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Epic of Caterpillar Chapter 9: All out war: A Butterfly versus three Emperors!

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9 All out war: A Butterfly versus three Emperors!




Since Master Kireina defeated my dad, and our home was destroyed, we became servants of our former Emperor killer. At first, I had resentment on this being, but later on we understood that she didn't had bad intentions, whatever she did, it was already forgotten, and after all, the strong wins and the weak dies, these are the rules of this world.

Master Kireina give us a lot to do and work for, and even granted us names that increased our power, she created hunting and training squads, and even the weak monkeys had a space on his community working in other things.

"Senior Kizuato! This is bad! Something massive is approaching! Ukiii!"

"Hmmm What is… that!"

In the distance, outside the cave we called home, a massive group of monsters marched at increasing speed, getting closer and closer to our home.

"Are those… King Class Swamp Alligators! There are hundredths! How!"

"Look, Senior Meiji! Even Dark Squirrels!"

"This… are two Emperors working together Father as never told us about such event!"

"No, wait! Look! Ukiiiiiiii!"

Suddenly a third army joined, made entirely of big and hairy dark and yellow colored spiders, with massive jaws drooling with deadly poison.

"King Class Hairy Spiders! How! Such an incredible large team work as never been seen in this Forest before! Wh-whats going on! Meiji, do you know something!"

"Kizuato… I… I think these are the three Emperors left on this forest, after Master Kireina killed five of them, I bet they wanted to cooperate and strike our home while Master is busy outside! This is bad, we must prepare!"

"Damn it! How can we even win! If Master does not get home in time, we are all doomed! Ukiiiii!"


Kizuato slapped the member of his squad that started to freak out.

"Calm down! We will stall for time for now, do you think that all those levels and skills we have learned are for nothing!"

"Meiji, call the rest of the squad leaders, we will defend our home with our lives. We must stall as much as we can before Master Kireina gets in here!"


Meanwhile, in the middle of the forest road to the East, three figures flashed at the speed of the wind.




"This is bad! This is bad! I don't want my home to get destroyed again! Moreover, my cooking and alchemist team! Nooo!"

"Calm down Master Kireina! I am sure that the Monkeys and Wolves will be able to stall for time until we arrive, we must trust on them the same way they trust on us!"


"Damn it! Its already night! The fight will be even harder for them!"







Earlier this day, in the underground caves of the Hairy Spiders, four very different Emperors assembled themselves together for a mutual cause.

A gigantic Alligator, with green colored scales, two pairs of strong and muscular limbs, and three black horns on his head talked with a cracking and old voice.

"Just as we told you, we have come, Hairy Spider Empress…"

A massive and gross spider, full of black and yellow colored fur and gigantic jaws drooling with poison was resting on a throne made with golden colored silk, while being slowly feed with different types of monsters juices by his tiny children.

"Hmmmm, slurp, very well then, so you all accept the temporal peace deal to get rid of the "Different One" together"

A big and majestic red colored salamander with its back full of flames talked with a high-pitched tone.

"Yes, my dear. We will do just as you planned, we will await for the Demon to attack on of us. While we maintain him busy, the other three will attack his home and massacre every single servant it possess, if the one she targeted is not able to kill her and she gets back, it will be greeted by three Emperors and completely annihilated on the spot!"

A big dark colored squirrel, with big bunny-like ears and three massive red colored horns speaked on an energetic tone:

"Yes! This plan is almost flawless, even if one of us dies, we will avenge him and kill this Demon once and for all!"

The Spider Empress slowly finished her meal and looked at the three Emperors.

"Very well… we shall await the Demon attack and go according to the plan… Prepare your strongest King Class troops in advance; I will alert everyone through the System direct message…"




In the middle of a bloody battlefield, countless monkey, wolves, spiders, squirrels, and alligator bodies were scattered around completely massacred. Far away, two massive monsters looked at the battlefield with pleasing smiles.

"GAHAHAHA! I never thought that this Demon army would be so weak! Fellow Dark Squirrel Emperor, it seems that we never needed to even intervene, our King Class army was enough!"

