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Chapter 93 – Fu Hexiao (End)

When Fu Hexiao was in kindergarten, there was a girl named Zhou Muxu in the class.

At that time, the teacher smiled and commented.

“It looks like your father loves your mother very much because they put their last names together to form your name.”

Fu Hexiao thought about this for a long time.

Why is his mothers name not in his name  Does it mean that his father doesnt love his mother as much as other peoples fathers love their mothers

So that night, he clamored for Wen Ruan to change his name.

“I dont want to be called Fu Hexiao.  The children in our class have their mothers names included in their names!  Why dont I have your name in mine!”

Wen Ruan was sitting on the sofa watching a drama on TV.  Upon hearing this, she raised her eyes to glance at Fu Hexiao and then yawned lazily.

“Why do you insist on having my name”

“Because the teacher said that children who have their mothers name in their names show that their fathers love their mothers very much.”

Hearing this, Wen Ruan laughed and straightened up.  Then she lifted her hand and pinched Fu Hexiaos nose.

“Xiao Xiao, so you think Dad doesnt love Mom”

When Fu Hexiao heard, he pouted and said in a soft voice.

“No, its not that……..  But if you dont put your name in my name, the teacher wont know.”

“Why do you want the teacher to know”  Wen Ruan propped up her chin and looked at Fu Hexiao with raised eyebrows.  She stretched out her hand to rub his head and said.  “Isnt it alright just for Mother to know”

“I dont care, I want to change my name!  I want to change it today…….”

“Fu Hexiao.”

At this moment, Fu Zhihuans voice sounded a few meters away.  Although the voice sounded indifferent and emotionless, it made Fu Hexiao who was still acting spoiled stiffened, and his back instantly straightened up.

When Wen Ruan, who was leaning against the sofa, looked at Fu Hexiao responding like this, she let out a light laugh.

Seeing him so scared, it looks like this little guy must have gotten into trouble in kindergarten.

“Dont always trouble your Mom.  Or else, you can tell your Dad why you want to change your name.”

Fu Zhihuan walked slowly to Fu Hexiao and crouched down before him to look into his eyes.  Although his tone seemed to carry a slight smile, it could not make people feel at ease.

Fu Hexiao placed his fingertips together and after a long time, he said hesitantly.

“Because I think that having Moms name in my name will let everyone know that my Dad loves my Mom very much…….”


Fu Zhihuan let out a light chuckle and then said word by word.

“Are you sure its not because you broke the glass in the kindergarten and the teacher punished you by making you write your name 50 times today”


Fu Hexiao shuddered then straightened his back and said sweetly.

“Goodnight, Dad…….Goodnight, Mom.”

And then very smoothly he slipped back to his bedroom.


Unable to hold back a smile, Wen Ruan rested her head on Fu Zhihuans shoulder then rubbed her eyes and said.

“I was wondering why he suddenly clamored to change his name.  It turned out to be due to too many brushstrokes in his name and the characters are very difficult to write.”

He lifted his hand to press lightly on Wen Ruans temple and started to massage in a clockwise direction.  His tone sounded much gentler than just now.

“I heard from the teacher that Xiao Xiao was difficult to control during the few days I was away.”

Wen Ruan shook her head with her eyes closed.

“Fortunately, he cant surpass me in speech.  Its only that I dont know from whom did he learn those kinds of tricks like beating around the bush, making excuses, and acting shamelessly.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Zhihuan who was massaging Wen Ruans temple paused his actions and after a while, there was a mocking smile in his tone.

“What do you think”

Wen Ruans eyes flew open and she shot up straight.  With her hands placed on Fu Zhihuans thigh as support, she glared at him with her round eyes.

“It cant be me, I was very obedient in school!

But the words sounded very unconvincing.

Fu Zhihuan did not refute and just smiled with a hand pressed to his forehead.  He hummed softly and went along with her words.

“Um, yes, he must have inherited it from me.”

“Of course.”  Wen Ruan knew that he was indulging her but still pretended to be righteous.

“I bought you some desserts on the way home from work.”

“Ai!  I want to eat!”  Her eyes lit up.  “Then Ill call Xiao Xiao…….”

“Call him later.”  Fu Zhihuan stood up to pick up the food box from the top of the cabinet at the door and placed it in front of her.

“Because there was only one piece left of the mango pancake that you like.  Finish it first before calling him or else he will make a fuss and fight over it with you again.”

