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(There are a lot of changes in the previous chapters.

If you cant keep up with the plot, you can go and take a look.)

When Lin Yi arrived at the third-floor classroom, he found Sugar, Song Jia, and Shi Li already there.

“Good luck, Lin.” Shi Li said.

“Thank you, Shi.” Lin Yi said.

“Dont worry, its just 95% attendance.

Its nothing.”

“Youd better not talk big.

Theres not a single class in the entire college that has 95% attendance,” Sugar said.

“If no one can reach 95% attendance, but you ask me to do it, its obvious that you must think highly of me.”

“If its not difficult, can it be called a test”

“Then what if I can reach 95% attendance”

“Ill give you an extra 1,000 dollars.”

“Its no fun just giving out bonuses,” Lin Yi said.

“Do I look like someone who needs that kind of money”

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“Then what do you want”

“How about this If I get the attendance to 95%, youll drink a box of Mrs.

Oral Liquid.”

Song Jia and Shi Li looked at each other.

Lin Yis obsession with Mrs.

Oral Liquid was very real!

However, the highest attendance rate in this class was only 30%.

It was impossible to reach 95%.

Lin Yi would definitely lose the bet with Director Su.

Su Ge rolled his eyes at Lin Yi.

“As long as you can reach 95% attendance rate, Ill drink two boxes, let alone one box.”


Lin Yi smiled.

It would be impossible to get 95% attendance in todays class.

After all, he had not done anything.

Even so, it wouldnt be a problem to use the money counting ability in advance during the next class.

Sugar was full of confidence.

She knew the situation within the college best.

Even for professional classes, attendance only ever reached 94% .

As for elective classes, it was impossible to reach this standard.

Therefore, it didnt matter what they said.

She could not lose at all!

Sugar and the others went to the back row and said, “There are still ten minutes to class.

You will need to do a roll call later.

I need the actual attendance rate.”

“Sister Su, you are overdoing it.

None of the elective courses in our school have reached 95%.

Its impossible for him to complete it.

Roll call is meaningless.”

“Thats what I want.”

There were still three minutes left before the class started.

Song Jia looked at the people in the classroom and said helplessly.

“Sis Su, theres a total of 259 people who took this class.

However, theres only about 30 people here now.

I dont think hell even be able to pass the 50 person mark.”

Song Jia and Shi Li sighed to themselves.

Lin Yi would definitely lose.

At that moment, the sound of laughter came from outside the door.

The three girls saw more than ten girls walking in one after another.

“Whats going on So many people came at once” Song Jia asked.

“Thats not the point.” Shi Li said.

“Look at the girls clothes.

Theyre either showing their thighs or wearing short skirts and black silk.

They dont look like theyre here for class!”

“Hello, Teacher Lin.”

A dozen girls came in from outside and greeted Lin Yi.

“Okay, find a place to sit.” Lin Yi quickly got into character.

The girls happily sat in the first row and stared at Lin Yi.

They finally saw him in person!

He was so handsome!

“Can you guys hurry up If youre slow, there wont be any seats in front!”

“Dont rush me.

My bra is crooked.”

“What bra are you wearing for an A cup Hurry up and leave.

I want to sit in the first row!”

Just as Sugarr was still in a daze, he noticed that more than twenty girls were rushing in one after another.

They were dressed seductively as if they were items on sale at a mall.

In less than two minutes, the attendance rate in the lecture hall had already reached more than 50%!

There were even some people arguing over a front-row seat.

This scene made Sugar feel bad.

“Wh-whats going on Why are there so many people here”

Sugar could not understand why there were so many people in this elective class

Forget the elective class, even the core classes had never seen so many people!

“I know whats going on,” Song Jia said.

“These people are definitely here for Lin Yi.”

“Theyre here for him”

“Lin is so handsome that all these girls are attracted to him,” Song Jia said.

“Thats normal,” Shi Li said in a low voice.

“Even a married woman like me is attracted to Lin, let alone these girls.”

Suges face darkened.

What was going on

“I can understand why the girls came, but why are all these boys here to join in the fun”

“Look at these girls.

One of them is wearing a short skirt and her thighs are exposed.

All the boys are here to see these girls,” Shi Li said.


At this time, the bell rang, but there was still a steady stream of people entering.

After about ten minutes had passed, and the entire lecture hall was full.

Even the aisle was full of people.

It could be said that there was no room for anyone other than on the podium.

Song Jia looked around.

The lecture hall, which could originally accommodate 330 people, now had at least 500 people inside!

This did not include those who were blocked outside and could not enter.

Wasnt that a little too crazy

“Sis Su, I dont think theres a need for attendance,” Song Jia said in a low voice.

Based on the current situation, forget 95% attendance, he might even have reached 200% attendance rate!

It was obviously impossible to subdue Lin Yi with such a method.

“I think so too.

There are so many people here, its a little petty to talk about attendance.” Shi Li said.

“Why dont we leave first Theres no point in staying here.”

Sugers face turned ugly.

“Were not leaving.

Were staying right here.”

“Were not leaving We were just here to check attendance.

Theres no need to do that now, so what are we still doing here”

“I want to see how hes going to teach this class.”

At the same time, Lin Yi stood on the podium and glanced at the people below.

“Everyones almost here now.

Ill take attendance.”

Sugar was using attendance as an excuse, so it was necessary to take their names.

“Lin, we didnt sign up for this class.

Were here to listen in.

Our names arent on the roster,” a long-haired girl said.

“Weve thought it through.

As long as its Lins class, we wont miss it!”

Lin Yi was speechless.

“You guys are planning to skip classes for a long time, right”

“Yes, yes.”

“How about this, you guys leave your names on the paper so that I can take attendance in the future.”

A girl took the paper and pen from Lin Yi and left her name on the paper.

After half an hour, the registration work was only half done.

Sugar, who was sitting in the back row, couldnt stand it anymore.

“Teacher Lin, you can put the registration work aside for now.

Class can start now.”


Lin Yi replied and said to the students below:

“Lets not register for now.

Lets start the class now.”


The girl who was writing her name said, “I have to leave my name behind.

What if the teacher forgets us”

“But Director Su of the League Committee has already said that you cant register.

She wants me to start the class.”

The gazes of all the students present fell on Sugar in unison.

In an instant, the three of them became the target of public criticism.

Sugar felt extremely uncomfortable looking at them.

“Teacher Su, youre the Director of the League Committee.

You should listen to Teacher Lins plans for the class, right”

“Thats right.

If we listen to your plans, then what is the point of having a teacher for this class!”

“Lin has his own ideas, dont interfere with his rhythm.”

Sugar was stunned.

He didnt expect these students to speak up for Lin Yi.

Seeing the murderous gazes, Song Jia gently nudged Sugar and said in a low voice,

“Sister Su, what should we do”

“Forget what I just said.

Lets just follow Lins instructions,” Sugar said helplessly:

“Oh yeah!”

The girls who didnt leave their names cheered and continued to leave their names.

Another half an hour passed before the registration work was done.

Lin Yis second batch of pesticides was also done.

Lin Yi frowned slightly when he saw the names on the paper.

He finally understood why it took so long to finish the registration work.

“I asked you to register your name.

Why did you all also leave your phone number”

“We were afraid that teacher Lin would come looking for us, so we left our phone number.”

“Teacher, my phone number is the same as my WeChat ID.

You just got broke up with my boyfriend, so you can add me.”

“Teacher, Ive never even had a boyfriend.”


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