"Yes, hahaha! Just as predicted by the Spider Empress, her schemes are very well calculated…"

"Hmmm, we have barely lost any soldier, this Demon army… I think I overestimated him!"

In the middle of the battlefield, a group of 12 monkeys and 8 wolves were fighting for they lives, surrounded by a massive army, fighting an impossible battle!

In the middle, a very experienced looking Crimson Wolf was fighting for his life, completely covered on blood and sweat, barely hanging on his life.

"Haahh… ugh! We must, keep fighting, we cannot give up yet, not until all the weak monkeys and wolf pups are able to run away in time… Senior Meiji, is your spell ready"

"Agh… Just a little longer, ughh… here! BASIC GROUP HEAL!"


A big flash of green light covered the tired soldiers closing most of his wounds, but not being enough to completely restore them.

"This was… my last bit of MP…"

"No way… Where are you Master Kireina!"

From the combined army surrounding them, a big hairy spider jumped over a wolf going for the kill!

"Tsuchimizu! Look out!"

"Eh Ah!"


Suddenly, a black colored monkey jumped and clashed his axe over the spider, splitting in half, sprouting green colored blood!

"Senior Yukan'na! Thanks! I own you one!"

"Ahh, it was nothing, we must hang together as much as we can…"

The enemy army started to laugh at them, as if they were toys, starting to throw more fodder for their diversion, enjoying the struggle of the surviving soldiers.

"Gehehehe! Look at them, pathetic rats! They can barely hang on there!"

"Hmmm, how much longer will we play with them They are exceptional specimens, I am sure they juices will taste heavenly!"

"Gahaha! Just wait a little bit fellow hairy spider; we must make them suffer more! These are the orders of our Emperors after all!"

A King Class Dark Squirrel started to send weaker soldiers to fight with the surrounded monkey and wolf army.

"Here you go! Fight for your lives, weaklings!"

"Bu-but senior, have mercy, I don't want to die!"

"If you don't want to die just kill them then! HAHAHA!"

The little Dark Squirrel could only stand up and cast his spells from far away, while he saw other weaker comrades attacking the surrounded army.

"Why must we toy with them so much Moreover, why do our seniors sacrifice us as if we were life stock They are the enemies, not us! What is the problem with them Can't we just kill them already and go home"

"GAHAHA! Fight for your lives little monkeys and puppies!"

In the middle of the battlefield, a monkey started to lose hope.

"It's impossible, Master Kireina probably ran away, not caring about our lives… After all is justifiable, she is strong and we are weak, there is no reason to help the weak if there are no benefits… Look, they are even toying with us sending weaker soldiers to see us slowly struggle to death…"



"Meiji! What are you talking about! Master Kireina will never abandon us! She made a promise with our father! She will surely come, we must hang on! We must hang on! Have faith, Meiji!"

"I… I… snif, don't want to die, Kizuato… snif, there are so many things that I want to experience in this vast world…"

The once knew as the most intelligent monkey, started to desperately cry for his life.

"Meiji… Do not cry…! Here!"

Kizuato handled a sword to Meiji.

"Maybe your MP ran out, but you still got the strong hands and body of the proud Mountain Monkeys! Fight for your life! We will cover your back, brother!"

"Kizuato… I… I will!"

In the distance, the King Class monster frenetically laughed at this scene.

"GAHAHA! Look at him! What a crybaby! Send more troops then! Let's see if he can hang on!"

"Damn it, they are sending even more troops!"

A big alligator came ahead at increasing speed opening his massive jaws, aiming for Meiji!


"I… will fight! Ooooooh!"



As if he hit a rock solid wall, Meiji attack was not even able to penetrate the strong scales of the alligator.

"Gehehe, you look appetizing little monkey… GRAAAWR!"

"MEIJIII! Damn it!"

"Ahhhh… Nooo!"


"Crunch. Hmmm… this monkey taste we-"


The sturdy alligator inflated like a balloon and exploded in the spot, throwing his limbs and guts everywhere!

After seeing such a scene, Meiji still couldn't believe it!

