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“So, the mastermind behind the Void World specially controlled the number of high-realm lifeforms in Kuntian” Su Jingxing was surprised.

“Most likely.”

This news was surprising and puzzling.

The annexation of the Void World was shrouded in thick fog.

There were too few clues to figure it out.

Yang Qingxuan was mostly making guesses, detailed information was limited.

Su Jingxing wanted to understand more, so he returned to the inverted mountain peak with Yang Qingxuan and company.

Along the way, the crowd on the ground cheered non-stop.

The addition of such an expert among the experts of, a human spiritual martial arts Overlord, to the Void Resistance Alliance, brought a great boost in morale.

After returning to the base, they immediately celebrated.

As the main person involved, Su Jingxing was naturally present.

He was dragged away by Pan Funan and Fang Polu for a good drink.

The Kuntian World was about to be annexed by the Void World and all countries would be destroyed.

However, the Void Resistance Alliance did not lack resources.

On the contrary, they had a great abundance.

The reason was simple.

The ones who survived were at least martial artists in the top ranks.

All of them had stored countless supplies through their spatial equipment before the Void Worlds annexation.

A Primordial Spirit basically did not need to eat or drink, and martial artists also ate very little after their physical bodies entered the Transcendent-grade.

Only when they were celebrating or feeling frustrated would they bring out food and drinks.

As a result, there were still plenty of supplies today.

In different worlds, the taste of food was naturally different.

Su Jingxing tasted everything and drank a lot.

Even though for Su Jingxing, all the food would be absorbed completely after, it was not bad to have a taste.

The day after the celebration, Su Jingxing went to Yang Qingxuan and told him that he was going out.

Initially, Su Jingxing wanted to find an excuse, but Yang Qingxuan readily agreed without asking anything.

To Yang Qingxuan, Su Jingxing could leave the base at any time and no one could stop him.

Su Jingxing still informed him because he didnt want to cause a misunderstanding.

That he had run away in fear right after becoming an Overlord.

Su Jingxing naturally understood why Yang Qingxuan readily agreed.

It was enough that they had confidence in each other.

Su Jingxings goal in leaving the base was simple.

To kill the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects and extract the Thunder Gathering Card!

The strongest sixth-realm existence in the Kuntian World right now.

With Su Jingxings strength as a one-tribulation Overlord, even if he couldnt win, he could still retreat easily.

Therefore, Su Jingxing returned to the valley where he was ambushed again to search for the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects.

Along the way, shuttling through space was several times smoother and faster than before.

There were no longer any obstructions as he shuttled through space.

This was something that had never happened before.

In the Space Crushing realm, shattering space was easy, as simple as breaking tiles.

The power from the void was augmented on the spiritual martial body through the cleansing of divine lightning.

As a result, Su Jingxing was now immune to the power of space with his pure physical body.

After entering the territory with dense lightning and thunder, the lightning that struck down from the sky was guided by an invisible force and automatically deflected and struck into the distance.

As such, Su Jingxing walked as if he was strolling in his own backyard.

When he arrived at the valley, he scanned with his divine consciousness but did not find a single member of the Battle race or any demons.

The fleeing Thunder Cloud Thread Insects did not return either.

Su Jingxing soared into the sky and shuttled through the thunderclouds.

His Dharma Characteristic Eyes scanned the ground.

He had wanted to circulate the heavenly secret arts for divination, but the heavenly secrets of the Kuntian World were in chaos and could not be deduced at all.

Only then did he switch to his Dharma Characteristic Eyes and scanned each area one by one.

The Thunder Cloud Thread Insect loved areas where lightning and thunder gathered.

Su Jingxing quickly found a valley where many of them were gathered.

Immediately, he executed his divine power, Command The Winds and Fire.

He unlocked a Flame Card and guided the energy in the thunderclouds to sweep into the valley.

Hu hu hu!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Strong winds howled and swept through the world.

Blazing and terrifying flames burned the air and incinerated everything.

Before the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects could escape, they were ignited, detonated, or broken.

