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Seeing Lin Yi and Bi Songjiang leave, the yellow-haired guy and his companion looked at each other.

“Mao Bro, what should we do about this If the place has been acquired, can we still get the profits in the future”

“This isnt something you should worry about.

Go up and tell Dong Bro,” the yellow-haired guy said.

“I reckon this kid is just a rich second generation.

He just looks awesome.

Brother Dong will definitely be able to handle it.”


After speaking about this, the two of them went upstairs together.

On the third floor was an office.

One could hear the sound of Mahjong inside from afar.

“Donglai, your mahjong skills are getting better and better.” The person who spoke was a bald man with a handlebar mustache.

He chuckled and said, “Ive only played for over an hour and youve already won over 10,000 from me.

I Cant play Mahjong with you anymore in the future.”

The bald mans name was Liu Qiang.

He was the boss of another district in Zhong Hai and was quite famous.

Sitting opposite Liu Qiang was a man in his thirties.

He was smoking a cigarette and had a buzz cut.

There were two scars on his arm that looked particularly ferocious.

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This man was the leader of the yellow-haired gang, Yao Donglai.

“Brother Qiang, you have a big business, so do you still need this little bit of money” Yao Donglai said with a smile.

“Stop fooling around.

Thats not the case anymore,” Liu Qiang said.

“Now, all of Moon Bay Beach is yours.

Even the people from the administration are under your control.

Your annual income must be at least two million dollars.

Dont make fun of me.”

“Its just a small business.” Yao Donglai laughed and said, “I have to scratch a living out of it.”

“But Ive heard that Moon Bay Beach seems to have launched a public auction.

Youll get a new boss soon.

Will there be any changes on your side”

“There will definitely be changes.

It depends on how the other party sits down and talks to me.” Yao Donglai laughed and said, “If the result is not satisfactory, then he can forget about doing business.”

“Brother Donglai is still the best.

I admire you.”

“Brother, dont mess around.

You have a certain personal relationship with the famous Young Master Qin.

This is not something I can compare to.

When are you going to introduce him to me”


“Sure, sure.

We are all brothers.

When Young Master Qin is free, I will prepare a table and we can have a drink with him.”

“Then its a deal.

Lets continue playing.”

At that moment, the blondie walked in and greeted them with a bow.

“Dong Bro, Qiang Bro.”

Yao Donglai nodded.

“Whats up Whats the matter Cant you see Im playing mahjong”

“Dong Bro, someone called Lin Yi came in just now.

He said that he had bought Moon Bay Beach and told us not to be involved in the beach business anymore.

He also said that we should settle the accounts at Wangjiang Dock.”

Yao Donglai was stunned.

“Settle the accounts What does the Wangjiang Dock have to do with him”

“He said that the Wangjiang Dock is his property too.”

Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang looked at each other in surprise.

Wangjiang Dock was much more valuable than Moon Bay Beach.

Wasnt this guy called Lin Yi a little too rich and overbearing

“Other than that, what else did he say” Yao Donglai asked with a dark face.

“Nothing else.

They just said that they wouldnt let us involve ourselves in Moon Bay Beach anymore.

They also said that they wouldnt interfere with our business in the future.

It seems like they want to draw a line between us.”

“This person is pretty awesome.” Yao Donglai touched the mahjong piece in his hand and said coldly, “They say that new officials are always troublesome.

This is my fault.”

“He is indeed quite pretentious.

Just now, he drove a sports car here.

After saying that, he left.

He is quite arrogant.”

“Okay, I got it.

You all can leave now.”

Yao Donglai waved his hand and chased the blonde man out.

“Donglai, the other party doesnt seem to be giving you much face,” Liu Qiang said with a smile.

“Its okay.

Its all within my expectations.” Yao Donglai flicked the ash off his cigarette.

“Ill go and have a chat with him tomorrow.

If he doesnt give me a taste of the sweetness, no one will be able to do business here anymore!”

“Awesome, I admire your ruthlessness.

I cant compete anymore.”

After leaving Yao Donglais territory, Lin Yi drove Bi Songjiang back.

“Apart from this Yao Donglai, are there any other bad debts at Wangjiang Dock”

“There are indeed cases of some debts forming, but theyre usually paid back after a period of time.

Theyre not really bad debts, and only Yao Donglai owes us a significant amount.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Lin Yi nodded.

After sending Bi Songjiang back, he looked at the time and realized that it was getting late, so he went back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

After resting for a night, he drove to the Peninsula Hotel the next day.

There were a lot of orders on his phone, but Lin Yi did not accept any of them.

He mainly wanted to see the Peninsula Hotels accounting problems.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang while he was driving.

It was a call from BI Songjiang.

“Boss Lin, Yao Donglai called me.

He wants to talk to you about Moon Bay Beach.”

“Sure, just tell him to look for me at the Peninsula Hotel.”

“Got it, Boss Lin.

Do you need me to send some people over”

“Huh What for”

“This Yao Donglai isnt a nice guy.

Im afraid that something bad might happen, so I can protect you.” Bi Songjiang said

“Its okay.

The Peninsula Hotel is also my territory, so you dont need to send anyone.

If something really happens, the security here will be enough to handle it.” Lin Yi said.

“Lin, you bought the Peninsula Hotel” Bi Songjiang asked in surprise.

“It was a long time ago.

Dont make a big deal out of it.”

“Uh… Boss Lin is awesome.”

“Stop sucking up to me.

Just let them come over.

Ill handle this,” Lin Yi said.

Although this BI Songjiang was not as glib-tongued as Tianlong Wang, he was quite loyal.

“Okay, Ill inform them right away.”

Not long after hanging up, Lin Yi arrived at the Peninsula Hotel and went straight to Tianlong Wangs office.

“Boss Lin, youre here.” Tianlong Wang said with a smile.

“Ive settled the matter with the motorcycle.

The repair cost was almost one million dollars.

In the end, it was his big brother who paid for it.

He even said that he wanted to treat you to a meal to apologize.”

“Theres no need for the meal.” Lin Yi said.

“I came here to ask about the accounts.”

“Boss Lin, when do you want to check the accounts Ill get someone to prepare it now.”

Lin Yi leaned on the sofa and rested his feet on the coffee table.

“Peninsula Hotel has been established for so long.

Are there any bad debts that cant be recovered”

Tianlongs expression changed.

He hesitated for a few seconds and said, “There are indeed some bad debts.

They add up to about three million dollars.”

“That much”

Three million dollars was baby food for Lin Yi, but compared to the Wangjiang Dock, it was not a small amount.

“Director Lin, you might not know this, but bad debts exist in all industries, particularly in the catering and hospitality industries.

Our Peninsula Hotel is involved in both.” Tianlong Wang said.

“Director Lin, I dont want to brag, but with the scale of Peninsula Hotel, its not a lot to accumulate three million in bad debts after so many years.”

“Then why didnt you tell me about this when I took over”

“Director Lin, theres no point talking about this,” Wang Tianlong said with a sad face.

“Weve known each other for a long time, and you know my character.

Think about it.

If it were an ordinary person, would I allow them to owe me money Those are people we cant afford to offend, so I had no choice.”

“Alright, cut the crap.

Go get the list for me.”

“Please wait a moment, Director Lin.

Ill go get it right away.”

Tianlong went to the file cabinet and took out two folders.

“Director Lin, the bad debts of the hotel are all listed here.”

Lin Yi nodded and flipped through the accounting book, his gaze fixed on a single person.

“This Qin Han guy still owes us money”


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