"Ah! I am alive!"

Suddenly, from the alligator scattered pieces, a multicolored liquid started to come off them and it slowly assembled itself together.



"Se-senior Rimuru! You are here!"

"It's Rimuru! That means that Master Kireina is here! She really came! I told you she will came! I… I! Snif…"

Kizuato started to cry tears of joy while looking at Rimuru.

"Everyone… do not cry…! I have come… to save you all…! Guuu!"

In the distance, the King Class Monster laughed!

"GAHAHAHA! What can a slime do versus such a massive army!"

Out of nowhere, a valiant and strong voice was heard!

"He is not alone! Awoooooo!"


Suddenly, most of the King Class Monsters were dragged by they own shadows!

"Gaaaahhh! Wh-what is this!! Help!"


"Nooo! How! Impossible!"

"It cannot be! Are these… shadow manipulation skills! Gyaaaaah!"

More than ten King Class Monsters were dragged to the void!

A big and majestic black colored wolf stood on the middle the battlefield.

"That should do for now…"


"It's really you, senior Wagyu!"

"Yes, you don't have to worry anymore, we will take care of things now, relax for now and heal your wounds, here!"

Wagyu handled a big pack of threads, when the monkeys opened them; they found loads of different types of cooked food.

"Ah! This!"

"This is what Master Kireina had saved for himself, but due to the present situation, you may eat this and recover your HP and Stamina."

"Food! I am so hungry! Munch munch"

The weak and tired army started to desperately munch and gulp the food, quickly restoring their Stamina, HP and MP.

"How dare you! Having a feat in the middle of the battlefield! You are all supposed to die! ROAAAAAHH!"

A massive King Class Alligator started to run to the soldiers with his jaw wide open!


"Triple Elemental Attack!"


As if a flashing rainbow, Rimuru came ahead of the Alligator and sent a spell right inside his mouth completely blasting it to pieces from the inside!

After seeing such demonstration of power, the large enemy army started to cower in fear!

"What a beast! Is that slime an Emperor class monster"

"It cannot be! It is just a normal servant produced by a summoning skill! It cannot compare to us!"

"Yeah! Let's go gang on it! BAHAHAHA!"

Blinded by their ignorance, a large group of King Class monster rushed to Rimuru and Wagyu, in hopes that they number would compensate the lack of strength!

"Kill him!"

"Devour them!"


"You guys… don't learn… geehhh…"

"Senior Rimuru, lets do it!"

"Alright guuu!"


Already prepared, both Rimuru and Wagyu activated their skills together!




Rimuru and Wagyu started to share they MP and Magic stat, as if they were only one being!

Then Wagyu infused a part of his MP into Rimuru and chanted:

"Activate skill; Flame Salamander Spell Command!"


Rimuru and Wagyu combined they two spell, similar to the MANA ZONE that Kireina can do.

"Wagyu…! Let's do it just like how Mastaa do it!"


Suddenly, above they heads a big amount of mana was concentrated, and inside it, dense amounts of magic were being condensed and reshaped!

"Fusion Magic; Triple Elemental Meteor Shower!"

When the enemy army noticed what they were doing, it was too late!

"What is that! In the sky! Such high magic density!"

"How! This is impossible!"


A gigantic meteor made of fire, wind and water clashed on the middle of the massive army, creating countless causalities in mere seconds!


"Run! Run!"

"I don't want to die! Gyyaaaaah!"


Another meteor clashed just after, making a deep bloody pit!

"Th-this! How can it be! We are Kings! How can we overpowered so easily!"


A third meteor came right away, creating a massive earthquake in the battlefield!

Around the battlefield, more and more meteors fell, massacring thousands of monsters, leaving the ground painted with blood, meat and bones!

In the middle, the monkeys were blown away by the powerful tandem spell, and felt that Master Kireina didn't even need to come and help, Wagyu and Rimuru were more than enough!

"Ahh, this power… This is true magic…"


"We couldn't expect less from Master Kireina right and left hand!"




Some minutes ago.