[Cards 30]

[Card 41]

Su Jingxing shuttled through the thunderclouds and controlled his divine power to sweep through the valley and kill one Thunder Cloud Thread Insect after another.

He immediately extracted the Thunder Gathering Cards one by one.



The Thunder Cloud Thread Insects on the periphery sensed danger and escaped.

They were very fast.

In an instant, they sank underground or burrowed into a mountain peak and disappeared.


Su Jingxing turned into a stream of light and burrowed into the ground, creating a passageway and going deep underground.

The reason for this was because his Dharma Characteristic Eyes had seen a huge space underground.

More giant insects had gathered in the underground space that was a thousand meters deep.

It wasnt just the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect.

Other insects were also moving.

In other words, this underground space was an insect cave!

Su Jingxing went straight into the insect cave to catch them all in one swoop.

Dong, dong, dong!

His physical strength erupted, and the hard ground easily shattered.

A two-meter-wide straight passageway appeared, leading from the surface into the ground.

When Su Jingxing came out of the passageway and stopped in midair, all he could see were giant insects.

The underground space he was in was also bigger and wider than what the Dharma Characteristic Eyes had seen.

Be it the east or west, north or south, even with Su Jingxings vision, he couldnt see the end.

It was a miracle that such a large underground space could exist.


A loud and distant roar sounded from the depths of the cave.

Roar! Roar!

The giant insects that were originally lying everywhere lifted their various heads and roared in unison when they heard the sound.

Then, they “looked” at Su Jingxing who was in midair.

Roar! Roar!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Without any hesitation, these giant insects quickly attacked.

Poisonous smoke, poisonous spikes, poisonous fangs, death rays, poisonous liquid…

Instantly, a wave of energy rolled madly towards Su Jingxing.


Su Jingxing sneered in a low voice.

The Dharma Characteristic, Giant Riding The Dragon appeared in the air.

An invisible force was released, and a boundless pressure bloomed.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Space shattered.

Everywhere it passed, poisonous smoke disappeared, poisonous spikes shattered, poisonous fangs disintegrated, and the death rays vanished…

Before the giant insects could get close, Su Jingxing disintegrated them.

The next moment.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Su Jingxing tore through the air.

In a flash, he searched for the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects and killed them one by one.

Instead of using the energy-consuming Firmament Nirvana Palm, he used the Meteor Fist with pure strength.

One punch after another accurately struck one Thunder Cloud Thread Insect after another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

[Card 31]

[Card 47]

The extraction notifications flashed past.

In midair, Su Jingxing followed the distribution of the Thunder Cloud Thread Insects and killed his way from east to west, all the way to the center of the underground space.

He then spotted a huge, terrifying insect that was more than ten thousand meters long.

The other party had a skin membrane covered in sarcomas, and pieces of disgusting scars.

As they moved, it was as if there was life within.

As soon as the incomparably dense rotting smell approached, Su Jingxing was forced to quickly hold his breath and circulate his soul power.

This frightening giant insect was lying on the ground and did not move much.

However, all kinds of giant insects were crowded around it.

These giant insects extended their tentacles and stabbed into the huge abdomen of the massive insect.

With Su Jingxings Dharma Characteristic Eyes, he could clearly see that these tentacles were constantly absorbing unknown energy from the insects body.


No, not feeding, but absorbing the energy of the giant insect

Su Jingxings eyes flickered as his mind raced, guessing all kinds of possibilities.

At this moment, a heartfelt desire to absorb suddenly emerged and filled his mind.

Go eat!

Go over and eat this energy!

Crazy thoughts kept surging into Su Jingxings mind.

Like those giant insects, absorb the unknown energy in the terrifying insects body!

What the f*ck…

Can humans eat this as well

Moreover, the desire to absorb was so strong that even Su Jingxing found it unbelievable.

The energy in this giant insects body was actually attractive to him.

Should I give it a try

He watched as the giant insects absorbed the energy from the insect happily.

This thought popped up in Su Jingxings mind.

Lets give it a try!


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