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Epic of Caterpillar Chapter 1: Reborn

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1 Reborn

It has been a whole week since I got this fever and it just continues to get worse. I've been having a pretty normal life since then, working in a minimarket near me, living in my parent's house while enjoying a slow life of video games and japanese media.

"I can't believe how long has this fever lasted! I don't really want to go to the doctor and waste all my video games money. Uggh... Am I going to die if I don't go Hmmph, how could that happen Who would die from a fever I need to stop thinking stupid ** like that. Geez, I can't even play games with this headache... I guess I'll rest some more for now... I am pretty sleepy."

That night, I had a strange dream. I was in some weird place, filled with water like a big ocean, but the water was still. When I checked myself, I was no more than a glowing lump floating over it. A soothing voice called me, telling to go to him, to keep moving. While I was running (or floating) over the direction of the voice, it started to get louder and louder, and I feel an incredible pain all over myself.

When I finally woke up it was all black, pitch black, I couldn't feel my limbs or my mouth, my body was stiff.

"I can't move What's going on My arms, my legs, even my head. I can't feel anything, there's only my mind... Only my thoughts...Did I... Did I die"

I tried with all my might to move even an inch of my body, until I finally felt that somewhere a limb behind me moved, and I started to hear cracking noises all over myself. "I can do it… Move! aaaahhh!"

Crack, crack.

Light, an immense amount of light showered my whole face and I could finally open my eyes. After that, I felt like whatever was holding my entire body was slowly being destroyed, and I fell into the ground.


"Aaah, so tired... Why am I in here What is this... a leaf... rocks... hmm Why is everything so massive in this forest"

And that was the moment when I realized how **ed up I was, because my entire body was divided in different sections, long and fatty, green colored skin with purple patterns and little, almost transparent, hairs around my entire back. I didn't had arms, only very diminute chunky legs, at least more than ten.

I couldn't see my face, but I already imagined how it would look! I was a Caterpillar! "How could this happen Why Is this a dream But I felt pain before, so this it's real! This is my current self! I'm a mother**ing caterpillar!"

"Are you kidding me So I really died from a fever Geeeeezzz.... Is this some kind of case were I reincarnated in another world, but they run out of heroes, so they throw my soul to whatever they had around Thanks you so much, Mysterius Voice!"

Suddenly, I started to feel an incredible hunger, whatever was near me I started munching, from leaves to even rocks!

Chomp chomp munch munch

"Gueeeehh these rocks are horrible! So bitter yet why can I even eat them and still be fine I can even munch them to dust in my mouth! This caterpillar is a monster!"

After a while I finally felt full and started to analyze my surroundings. "Haha! It would be hilarious if there was now some kind of status screen or something, like in those novels and anime, they would just yell STATUS! On they minds and something would app-"

| NAME: NONE CLASS: NONE RACE: Common Forest Caterpillar.


| HP: 6/6 MP: 0/0 STAMINA: 100/100



| MAGIC: 0


| SPEED: 0

| CHARI**A: -1

| LUCK: -2




"UUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I-I-ITS TRUE! But what are these trash stats! And these ** skills! Wait, minus two luck! And my charisma is minus one! What do you mean Are you calling me ugly!"

After I calmed myself over freaking out because of my horrible status, I checked in detail this forest. It was big and dark, the trees wood was almost pitch dark, the leaves are big and dark green, all types of colorfull mushrooms decorated the trees feet. There was a bee floating around, but it seemed to not have noticed me yet.

"Is it because of my minus one charisma Yohoo~~! Mister Bee~! Please! You are the first living being I have encountered here!"

As if the bee was provoked over my strange movements, it stopped running away and started flying direcly to my head! Pointing his big sting to my beautiful caterpillar face!



"GUEEEEEEHHH! STOP STOP! HEY!! Let's be friends!". As if my words were insults, the bee got even angrier and increased his speed. Then, out of nowhere, a strong pain filled my face!


"GUUUAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! GET OUT! it hurts so much! it hurts so much!" the bee got his stinger stuck inside my face and struggled to get it out, which made the stinger move even deeper, and the pain got even worse!