Fu Hexiao who had snuck out of the bedroom to get himself a glass of fruit juice was standing at the entrance of the corridor.  After listening to his fathers child-disparaging remarks in silence and pain, he was choked up for a moment.

Sure enough, there shouldnt be any worries about his father not loving his mother!

In fact, when Fu Hexiao was just born, the two pairs of elders had earnestly discussed the name that should be given to their precious grandson.

At that time, the names likeFu Muwen andFu Nianwen had indeed been brought up.

And the older generation felt that those names sounded very sincere.

But both Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan objected.

Because both of them shared the same opinion.

And that is the child should have a name that is completely his own.

Although such names indeed show the sincere love between the childs parents, Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan did not agree to it.

So in the end, the child was named Fu Hexiao.

In the clear sky, a crane soars among the clouds and poetic feelings are drawn into the sky.

(This sentence is fromAutumn Poems written in the olden days by the poet Liu Yuxi.  Since ancient times, autumn has been associated with sadness and loneliness but this poet praised the beauty of autumn and the crane was used to express the poets feelings of pride, open-mindedness, and optimism.)


My name is Fu Hexiao.  I am six years old and I am in the first grade of elementary school.

Today is Saturday and I am lying comfortably in my soft little bed.  Nestled into the soft pillow, I curled myself into a firm ball and is ready to carry on with my sweet dreams.

Just at this time, three knocks sounded on the door.

It was a very restrained and rhythmic series of sounds.  It instantly made the strings in my head pull taut and suddenly the sounds of thunder broke out.

Then the door was pushed open.

My father, Mr.

Fu Zhihuan leaned against the door frame and lifted his hand to glance at the watch on his wrist.

“You still have three minutes.”

Morning jog.

A very healthy activity that not only strengthens the body but also trains ones willpower.

I am very happy to take a morning jog with my father every weekend……..

But I dont feel very happy either…….

Mainly because my father, this male creature, had developed a hundred percent immunity to all the provocations that I placed before him since childhood.

No matter whether it was crying at the top of my voice or rolling shamelessly on the ground, he would still look on with a calm expression without the slightest emotion.  He would wait until I had exhausted myself and was out of breath, then lift his eyes and say casually.

“Call me after you have rested or cried enough.”

I choked up.

As a six-year-old elementary school student, I chose to give in.

My father is a Prosecutor.

Although he is unkind to me, my admiration for him did not lessen the slightest.

In fact, I dont just admire him.  Since I started kindergarten I could feel the awe and admiration that the surrounding people have for my father.

For example, Uncle Zhao who always comes to my house, Uncle Qin who comes as a guest from time to time, and Eldest Uncle* who I can only meet once in a while.

(Eldest Uncle refers to Fu Mingheng who is calledDa Bo in Chinese.)

Whenever they leave, they would grievously describe my father like this……

“He is too ruthless.”

Ruthless is powerful.

So in other words, my father is a powerful guy!

In my heart, he is impartial, incorruptible, prestigious, and powerful, and handles matters fairly and justly…….and……..

“Wu, wu, wu……..but I cant get up.”

“I still want to sleep for a while.”

“Why do I need to run in the morning  I dont want to run.”

When I was talking halfway to my father, I suddenly heard a voice in the bedroom.

The voice was from my mother, Ms.

Wen Ruan…….

Who is an even more terrifying existence than my father.

If it is said that in front of my father all my provocations become invalid…….

Then in front of my mother, I wont even have any ability to show off my provocation skills!

“You dont want to run today”  Fu Zhihuan asked.

“Mm……..”  Wen Ruan was still wrapped in the quilt.  Even though she was sitting upright, her head was still nodding sleepily.  In the end, she placed her forehead weakly on Fu Zhihuans shoulder then rubbed his neck with her forehead, and acted like a spoiled child.

“Please, I beg you……..”

Ah, women always love to use coquettish tactics.

Ive seen through all of this.   Every time, when my deskmate, Xiaohong, copies my homework, she will use the same tone to speak coyly.

My father is an extremely smart person and will never be fooled by this.

“Okay, go back to sleep.”

Unexpectedly, Mr.

Fu Zhihuan did not refuse firmly and righteously as I had expected.  Instead, he smiled and rubbed her head.

“Ill take Xiao Xiao out first, lest he disturbs you.”


Why is it like this !

The weekend…….

Another morning that requires a morning jog.

However, this time I became smart.

After yesterdays observation, I discovered that my father has no immunity to such tricks!