When we arrived to the cave, we found the weak monkeys and wolf pups with their mothers running away, after calming them out and protecting the entire cave with a massive magic shield, we went directly to the battlefield.

"Ah! There they are! This is bad; all of them are in the blink of dead!"

"Master Kireina, let us go, you must stop the Emperors command, after we defeat the enemy army, and we will come to support you! Leave it to us!"

"Yes! Mastaaa!"

"Alright then! Wait! , here, have this! Give it to them!"

"Master… Isn't this your food that you were saving for yourself"

"Yeah, yeah! However, it don't matter anymore; they need it more than me! Make sure to give it to them so they don't die! I am counting on you two, also use the Mana Zone creation technique that I teach you two! It will make getting rid of a lot of fodder packed up together like them way easier!"





Rimuru and Wagyu went to the battlefield at max speed!


"Very well then, where are those clowns…"

I used CRIMSON WOLF EMPEROR STRONG SENSES, and I was able to detect the hideous scent typical of Emperor Class Monsters.

"Ah, to the south! They are pretty far away of the army, and also all packed together, are they stupid or something Alright, just wait for me you damned bastards; Emperor Class Monsters are getting extinct today! (Except from Wagyu)"





Meanwhile, at the south of the battlefield.

"Hmmmm, it seems that we didn't even need to gang on him, the Flame Salamander Empress was enough to get rid of it…"

"BUWAHAHAHA! Yeah, it seems like that! What a pathetic monster, it just an insignificant butterfly after all, even if it knows some magic, it cannot match the Flaming Empress Absolute Fire Zone! It's probably already burned to a crisp!"

"Hahaha, it really seems like it, fellow Emperors. When this is all over, we shall feast on the dead bodies of his slaves, and we might even get a clue to his pow-"


Suddenly, an enormous weapon shaped magic projectile clashed on the back of the Dark Squirrel Emperor!

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The three emperors looked at the sky; there they found me flying over it, with a Mana Zone already formed over me.

"Did you liked that I got way more for where that came from!"


A majestic rain made of countless weapon shaped magic projectiles started to fall over the three Emperors!

"GUAAAKH! You damned Demon! Activate skill; Advanced Rock Dome!"


Suddenly, the Alligator Emperor casted a massive spell that generated a Dome made of Rock, protecting them from my spells!

"Ooh I have never seen this trick before!"

Meanwhile inside the Rock Dome, the Emperors tried to calm themselves.

"That Demon…! S-she really killed the Flaming Empress! How could she break her Absolute Fire Zone I have never been able to! This is why the Flame Salamanders were never attacked by other monster groups before… this is…"

"Am I going to die I am so young! I just became the Dark Squirrel Emperor! Such tragic fate! I don't deserve this at all!"

The Hairy Spider Empress was already tired of the two Emperors cries.

"SILENCE! Have you forgotten This is three versus one! We have the high ground in this fight; we must cooperate together and corner her!"

"B-but… how!"

"Let me handle it"


"Eh Gaakh!"

Suddenly, the Dark Squirrel Emperor felt as if a very sharp thread penetrated his back, running all over his body!

"Guuaaakh! What are you doing!"

"This will help you two, this is my special skill; "Thread Puppets", I am able to use my thread to control any living being, if you two cooperate, I will command your every movement and spell! With this we will be able to destroy the Demon once and for all!"

"I… But isn't this…"

"Do you want to kill it don't you! Then cooperate!"

"Alright! We will, use it on me too!"

The Spider Empress didn't give the Alligator Emperor much time to think, forcing him to accept.


"GGHKK! I-Is it done"

"Yes, it is… (Hahaha! I cannot believe that this actually worked! Such ignorant beast! After this fight ends I will make you my permanent puppet servants!)"



"Aaaah! It's here!"

The Rock Dome ceiling started to break apart and a potent multicolored light blinded the eyes of the Emperors for some seconds.


"What kind of magic is this! How can she easily combine different types of magic elements so easily! It is really a Demon from another world!"