As the pain increased, I started to feel my whole face numb. "I want to live! I want to live! You bastard! Take this! RAAAAAAAAAA"

"Activate Skill! WEAK BITE!"


My WEAK BITE got him right in his stupid bee face!

"HAHA! Take what you deserve you punk!"

The bee struggled in pain to no avail as his stinger was strongly stuck inside my face.


"Take this, and this, and this, and this!!!!!! WEAK BITE! WEAK BITE! WEAK BITE! WEAK BITE! RAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!


After having half his head choped the bee stoped moving, just after it a loud song appeared all over my mind.




"Eeeh so is it like this... Gueeeh... When I level up I heal back hmm, ugh it hurts like hell! I have to get this stinger outside of my face, or this heal will be for nothing when I start losing HP again!

One, two, three! uuuuuuhmmmmmpppppppp!!!! gueeeh!! aaah! it hurts so much! it hurts! it hurts! again! uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmpppp!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!! It's out, it's out!"

| HP 3/8 MP 0/0 |

"I almost died! Oh my god! If I didn't leveled, even if I killed him, I would be dead meat! Completely gone! Even before experiencing what this world had to offer to this innocent soul! Sigh"

After resting some time, I started eating what was left of the bee body, even his stinger. It all tasted like **, but for some reason I was able to eat everything fine without puking and my belly didn't hurt a bit! "Is this because of the TRASH BELLY skill So I can eat almost anything That's oddly convenient coming from this horrible existence!"

After resting for a while, I started to walk around while immersed in my thoughts.

"So to recap everything, I died from a fever in Earth, I had that weird dream were I was floating over a big ocean and that voice called me… I bet that mother**er is behind all this reincarnation bull**! It's all his fault! He's probably some bored old god, toying with my poor and innocent soul!"


"GUEEEHHH!!! Wh-what was that!! uuuh! is that a gigant foot"

I hide behind a tree to watch what was causing that entire ruckus, to find a humanoid being. It had gray skin, it was completely bald, and had fangs coming out of his lower jaw. It had a muscular build and it was wearing a loincloth. It also have some kind of stick.

"Is that... a troll but dont they become stone at day Oh right, this forest is so dark even at day!

So these things wonder around freely like they own this place, huh What do they think they are Uugh, I can't believe even a troll would had been a better reincarnation than a caterpillar! No way..."

The Troll sniffed around and started slowly walking away.

"Someday when I get strong enough I'll beat you up real good for scaring me **less like this! Mark my words Mister Troll!"

After that, I started slowly dragging my body around the ground eating rocks and plants until I felt full and went to sleep on a hole near a tree.

| DAY 2 |

When I woke up, I immediately realized that everything I went through yesterday wasn't a dream at all! Last night I went to sleep hoping that I would wake up in my comfy bed, but to no avail, I'm still a pitifull caterpillar...

"Sigh, so this was never a dream, huh I'm still this, I just need to accept this fact and survive however I can. Something inside of me is telling me to get stronger no matter what."

With high spirits, I started wondering around the forest.

After one hour of walking I didn't feel tired at all, and for some reason my mind felt refreshed and calm.

"Hmmm, so there is some kind of road around here with very little rocks blocking the passage and there are no plants. Probably this is where the trolls mostly walk in. At the west there's a big river, I'll call it.. uuh, West River. Yes, that fits. At the East there are big rocky mountains, so I'll call them East Rocky Mountains, yes. Very well now where do I even go I'm starting to get hungry, and for some reason, plants and rocks don't restore my stamina as much. Maybe hunting would be the best option, but what can a stupid caterpillar even hunt The bee situation was once in a lifetime opportunity! There's no way I would hunt Bees! ...Ehh"

Right ahead of me was a gigantic bird! Black and blue feathers covered his entire body, with yellow colored curved beak typical of eagles. It looked right at me with his big black pupils! I almost ** myself out of fear! I started running (or dragging) my body as fast as I could but the bird was too fast.

