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24 An Unexpected Love Confession!

| DAY 25 |

"Hey you! Wake up! Hahaha! You are funny! You are butterfly aren't you Why are you the leader Why are you so lazy Wake up! Hey! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Heeeeeeeeeeeyyy! Wake up lazy butterfly! Hehehe! Wake! Up!"

An annoying and pitching voice suddenly woke me up!

"Gaaah! What the hell do you want! Eh"

A little blonde fairy with a green dress made of leaves and long light green wings looked at me with a very smug face!

"Hey! You woke up finally!"

"Are you…"

"I am Sylph! Nice to meet cha, lazy butterfly! Hahahahaha! Why are you so lazy Hahahahaha!"

"Aggh! You are so annoying; I can't believe there would be someone worse than Nereid! If you weren't Meiji Spirit I would had already ate you!"

"Eeeeh Eating me That's gross! You are a gross butterfly! Hahahaha! Who's Nereid"

I slowly flew outside of my big bed.

"It's a fairy too and as annoying as you! Go meet with her!"

Sylph became exited to know a new fairy friend.

"Eeeh Where Where Tell me!"

I went outside and told her that Nereid room was my former room, which was the room number 4.

Sylph finally left me alone and flew there.

"Phew… She's finally gone"

Suddenly, a small humanoid hand pulled one of my wings!


"Aagh! Who! Ah!"

The one pulling my wing was a little cyclops girl, she was staring me intensively with her only eye, which had a beautiful blue pupil; she had short golden hair and was wearing some simple robes, while being bare feet.

"Are you… Brontes… Right Could you please don't pull my wings anymore, its hurts"

Brontes stopped pulling my wing and stayed still, while looking me intensively.


"Ah… (She is somewhat adorable…) Don't worry, as long as you apologize, its fine. Don't pull other people body parts again, it's rude"


"Do you need something"

"…Hungry… Belly… Empty"

"Ah Where is your Master He should be feeding you"

"Master… Passed out… He's sleeping… Won't wake up…"

"Eh Did Meiji passed out because of all these babies consuming his energy"

"Sigh… Come with me, I was going to the dining room anyways"


"Yes, food"

The little cyclops girl followed me to the dining room.

"By the way… Where are the rest of your brothers"

"Brothers… Are everywhere… Some trying to wake up… Master… I was… too hungry… Please… Food"

"Okay okay, relax we are getting there!"

When we got to the dining room, there was a lot of monkeys and wolves eating their breakfast, I noticed most Squad Leaders already woke up.

"Ah Choku, are you there"

The adorable Chokumotsu came out of the kitchen, her pregnant belly started to be more notorious, which made her difficult to move around the kitchen.

"Ah, Master. Is good to see you, do you want the usual"

"Ah, yes. Also do you have rabbit milk Look, I brought a little friend here"

"Oh Aah! She is so adorable! Is she a new servant"

"You don't know It's one of Meiji Spirit summons, but all his spirits were summoned at a very young age…"

"Ooh! I see!"

Chokumotsu approached the little cyclops girl and give her warm smile.

"What do you want honey Do you like rabbit milk"

"I… Hungry… Food"

"I guess you don't mind it then, here"

Chokumotsu give Brontes a cup of warm and white rabbit milk, which was sweetened with a little bit of honey.

Brontes quickly drank the whole cup in one go!

"Haahh… Sweet… More… Please"

"Poor thing, she is very hungry, is Meiji even doing his work properly"

"Well you see, it not just her, its 8 more babies he has to take care of…"


"Y-Yeah… He already passed out on his room"

"Very well… I should help my brother Meiji then; we will send some cooking assistants to bring food to all his children…"

"Please do, they must be quite hungry"

Taking a big ration of food and milk I took Brontes to a dining table and we ate a nice breakfast, after eating her mood got better.

"Belly… is now full…"

"Well done"

"Are you… Master's Master"

"Ah, well yeah…"

"You are nice… Thanks"

"No problem! By the way, do you have any skills How strong are you"

"I… Strong …Perhaps…"

"Do you remember anything before you were summoned"

"I… No… I was born here… Right"

I couldn't get any info from Brontes respecting from where did she came. It seems that every spirit has permanent amnesia. What's the reason behind this I remember that in games, every spirit always remembered who they were and all.