So when my father knocked on my door, I also started to wrap myself in the quilt and imitated my mother.  I leaned on him and used my forehead to rub against his face.

“I dont want to run this morning…….Father, please I beg you…….”



Dead silence.

I gulped and raised my head stiffly.


Fu Zhihuan crossed his arms and did not move.  He stared at me with his dark calm eyes without the slightest emotion and then spoke softly.

“This trick only works if your mother uses it.”

Too hurtful.

I was silent for a while then got out of bed without a word and resignedly changed my clothes.


Fu Zhihuan did not forget to remind me.

“Be quieter, dont wake your mother.”

“I know.”


As a six-year-old, I have to face harsh realities which, by right, shouldnt be the case.


I, Fu Hexiao, was told by the school that they need to meet my parents.

The reason is very simple.  It is a mistake that young kids of our age usually make……..getting into fights.

Actually, there is a reason for the fight.

A small thin boy was transferred to our class this semester and he stutters a little when he speaks.  He takes a long time to finish a sentence and is usually out of breath when he speaks.

Our class is a class with an exceptionally strong sense of collective honor.

Although talking to that classmate was a bit tiring, no one in the class made fun of him, and instead, everyone was serious about making friends with him.

This morning, several students from another class stood sniggering at the door of our class while they looked inside.

Then they deliberately imitated loudly the boys way of speaking and then burst into laughter while showing contemptuous looks.

As the monitor of the class, I looked at the little classmates face that was flushed and could not resist the urge to argue with them.

As aman who was brutally trained by my parents since I was a child, I won the fight ofone against three very beautifully!

However, before I could feel proud, the teacher pulled me to the office by my ear.

The teacher (with an ashen complexion):  “Call your parents over.”

Me (with some hesitation):  “Is it really necessary”

The teacher showed an expression that saidYoure talking nonsense.   “Yes, and I must see your parents today.”

Then Ms.

Wen Ruan came.

As soon as she entered the office and extended her greetings, the class teacher started to ramble.

“……Anyway, thats what happened.  Your son fought with three boys at the door of the classroom.”

Upon hearing this, Ms.

Wen Ruan rolled her eyes, leaned down, and pinched my face with a smile.

“Wow, you won a fight with three others”

Me:  “……”

I felt the teachers face had become distorted with anger.


Wen, I dont think you understand my meaning.  Your son actually initiated a fight with others.  Do you know how serious this is”

The teachers voice rose.


Wen Ruan withdrew her smile then lifted her eyes and reached out to rub my head.  Her voice was gentle and calm.

“Teacher, to judge whether the matter is serious or not, one shouldnt be concerned about whether there was a fight or not…….but the reason for the fight.”

“Before I came I was already aware of the reason for Xiao Xiaos fight and I think as a teacher, you should also know about it too.”

Wen Ruans tone was gentle and slow but very firm.

“Maybe I will tell him theres a better way to handle it instead of fighting but I definitely wont scold him over it.”

“Theres no way Ill censure a child for his sense of justice and kindness.”

On the way home from school, I asked cautiously.  “Mom, are you really not going to scold me”

“Its normal for children to fight.”


Wen Ruan leaned down with a smile and scratched my nose with her index finger.

“Back then, your Father could fight one against five.”


“Yes, he was a school bully at that time.  The whole school was scared at the mention of his name.”

“What happened later”

“Then he was kicked out by your grandfather and left his family and hometown to work in faraway places.  He led an especially bitter life alone without anyone to rely on.


The shine in my starry eyes went out.

But Ms.

Wen Ruan looked very happy and there was a smile on her face.

“Are you still going to fight”

“…….no more.”

I dont want to be kicked out of the house yet.


Wen Ruan straightened up with satisfaction.  Holding my hand, she continued to walk forward and said.

“However, if you clenched your hands into fists to protect others, your Dad and Mom wont kick you out of the house.”


“Really…….and youll be rewarded with a cream cake.”


“Therefore, you can have a cream cake today.”

Happiness 100% ! ! !

Just now, I was still a little sad because I had to call my parents to school but now my sadness has instantly been swept away.  I pulled back my hand then hopped a few steps forward and rushed over happily to the front of the cake shop.

“Then Ill go to choose the cake first.”

Wen Ruan looked helplessly at her sons rabbit-like back then sighed and rubbed her temple.

“Ruan Ruan.”

She lifted her eyes upon hearing the voice.