"You two, I will control your bodies to easily evade her attacks but you still need to move on your own and attack for now, I will take some time to cast a combined spell to get rid of the Demon in one shot!"

"Tsk! Alright then…!"

"Haah… I don't want to be here… but okay…"

"Hmm Did I just ear you well Are you going to cast a spell, you scheming spider Not going to let you!"

"Activate skill; Fake Body Illusion!"




"EEH! It created body illusions! Wh-who's the real one!"

"You stupid squirrel, it's obviously the one in the left! ADVANCED ROCK BULLETS!"

Flash Flash Flash!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Haha, wrong! MYRIAD CLAWS!"


"GUAAAHK! S-so strong!"

I took the Alligator Emperor off-guard and blasted him right on the spot several meters away!

"D-don't get cocky! Demon! Activate skill; Advanced Dark Fire Ring!"


From my back, the Dark Squirrel Emperor casted a dark fire ring around my body, causing constant damage and slowing my movements.


"Hahaha, you're like a cheaper Salamander Empress…"



An illusion clone behind the Squirrel Emperor started to shower him with Water Lances, ripping apart chunks of his back and loads of blood!

"Th-this is bad! I need to get away! Damn it! Activate skill; SWIFT DARK SQUIRREL EMPEROR BODY!"


Suddenly, the Squirrel Emperor increased his speed drastically and easily avoided the water lances!

"Activate skill; DARK HEALING FLAME!"


The Squirrel Emperor suddenly used a healing spell and recovered almost completely in a matter of seconds!

"Hmm, so you are the speedy type…"

Meanwhile down below, two illusion clones annoyed the Alligator Emperor with different elemental spells.



The Alligator Emperor body was entirely covered on rock scales, doubling in size, resembling some massive statue!




Suddenly, the Alligator Emperor covered his immense claws with even more rock scales and then, slashed the two clones into dust!


"That was fast… Overpowering Pressure!"


Using the combination of multiple pressure related skills I was able to create a shock wave and dissipated the Dark Fire Ring trapping my body.

"What So many Pressure related skills used at once… Well, now that I am this fast you cannot catch me anymore! Take this! Demonic Flame Lances!"


Countless black colored fire lances were thrown from a magic circle that the Squirrel Emperor created in advance!

"Damn it! Illusion shield !"


Most of the dark fire lances completely bypassed my shield, inflicting heavy damage!

"GUAAK! H-how! This guy might be a coward but he still packs some power!"

Out of nowhere, a brown colored shade appeared right behind me!





The Alligator Emperor hit me right on my back, throwing me directly to the ground, creating massive shock waves that made a little earthquake!


"Main Mind, hang in there! Activate skill; BASIC HEAL!"


Lazy Mind was just in time for a healing spell, recovering some of my HP and erasing the pain.

"Main Mind! Watch out!"


I was suddenly covered by an immense shade, when I locked over the two Emperors were doing a tandem attack, throwing a massive flaming rock right over me!

"I got you! Myriad buffs plus WOLF EMPEROR STRONG SENSES!"


"GAH! I need to get away!"


"Not going to let you!"

As if being completely covered in rocks didn't hindered his speed at all, the Alligator Emperor flew down below at max speed and blocked my escape route!



Three water lances hit the Alligator Emperor right on his face, destroying part of his rocky armor and sprouting big loads of blood!



I used this opportunity to move beside him, just in time, and the massive flaming rock hit him instead!



"Oh no!"

"Is this guy serious right now Did he really think that the rock wouldn't hit him if he came just below it!"

"Main Mind! Watch out for the Spider Empress, I think her spell is almost ready!"


I glanced at the Spider Empress and noticed countless black colored magic circles around her, whatever she was casting really meant bad news!

"I need to stop her before she cast whatever this old hag is brewing! GATE OF-"

However, right on this moment! The gigantic Alligator Emperor came rushing in my back and with a massive rock claw, it blasted me to the Rock Dome walls, leaving a deep pit!


"GUAAH! H-how did he recover so fast! Does he also possess recovery spells! Uggh… Expected from an Emperor… If there was a way… to infuse my Myriad Claws with magic elements, then I would be able to penetrate his rocky scales easily…"

"On it! This is quite complicated to figure out, but count on me…!"