"Hmmm, Wait… Weren't spirit sealed long ago, according to the Wyvern Overlord Does this have something to do with it It's all shrouded on mystery…"

The little Brontes looked at me intensively, while I theory crafted inside of my mind.

"Hmmm… Can you…"


"Can you train me…"

"Do you want to train That's the spirit!"

The shy Brontes smiled a little.

"Ah! (Did she smiled That's so adorable! I never realized that this little girl was so precious, something inside me is telling me to protect her and take care of her!)"

"Alright then! Come with me to the training grounds, let's go train"


While I was feeding Brontes, the rest of my servants already gathered around the training ground, waiting for me.

"Ah you guys are early this morning! Alright then, let's start"

I quickly summoned around 800 Demonic Beings, no special variant came out this time.

While on the grind, I left Brontes to Rimuru and Wagyu to take care of, as I had to go see how the other Spirits were, I was kind of worried about Meiji.

"Very well, Master. We will take care of little Brontes"

Brontes was mounting Wagyu's back, while touching his fur.

"Wagyu… So soft…"

Rimuru looked at her with curiosity.

"Hmmm, guuu… You are a Spirit. Guu You look like a normal monster to me, guuu"

Brontes started to touch Rimuru watery body, playing with its body.

"Guuuuuuuururuu! Stop! Don't expand my body! Only Master can do that! Guuu!

When I finally reached Meiji's room, I found Meiji completely asleep on his bed, his spirits were eating loads of food that the kitchen assistants left them. There were 7 spirits here, I guess Sylph is somewhere else with Nereid while Brontes is on the training grounds.

"Hello all of you!"

The little bear Artio looked at me.

"Uh Who are chu"

"I am your Master's Master! So I have kind of some authority over you, quickly finish eating, we will all go to train!"

"Train chu"

"Yes, don't you want to get stronger"

"I do chu!"

Artio quickly stood up with its mouth full of food, as if trying to store it, and came close to me.

"I'm ready chu!"

Aether and Hypno did not need to eat so training was the first thing that they were interested on doing outside of fighting each other.

Pygmy, Vulcanus, Boreas and Nymph were quick to understand so they all filled their mouths with food, imitating Artio.

I guided the whole Spirit group to the training grounds and decided to form a party made out of all 9 of them, so they get bonus experience between themselves.

As they were energetic younglings, they quite enjoyed slaying the mobs, quickly leveling up.

"Sigh… That should be it…"

Before I could, start training myself, Zehe silently approached from my back, surprising me!


"Ahh! W-What… Oh, Zehe. How are you"

"Ah Master… I am fine, I wanted to apologize for the unforgivable things I did to your body last night, alcohol always gets the worst of me, I really did not mean to assault your body in the ways I did… I am deeply sorry"

"Eh A-Ah, that! It doesn't matter that much, as long as you apologize, its fine then!"

"Master… I am not worthy of your forgiveness… Please I deserve a punishment"

"P-Punishment! (Should I ask her to do lewd things L-Like striping nak- No wait! Don't let those perverted thoughts corrupt your thinking! You are a respected leader!)"

"Very well… Your punishment is… Ahh… Intensive training with me today!"

"E-Eh But that's more like a gift than a punishment…"

"Don't question your Master! It's a punishment if I say so!"

"Ah! Yes!"

Without expecting it, I had Zehe training close to once again. After she calmed down, she became quite talkative and asked me to teach her how to make a Mana Zone. Afterwards, I asked her about her magic teachings.

"My teacher Even though my older Master was an impressive mage, he never instructed me. An Undead Necromancer instructed me. I don't know his name but he was a formidable mage, and the left hand of our former Master"


"Yeah, he was a High Lich, a living skeleton with strong affinity with magic"

"He taught to me the basic understanding of Shadow and Dark magic, from its manipulation to its various uses"

"I see, you must be very talented to learn it so quick too, I mostly use the system to activate spells instead of casting them manually as you do"

Zehe suddenly blushed in embarrassment.

