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“No way, hes a rich second generation”

The people in the office curled their lips when they learned of Lin Yis identity.

They had thought that the person who bought the research institute would be a research tycoon, but they did not expect it to be a random rich second generation.

This was the thing they were most afraid of, and something they badly did not want to see.

Once such a situation occurred, it could spell the end for the institution.

“Director, do you know his intentions behind buying our research institute” Lu Ying asked.

Sun Fuyu silently lit a cigarette and said,

“The specific intention is hard to say.

We did not communicate too much over the phone.

We have to wait for the other party to come before we can talk about everything.”

“Humph, do you still need to guess I already know.”

The person who spoke was a man who looked just like Sun Fuyu.

They both wore glasses and were around thirty years old.

He had short hair and exuded a faint sense of pride.

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The mans name was Liu Chu.

He was a doctor from Fudan University in Zhonghai and was also a loyal admirer of Lu Ying.

However, in the past year or so, the two of them never really hit it off.

However, Liu Chu did not give up and continued to pursue Lu Ying.

“You guessed it” Sun Fuyu asked.

“What are his intentions”

“There are two possibilities,” Liu Chu said with confidence.

“I think this rich second generation may have a certain official background.

He wants to use our research results to earn some political achievements.

This way, he will have a chance to climb up the official career ladder.”

Hearing Liu Chus words, Sun Fuyu nodded.

This was indeed a possibility.

Because the domestic chip field had always been in a backward stage, if they could really develop a product that could compete with the international chip giants, then those at the national level would pay a lot of attention to it.

Therefore, this was very possible.

“Whats the second possibility”

“The second guess is for reformation,” Liu Chu said:

“Use the outstanding talents in our institute to carry out other projects, and then abandon our chip research!”

“It cant be that bad, can it” Lu Ying said regretfully.

She came here for to work on the domestic chips.

If she had to switch to other projects, there would be no point for her to continue staying here.

The others were also very resistant to this idea.

They were not interested in other projects, and they did not seem to have any energy left when they heard this.

“Okay, dont look so sad.

We havent even gotten to the bottom of this yet.

This is all our assumptions.

Dont rush to conclusions.

Maybe things arent at all like we think,” Sun Fuyu said.

Lu Ying nodded, “Im just a little worried.

My research has reached the most critical stage.

If we solve the current problem, we can enjoy huge progress in the domestic chip industry.

Thus, we cant give up so easily.”

“I know about your situation, but calm down first,” Sun Fuyu comforted her.

“Lets look at this matter with a rational mind.

Dont be too radical.”

“Director, I think youre still being too optimistic,” Liu Chu said.

“No matter what the situation is, it wont change the situation that we will be led by someone who knows nothing of the industry.

Im afraid our future situation is not too optimistic.”

The people in the office all had solemn expressions, just as Liu Chu had guessed.

No matter what the situation was, it would not change the fact that a layman was going to lead the professionals.

Their future scientific research would probably not be as free and easy as before.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At this moment, Sun Fuyus phone rang.



“Youre already here Okay, Ill go out to pick you up now.”

He hung up after a few simple words.

Everyone in the office was a little nervous.

They were finally going to meet the man in person.

“If you guys have nothing better to do, come out with me.”

The group nodded and walked out with Sun Fuyu.

They did not see the crowd outside the research institute.

Sun Fuyu looked around–there didnt seem to be any changes other than the addition of a random Shari.

At that moment, the door to the Shari opened, and Lin Yi got out of the car before walking up to Sun Fuyu.

“You must be Director Sun Fuyu.” Lin Yi said.

Sun Fuyu reached out his hand when he saw Lin Yi.

He recognized Lin Yi the moment he saw his photo.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.


Weve been waiting for you for a long time.”

The female researchers were stunned when they found out that Lin Yi was the second-generation heir to the research institute.

This… This guy was way too handsome!

“Little Lu, we married women dont stand a chance.

Youre single, do you have any thoughts about him”

“You guys are too gossipy.

Youre so infatuated,” Lu Ying said.

“But hes really attractive.”

“Look at me.

I said I didnt want him, but my body is too honest.”

“Sister Xu, you guys are underestimating Little Ying too much.

People like him who just have some stinky money and good looks make for the most unreliable partners,” Liu Chu said.

“I know youre interested in Little Lu, Im just commenting on the guy.”


Lin, lets go to the office first.

This isnt the place to talk.”

“Im not going to the office.

Lets see where you work first,” Lin Yi said.

The best way to do a good job was to have a sharp tool.

No matter how good these people were, they would not be able to do a good job if their hardware was not up to standard, so they had to go take a look.

“Alright, Mr.

Lin is the director now, so Ill listen to you.”

“Dont flatter me.

Im just using my name.

Youre still the one handling the details.”

The group arrived at the place where Sun Fuyu and the others were working.

Lin Yi understood from Sun Fuyus introduction that some of the equipment in the factory was outdated and needed to be replaced soon.


Lin, thats basically the situation in the factory.

What do you think”Liu Chu asked

“I do have a lot of opinions, but Im in a hurry today.

Im just here to look around.

Ill sort out my thoughts in the future and pass them on to you.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, Ill listen to Mr.

Lins arrangements.”


Liu Chu spoke just as Lin Yi was about to leave.

“Whats wrong Whats the matter” Lin Yi asked.


Lin, you bought the research institute, and youre the boss here.

As an employee, I have a few things to say.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“The research institute has its own research direction.

I dont want you to interfere too much in our work.

I hope you can let us do what we want.”

What Liu Chu said was what the others cared about the most.

What they cared about the most was whether they could work freely in the future.

They did not want to be restricted by a boss interference.

At this time, everyone was looking forward to Lin Yis answer.

Lin Yi looked at Liu Chu and asked faintly,

“Whats your education”

Liu Chu straightened his back with a proud look on his face.

“Fudan, PhD in computer communications.”

“Oh, so its a PhD.” Lin Yi smiled.

“If you didnt tell me, I would have thought it was a kindergarten education.”


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