"Lazy Mind! You are very energetic today, is it because we are about to die"

"Main Mind, stop messing around, look ahead!"

"Eh! Damn it!"

"Hahaha! Why are you lost in thoughts, Demon MASSIVE ROCK CLAWS!



"Eh It got away!"

"Ah! It is right in front of the Spider Empress! This is bad!"

"Oh no!"

"You Demon! Stop!"



Directly from my Mana Zone, countless colorful weapon shaped magic projectiles started to rain over the Spider Empress!



More than ten magic projectiles penetrated the Spider Empress abdomen, making her stop casting her spells and receiving backlash, spitting bit amounts of green colored blood from her ugly and massive jaws!

"GUAAAKKHH! Y-YOU DEMON! You two incompetents! Do something! Activate skill; Magic Black Threads Shield!


The Spider Empress casted a spell that created a sturdy magic shield that resembled black threads, I tried to penetrate them with my projectiles but it completely negated them.

"What kind of magic shield is this!"

"Main Mind, the two Emperors are coming from your back!"


The two emperors worked together in a potent physical attack, but I was able to intercept it with Myriad Claws plus MOUNTAIN MONKEY EMPEROR STRONG BLOW!


"TSK! You are no more than a butterfly! Die already!"

"I got you this time! Advanced Dark Fire Ring!"

"Not this time! Overpowering Pressure!"


"What is this pressure! So many different kinds of beings combined in one!"


A thick aura exuding from my body create strong wind pressure, which dissipated the Dark Fire Ring in time!

"I'm going to get serious now! GALE BIRD EMPEROR FEATHER PROJECTILES!"


"Th-that's the Bird Emperor attack!"

"I can't evade so many projectiles! Eh! Paralysis and Poison!"

"Now! Activate skill! MAGICAL WIND ZONE: AIR VOID!"


Out of nowhere, strong wind currents were created in both of my sides, sucking the air and objects around, including the two Emperors!

"Haha! Full! You are just making us get you easily! TAKE THIS! MASSIVE ROCK CLAWS!"

"Main Mind! It's ready!"

"Haha! Just in time Lazy Mind!"



"GAHAHAHA! You can't stop me with such low Strength! Eh"

Suddenly, the gigantic claw made of red energy started to become infused with different colors, from blue to red, then green, brown and dark! Increasing its size by three times!

"Impossible! You combined magic attributes with a physical attack so easily!"



The massive magic claw penetrated the entire Alligator Emperor rocky scales, slashing his two front limbs and taking out a big chunk of his stomach area!


"Impossible! Alligator Emperor, let me heal you!"


The Squirrel Emperor couldn't detect me in time as I sneaked behind him and slashed his back, completely slicing his tail and feet!

"GYAAAAAAAH! Noo! It hurts! It hurts! Please! Spare me! Please! I don't want to dieee! Snif! Moooommm!"




My three minds were in shock by how of a crybaby was the Squirrel Emperor!

"Well, I mean he's going through a lot of pain but this is quite excessive for Emperors…"

In the meantime, some meters away, the Spider Empress saw this as an opportunity to use her spells!

"You two are completely useless! But do not worry; your power won't be wasted!"

"Activate skill; ENERGY VAMPIRE!"


Suddenly, I was able to see the threads connecting the two Emperors to the Empress body, through them she was absorbing all their energy and magic, drying their bodies to look like mummies!

"GYAAAAAAHHH… You treacherous… Spideeer...!"

"Nooooo…! I am too young! I can't die… yet…"

Slurp Slurp

The two strong Emperors were completely drained of they live right in front of my eyes, dying on the spot!


"Eh A system message But its not mine! That spider must have leveled from killing these two fools! Where is she!"

In front of the Spider Empress a system message popped out of thin air.





"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Finally! After so many hardships, I am able to absorb such strong beings! Now prepare yourself, Demon! You will die today!"

"Gehhh… no way…"





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