"A-Ah, t-talented Y-You think so, Master You praise me too much, I really don't deserve this treatment… (Fueeh… Master is so nice… should I use this opportunity)"

"Hmm Why not"

"A-Ah… I don't think I am as talented as you, I am still quite clumsy while casting multiple spells at the same time, I still can't master Multi spell casting…"

"Ah, don't worry, you are a strong asset to our community, your magic knowledge could help us raise more Witch servants on the future, and your support spells could be very useful on the next wave"

"E-Ehh R-Really I am useful ( Sigh, Master…)"


"A-Ah… You are too nice with me… After how I have treated you before, Master is too forgiving… However…"


"Master, I have wondered… uh… W-What are… you attracted to… D-Do you… L-Like… insects Or perhaps… Hu-humanoids… Do you only like boys… or do you prefer… females too"

"Eeeeeh! (Attracted to W-Why is she asking me this all out of the sudden while we are training! T-This is too much, I don't have any experience with girls! I was just a shut-in in my past life!)"

"B-Boys… W-Why would I like boys Hahaha…"

"Oh Master, but you are a female… Isn't it"

"Agh! (S-She is right!) Y-Yeah I guess so… But I prefer… females…"

"Aah I-Is that so… I see… I wish… I could be a bug like you…"

"Eh A bug Why It's horrible! Never wish that!"

"B-But like this I could… I could… I…"


In the distance, a little Spirit popped the last Demonic Being.

Some servants were finally able to take a rest, creating a ruckus and calling the kitchen assistants for food.

"Sigh… We are finally done, even if it's just popping out countless mobs, it's still quite tiring on my shoulders…"

"Yeah, thanks god for Master benevolence, we can take breaks between our training… I want a cold beer"

"It sucks being a hairy monkey with this heat… Haahh…"

Before Zehe could finish her confession, everyone started to talk very loudly, which made her paralyze on place with her blushed face. While looking at me with a weird and embarrassed face.

"M-Master… I was…"

"Don't worry about that for now. Let's go eat"

"Aahh… Yes"


| YOU GAINED FOUR LEVELS! | | LEVEL 37/40 EXP 1439/8300 |


While having a small lunch break, Zehe calmed down a little and started enjoying the meal, while only drinking small amounts of beer, to moderate herself. The heat today was rather intense, making her entire pale blue body sweat a lot. Creating a very erotic sight. Her chest was the one sweating the most. Because Zehe barely has any shame, being a Troll, she carelessly moved her dress so air can enter around her chest and belly.

For some reason, her sweat generated a sweet fragrance and did not stink at all, as one would expect, she is probably using some kind of perfume that activates with sweat.

"Ugh… (Zehe is doing that again! Does she not realize how erotic is that! Guaaahh!)"

"So now that we can finally rest, what did you wanted to say before, Zehe"

"Fueeeh Ah! I… Uhhh… I was just wondering…"


"Because if I were a bug… Master could choose me… as her partner… of course, only if Master finds me in any way attractive! I… I'm sorry for being too pretentious!"

"Ah! Partner!"

"Ma-Master… You already had formed a Kingdom, have you… thought on having a partner"

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"Aaah! (N-No way! Is she confessing to me in a weird way But I am just a bug… But I like her too! I…)"

Suddenly, my minds inside my head couldn't take any more of my crap!

"You stupid brainless idiot! Just correspond her feelings! She is having a very hard time trying to explain things to you! Why are you so imbecile"

"Main mind… Stupid… Idiot… Retard…"

"If you lover her too, there is nothing wrong with confessing your feelings now! It's the perfect opportunity! Go for it!"

"Ah! Snif… (Energetic Mind, you are such a reliable tough guy, you are like the big brother I never had…)"

"Hmm! We men have to help each other from time to time, this is the true way of men! Now! Tell her!"

I was so touched by Energetic Mind friendship and understanding, that I was filled with determination!


"Eeeh M-Master"

"Z-ZEHE! I… I love you too! Agh! I said it!"