"No way no way no way! How could I be so careless This thing is just going to gulp me out, and that would be the end of my journey! I didn't even lasted two days! Are you **ing with me Mysterious Voice!"

"Squeeaack!!!" The bird shouted at me, as if telling me to just wait and be eaten right in the spot!

"Ooooh, there's a hole! Right there! Right there!"

I saw a little hole right ahead of myself in a old tree and I went in as fast as I could!

The bird beak almost got me and it struggled inside the hole looking for me.

"Haaah... that was close… Haha! Keep struggling, you idiot! You won't get me in such a narrow hole!"

"Squeeack! squeek.."

The bird finally gave up, and went flying somewhere else.

"At least I'm safe here in this little hole-"

Then, as if destiny toyed with me, a big and ugly spider appeared right behind me! It had 8 black and yellow colored hairy legs, 8 horrible deep black eyes and an incredible pair of teeths!

"Haaaaaah... n-no way..."

When I tried to start running away for my life again, I noticed that my body was incredibly tired and I couldnt move an inch! Then I noticed my stamina stat!

| HP 7/8 MP 0/0 STAMINA 2/100 |

"Eeeehh!! no way!! It must had been completely depleted when I was running away for my life! This system is complete bull**! Now I'm just destined to die here, just because these numbers don't let me move again"


The big spider jumped all over me and went for the kill! But right on this moment!



"It's that damn bird! Are you kidding me He never gave up on me Should I feel flattered or horrified!"

Just right before the spider was about to bite me the bird destroyed the ceiling over the old tree and took the spider instead of me! So lucky!

"Good bye mister spider! hahahahaha"


After everything calmed down I slowly dragged myself around the old tree hole to find the spider nest, there it was a big pack of his eggs still growing inside the sticky thread, I managed to enter there and found many other bug carcasses.

"Finders keepers!"

Just after saying that I started devouring these dry carcasses. They tasted absolutely awful and barely restored my stamina!

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"Now to the main dish!"

I slowly started destroying the threads around the eggs with my WEAK BITE skill, and started gulping on the spider eggs. They tasted like trash juice! Why do I know how trash juice tastes Don't ask me!

Munch munch Crunch crunch Gulp

"Gueeehh, these are crunchy and juicy inside, but not in the good way... I would kill for some fried meat now... ooh and a beer too, sigh... Will I be able to replicate these foods in the future Maybe if I get strong enough to lead a whole group of intelligent beings"

After my stupid rambling I started eating the threads too because why not I can eat everything after all.

Slurp slurp Gulp

"Gueeeh these are so dry and sticky they get stuck in my throat, but somehow give me a lot of stamina, are they nutritious Gulp"

"Why do I feel like eating in this world is more of a torture than a relief"




"Wh-wh-whaaaaat! This! I learned skills for eating ** Are you kidding me So it's that type of power... I've read of something similar on some novels, but to think that I got such power! But it seems heavily nerfed, because when I ate that bee I didn't got anything! Maybe it needs a big quantity of the same food to get the skills Geeeezz... At least there's something bright about all this twisted world. I also got EXP for no reason! Wait, maybe because the eggs are technically living beings, they gave me EXP anyways Aah, thats **ed up."

"Oh right almost forgot my new Tittle, TRASH EATER! What a tittle! And STEEL BELLY Is it because all the carcasses, threads and eggs I ate Maybe my belly will evolve, and it will let me to eat even fire in the future! Haha!"

Tired of talking to myself, I played around with my new thread creation skill and made a messy thread bed to rest in. I also noticed that when I create thread it cost stamina! "What a robbery! It's around 5 stamina per 10 cm, so just making a bed cost me 15 stamina That's almost half of what I got eating all this **, sigh. Stamina management will be a real pain from now on..."

Before sleeping, I tried to use my SPIDER'S 8 EYES skill but it required around 10 stamina per use! It let me have eight spider eyes over my face for a limited amount of time increasing my vision capabilities, "It could prove useful in the future, but it's too costly to afford on using it repeatedly for now... Alright then! It's time to sleep!"


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