to go long term, there might be conflicts.

However, this was his business.

He didnt have the right to interrupt.

He just had to continue taking care of himself.

“Lin Yi, you havent said what you wanted to eat.

I heard that Zhonghai opened a buffet called the Dragon House.

Its pretty nice and the food tastes pretty good.

Why dont we go and try it”

“Are you kidding me Dont be ridiculous!”

Zhang Song said, “Dont you know the price of the Dragon House Its 1,198 dollars per person.

There are no outsiders here, so why are we going there”

“What do you mean there are no outsiders” Yue Jiao wasnt happy and said arrogantly,

“Its our first time meeting, after all.

Based on our relationship, Im his sister-in-law.

Although its our first time meeting, its fine if we dont give each other some gifts.

Still, is it so hard for him to treat me to some good food”

“Besides, I havent updated my WeChat moments for a long time.

I need to let those people who are jealous of me know that Im doing well so that I can make them jealous.”

“We cant just live for our WeChat moments, right” Zhang Song said.

“Bosss situation is similar to mine.

Im already troubling Boss to receive me this time.

I cant go too far.”

“Is that too much” Yue Jiao looked at Lin Yi.

“I heard that you work in a real estate company.

I heard that youre a sales champion too.

You must be earning quite a lot, right Is treating to a buffet of more than 1000 dollar per person a big deal And Zhang Song is your brother.

If you treat him well, itll look good on you, right”

“I dont work in a real estate company anymore.” Lin Yi smiled.

“But I can still afford a buffet.”

Lin Yi didnt argue too much with Yue Jiao for the sake of Zhang Song.

If it was anyone else, they would have already started arguing.

He had no choice, she was his brothers girlfriend.

It was just that the smell of green tea was a little strong.

“Quit Did you get a promotion or a raise In that case, youll earn even more.

Its just a buffet, so its probably nothing to you,” Yue Jiao said.

Zhang Song was also a little curious.

His boss was already a champion, so why did he quit

“Boss, what are you doing now Have you changed industries”

“Im running errands.”


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