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Su Jingxing remained silent.

Yes, the apocalyptic scenes he saw on the way here all spelled that this world was doomed.

Void World monsters and Void Beasts were running around everywhere.

However, before this, Su Jingxing had never thought that the source of this tragedy would be the Void World!

On second thought, the current situation of the Kuntian World was indeed not something that could be caused by ordinary matters.

Void World monsters and Void Beasts were everywhere, but the border membrane of the Void World did not exist.

Just this alone would definitely implicate the Void World.

Without the Void World, how could Void Beasts and Void World monsters exist

“Brother Pan, do you know the origin of the Void World”

Su Jingxing took a deep breath to calm himself down and asked, “Im referring to the true source of the Void World.

How did this strange place that extended and invaded countless worlds begin”

“I dont know.”

Pan Funan shook his head.

“No one knows where the source of the Void World is or when it began.

We only know that this strange existence invaded the various worlds with the ultimate goal of annexation.

Just what I know, there are as many as 31 worlds that have been annexed by the Void World.

Without exception, all 31 worlds have been destroyed.

“What about the living beings in these worlds Have they all died with the worlds” Feng Fa couldnt help but interrupt.

“Most of them, yes,” Pan Funan replied calmly.

“Once the Void World begins to annex worlds, it will isolate the world from the outside world and cut off the passageways.”

“Ah, doesnt that mean that the Kuntian World is also trapped and we cant leave” A Heart Moon Fox female exclaimed.

The expressions of the other Heart Moon Foxes turned grim.

Fortunately, Su Jingxing wasnt afraid of being trapped.

Just now, Su Jingxings Essence Soul had locked onto the coordinates of the Kuntian Realm through the Cosmic Tower and built a connection, trying to activate Instant Space.

It was not affected!

“For now, yes.”

Pan Funan replied indifferently, “The Kuntian World is also trapped.

You can only enter and not leave.

Being forcefully pulled in when you enter through the passageway is one of the current situations.”


“Of course, theres still a chance to leave,” Pan Funan said calmly.

“When the power of the stars gathers and opens the Door of Space, the Void World will stop for a short period of time.

At that time, those who want to leave can leave through the Door of Space.”

The circulation of celestial bodies

Planetary alignment

Su Jingxing raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “When is the next gathering of the power of the stars”

“Once after a year and a half, once after four years, and once after nine and a half years.”

Pan Funan replied, “You still have three chances to leave the Kuntian World.

Therefore, you dont have to worry about being trapped here.”

Hearing this, all the Heart Moon Foxes, including Feng Fa, exhaled and relaxed.

Ordinary people could not withstand the pressure when using the power of the stars to shuttle through space, but the devils were never afraid.

“Brother Pan, when are you leaving” Su Jingxing was curious.

Pan Funan remained silent.

A moment later, he sighed.

“I was born, raised, and grew up in Kuntian.

If possible, Im willing to die with Kuntian.”

Su Jingxing was filled with respect.

This was a righteous person!

“However, Kuntian did not reach its end and self-destruct by itself.

Instead, it was swallowed by the Void World midway!”

Pan Funan shouted in a low voice, “The Void World has devoured Kuntian.

If I were to die in Kuntian, I would be devoured by the Void World.

Thats impossible.

The Void Worlds origins are mysterious and after fusing with the worlds, they are everywhere.

However, we are willing to give it a try and try to destroy it!”

“Destroy the Void”

Su Jingxings heart skipped a beat.

“Brother Pan, are you talking about destroying the Void”

The conditions to open the higher levels of the Cosmic Tower was Void annihilation.

At that time, Su Jingxing didnt know the reason, but now he did.

The reason why it was destroying the Void was because the Void World would annex the worlds!

The creator of the Cosmic Tower was clearly standing against the Void World.

“Yes, destroy the Void!”

Pan Funans eyes lit up as he said seriously, “Its not impossible to destroy the Void World.

After it fuses into a world, be it the adaptation period or the beginning of the annexation, as long as one comprehends the Law of Destruction, they will have a chance to destroy it!”

“Law of Destruction” Su Jingxing narrowed his eyes.

“Void annihilation requires one to comprehend the Law of Destruction”

“Yes, this was discovered by an expert of the Heavenly race by accident a long, long time ago.”

Pan Funan said in a deep voice, “Even though the Void World is invisible and intangible, ubiquitous after fusing with a world, the Law of Destruction can find and destroy it.”

“But as far as I know, very few people can comprehend the Law of Destruction,” interrupted Feng Fa.

“Thats true.

The Law of Destruction is very difficult to comprehend.” Pan Funan nodded.

“Even our current Void Resistance Alliance hasnt achieved it.

But were willing to give it a try!”


Pan Funan did not say anything else, and Su Jingxing and Feng Fa also kept quiet.

This clearly involved confidential information about the Void Resistance Alliance that Pan Funan belonged to.

From the name, it was obvious that the Void Resistance Alliance was a joint force of the races in the Kuntian World.

Fighting against the Void World was no small matter.

It was not easy to ask about secrets, but Su Jingxing could still ask about the alliance.

Pan Funans answer shocked Su Jingxing and Feng Fa.

“The Void Resistance Alliance is a team formed by individuals from the human race, the Heavenly race, the Winged Ones and the Spirit race who are unwilling to leave and want to fight to the end.

“The cowards have long escaped.”

“We wont stop those who want to leave.

Kuntian is about to be destroyed.

If those guys escape, at least well have descendants left behind.”


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