"Fueeeeehhhh Ma… Masteeer…! Aaaaaah T-This is too much… I… I…"

My sudden confession made Zehe pass out in embarrassment!

"Ah! Did I overdo it"

Without noticing, all my servants were actually watching our scene!

"Eeeh Were you all waiting for this!"

"Master… snif… you have finally confessed to lady Zehe…"

"Indeed, Master finally…"

"Snif snif… Zehe was always looking at you with such warm eyes, she was deeply in love with you too"

"Master finally has confessed, such beautiful moment shall be engraved on our Kingdom History!"

"Will Lady Zehe be our new Master too"


"Lady Zehe is a very experienced and mature woman, a very smart choice, Master"

"Master love is immense; she is able to even love someone of her same gender!"

"Indeed, love is more than just gender! Is a beautiful feeling! Snif!"

"Aggggh! Stop! You are making me get all red!"

From my left side, Celica and Truhan came with crying eyes.

"Snif… Snif… Master Kireina, you have finally corresponded sister Zehe feelings"

"Hmm! Zehe has always been a lonely woman, but since you appeared on her life, she has changed quite a lot, and have become even more talkative and sociable"

"Eeeeh You two too!"

Wagyu and Rimuru also wete tearing up in front of me!

"Master… Such beautiful love! Snif snif!"

"Gueeeehhhh Mastaaaaa…. I am so glad for your love to lady Zehe, guuuuu… I hope one day you can correspond my love too, gueeeehh snif snif"

"Rimuru Your love! What is going on Stop with the dramatic scene!"




After everyone celebrated their new second Queen or something, I carried Zehe to her room and left her resting for now, I went back to the training grounds and summoned another 800 Demonic Beings, continuing with our training.

Suddenly, the armored Nesiphae came close to me, still crying about the scene.

"Snif snif… Master your love is too beautiful! Snif snif Congratulations!"

Nesiphae embraced my tiny body on a tight Lamia hug, while bathing me on her big tears.

"Ugh… such a big girl…"

My minds inside my head started to talk bad about me again.

"But wait, even after all that cute confession, you also like Nesi, right So was having a harem always on your plans You complete degenerate"


"Ah! Lady Zehe is indeed enough for now, having more wives would prove to be a problem if lady Zehe ends up being jealous"

"I don't think Nesiphae see me that romantically, right"

I glanced over Nesiphae cryng face and saw her having a very sad expression.

"Nesi calm down, theres no need to be sad!"

"I… Yeah, fufufu, I am so glad for you, Master… (Ugh, Master… Was I too slow I want you for me too! It's hard to seduce a butterfly… Perhaps she does not like my size. No! I must keep trying!)"

For some reason, Nesiphae decided to stay with me while training. Sadly, because of her big armor, I could not glance at her beautiful curves.

After some more intense training, when we finally slayed the last mob, the night had already fallen.


| YOU GAINED THREE LEVELS! | | LEVEL 40/40 EXP 0631/0000 |


"Level cap, at last… But my path to becoming stronger is still too far… I feel like that mage is completely different, even if I evolve again, will I be able to defeat it"

Wagyu and Rimuru were close by and noticed my preoccupation.

"Master, is something wrong You have finally hit level cap, and also confessed your feelings with Lady Zehe, shouldn't you be happy"


"Ah… Yeah, you are right, I can't just worry about the future, I won't get me anywhere. I must advance through this world step by step… step by step"

"Exactly! Live the present an become stronger step by step, this is the way that us monsters, see life, we don't know what the future will tell, that is not in our power"

"Guu! The only thing we can do now, is prepare for it with everything we got, and when the time comes, fight with all our might, guuuu!"

"Rimuru… Since when did you became so smart… I still remember you being a dumb blob…"

"Geeeh… Master don't be mean, guuu!"

"Hahaha… I guess you are right. Let's go inside"

When we got into the dining room, I found Meiji finally awake, with his face quite tired.

"Master… Thanks you very much… For taking care of them…"

Meiji's 9 Spirits were eating around the table he was sitting.

"I think it was a mistake letting you all of them, it might be too much for you… by the way, in this entire day I haven't saw Nereid anywhere, where is she"

"I'm here!"