Fu Zhihuans arm was resting on the car door with smoke twirling from his fingertips.  When he saw her coming out, he lowered his head to snuff out the cigarette and then stretched out his hand to her.

“Did your son get into trouble again”

“This time doesnt count.”

Wen Ruan walked to him with a smile and held his hand.

“But Xiao Xiao fought alone and won against three others.”

“Thats it”  Fu Zhihuans lips relaxed and he chuckled.  “Its fine.”

“Mom, Ive chosen the cake!”

Fu Hexiao stood at the door of the cake shop on tiptoes and waved his arms at Wen Ruan.

With a helpless smile, Wen Ruan walked over to him and paid for the cake.

“Next time, you must think first and determine whether theres a better solution than fighting.”

“Yes, yes, I understand!”

Fu Hexiao nodded like a chicken pecking at grains.  “I wont be kicked out of the house like my Dad.”

Fu Zhihuan standing half a meter away.  “….….”


“Where did Fu Mingheng go”

“He said he was going to a tea party with your husband.”

Jiang Qingxu bent down to carefully pull out a tray of cookies from the oven.  Then she picked up a piece and placed it in front of Wen Ruan for it to cool down.

“Try this.”

Wen Ruan took a bite.

Delicious ! ! !

She choked for a moment.  Then with annoyance, she looked at the pile of failed products in the trash bin that she had just baked and felt dispirited.

“All the ingredients used were the same but why is there such a big difference”

“I can teach you.  Although baking cookies may look simple, every step of measuring proportions and the baking time are very important.”  Jiang Qingxu said with a smile.

“However, Im not teaching you for nothing.  You have to exchange something with me.”

Wen Ruan understood and quickly turned on her phone to search for the photo album.  After selecting the photos from the album, she compiled them and sent them to Jiang Qingxu.

“All the photos I snatched from Fu Zhihuan on Fu Mingheng in womens clothes are all there.”

While leaning on the cooking table, Jiang Qingxu looked through the photos with satisfaction and then selected a few that showed off his personal style and sent them to Fu Mingheng.

Then three seconds later.

The call interface immediately popped up on the phone screen.  After the call was connected, Fu Minghengs terrified and sharp tone came from the other end of the line.

“Did Wen Ruan come to our house again! ! ! “

Whenever this sister-in-law comes to his house, she will always send his wife a pile of those deadly black history photos of him.

Jiang Qingxu was quite calm as she picked up a small piece of cookie, took a bite, and said lightly.

“Fu Mingheng, I advise you to hurry back from the venue that is being prepared for my daughters birthday party right now.  Otherwise, on the day of the birthday party, the PPT on the projector will be showing a high-definition photo of you…….the birthday girls father, in womens clothing.”

Then a sentence was added.

“There are also COS photos.”

Then the call ended abruptly.

Tea party

Jiang Qingxu sneered.

When did someone like Fu Mingheng, an ardent sugar lover who needs three portions of sugar to drink coffee, would have the patience to attend a tea party

Wen Ruan bit on the cookie and almost forgot to chew.

She pondered for a while and choked.

If she had thought of this trick back then, she would not have been so miserable during her sons full moon banquet.

Fu Mingheng, who was on the other end of the line, turned his head around to look at the lively birthday party venue and the staff moving back and forth and felt suffocated for a moment.

Goodbye, my beloved party planning business.

Fu Zhihuan, who looked as though he was used to it, continued to drink tea steadily as he sat at the side.

“Got found out by Elder Sister-in-law”

“You still have the nerve to mention this.”

Fu Mingheng gritted his teeth.

“Youre not allowed to let your wife send her my black history photos in the future!”

“I cant promise you that.”

Fu Zhihuan laughed and slowly put down the teacup.  Then he looked into Fu Minghengs eyes and his words seemed somewhat unruly.

“You know I cant refuse Wen Ruan.”

…….A wicked wife slave.

[Jiang Qingxu]:  Come back to eat cookies

[Fu Mingheng]:  Ok! ! ! !

After replying, he looked proudly at Fu Zhihuan.

“My wife called me to go home and eat cookies!”

Half catty vs eight taels*…….a wife slave.

(Catty is a traditional Chinese measurement of weight used in Southeast Asia, especially in Hong Kong and China.  One catty is equal to sixteen taels and half a catty is eight taels.  Thereforehalf catty vs eight taels means that they are equal in weight.  So in this story, the meaning is that the two brothers are the same, both are wife slaves.)

~~~ End ~~~


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