Nereid was sitting with the rest of Meiji Spirits, enjoying a big meal.

"Did you train at least"

"Of course I trained! I am not lazy anymore! Now that I have companions, they killed monsters on the party while I relaxed and won EXP for free! Hahaha!"

"WHAT Don't do that you useless fairy! Ghhh! I can't believe you are using these Spirits for your own benefice!"

"Hmph! Sylph also did the same, right"

"Yeah! These guys don't mind! So we can laze around while they give us some EXP for free! Its perfect! Hehehehe!"

"Ghhh… Unbeliable…"

Nereid and Sylph looked me with smug faces.

"Hmph, but do not worry, I am close to level cap, and then to my glorious first evolution!"

"What's the point of an evolution if it's not won by hard work, I can't believe I raised such a lazy child…"

In my sadness, I glanced at the silen Kjata who was absorbing food on a table and obtaining skills.

"Snif… At least there is one Spirit who is very hard working"

"Eeeeh! Are you calling that piece of metal better than me He doesn't even talk!"

"Shut up!"

Meiji tried to calm down Nereid but she didn't even looked at him.

"Sigh, I will deal with Nereid if you don't mind, Master. She seems to come along well with Sylph. I also must thank you for introducing my Spirit to the training grounds, they have leveled at least 10 levels each, unlike these two fairies, all of them are hardworking"

"Yeah, they are good little Spirits"

I looked at the little cyclops girl Brontes, who was enjoying her food, it included fried meat and salted vegetables with a big and warm cup of rabbit milk, essential for the development of a child.

Bronte quickly noticed that I was glancing at her. She give me a warm smile in return.

"Little Brontes was very polite today, raise her well, Meiji"

"Ah! Will do, Master"

After inspecting my servants around, it seems, as Zehe still have not woken up, so I had a quick meal with Wagyu, Rimuru and Nesiphae, and then went to my room.

"Having a whole room like this for me feels weird… Anyways I should sleep already, I really want to evolve"

However, suddenly, I felt someone knocking on the door.

Knock knock

"Uh Who is it Nereid, go sleep somewhere else"

The door slowly opened, showing a humanoid female figure, it had pale blue skin, long and silver hair and golden eyes. She was wearing a shirt and shorts made of white fabric, nothing too special, but her beautiful legs shined with the lights of the room.

"Ah! Z-Zehe…"

"Master… I am sorry for passing out in front of you. It was very rude… I shouldn't had acted like that when you confessed your feelings…"

"I-It does not matter, I was too sudden… I should be the one apologizing…"


Zehe slowly walked to my bed with her bare feet.

"M-Master… I'm so glad that you have corresponded my feelings… I never thought you would be attracted to me… It was very sudden… But it makes so happy"

"A-Ahhh, well… Yeah…"

Zehe put her arms beside her and looked me with a blushed face.

"M-Master… Can I sleep with you I-I know that we can't do sexual things… because of the difference in race, size, etc… But just as a symbol of love… it's normal to share the bed on the Troll family"

"Hmm! It's fine…"

Zehe slowly entered the large bed and put herself comfortable on the sheets, then, she grabbed and hugged me tightly.

"Master… I have never been this happy before, my life as always been of a lonely woman… Even if you are… Even if you are another female, and a butterfly… I still love you deeply"

"A-Ah… I… Love you too, Zehe… You are very adorable and beautiful. To be honest… Evene when you were being mean to me before, I still liked you… Haaahhh… This is somewhat hard to say… I have never been in a relationship before"

"I see… It makes me very glad… I have never been in a relationship either… These feelings seem weird coming from two different race monsters, loving each other, it's a strange thing when you think about it, but your company warm my heart, as if you had something that resonates within me, deeply on my heart"


Without anticipating it, Zehe kissed my little butterfly head.

"Aaaahh! (I was never been kissed before on Earth) Zehe…"

Afterwards, Zehe softly caressed my big crimson colored wings, and I slowly fell asleep.

"Master, you are so adorable… Yet so strong, it's a strange contradiction… Fufufu…"

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