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Chapter 64 – Banquet (1)

It was very obvious Mr.

An had spent a huge sum of money to support An Xuyin.

An ordinary birthday party had turned into a party with an atmosphere of a celebrity-class party.

After repeated tests and adjustments of the lights, a perfect balance was found.  It was neither too dark nor gloomy nor too dazzling and the surroundings that were embraced in intoxicating gold exuded a sense of extravagance and luxury.

The process of waiting for the official opening of the banquet is generally tedious.  Most of the time, the Young Misses would gather around likeplastic flower sisters to chat in their disgust-filled fake tones and discuss the latest gossip.

(Plastic flower sisters refer to women who put on false fronts to socialize in the name of sisterhood and similar to plastic flowers, they are all fakes but never fade.)

These days the most talked about topic was the marriage contract between Wen Ruan and the mysterious Second Young Master Fu.

“I heard Second Young Master Fu is also attending today.”

“Then is Wen Ruan coming”

“Most probably not, otherwise if they meet, it will be very embarrassing.”

“Ai, I heard that Second Young Master Fu showed up in the bar last night and it seemed he is pursuing Wen Ruan.  Do you think that is true”

“I dont think so.  With just a glance, you can tell thats nonsense.  How can someone like Second Young Master Fu be pursuing her  I think most probably Wen Ruan herself must have spread this rumor to gain face, right”

Although the womens voices were soft when they spoke, the sarcasm in their tones and the laughter that was hard to conceal were very piercing to the ear.

They exchanged glances with each other and their eyes held meaningful smiles but because of the atmosphere, they had to pretend to be reserved.

Right at this moment, there was a commotion at the door and the voices started to become a little louder.

“Miss Wen has arrived!”

Wen Ruan was beside Wen Fengchen.  With her head tilted slightly, she was patiently replying to the person who was talking to her while the corners of her lips were slightly curled up into a smile.

She was too outstanding.

Even though she was surrounded by a group of people, she could easily attract ones attention and after the first glance, one would have the urge to take a few more glances at her.

The makeup that Wen Ruan put on today was somewhat similar to the Hong Kong style.  For people with good-looking facial features, it could increase the sense of exquisiteness and become particularly captivating.

When she tilted her head to talk to people, the tail ends of her eyes seemed a little seductive.  Her attractive right-angled shoulders made her every movement exuded a sense of unique temperament.

The Wen Family is after all the Wen Family.

From the moment they stepped into the hall, there was an endless flow of people leading their family members forward to greet them.

After all, Wen Ruan is a young lady raised in a wealthy family.  Her manners are textbook perfect and magnanimous that no one could pick out the slightest flaw.

Qin Sushan had once said…….

Wen Ruan is someone who can give others the most eye-opening experience.  Only she can spend more than half an hour in a spicy hotpot restaurant arguing with the boss who had overcharged 50 cents more on the bill and she can also handle all kinds of people at this kind of high society banquets.

Finally, after circling one round in the hall, the elders and the young people separated into two groups.

Wen Ruan smiled and waved at her father before walking to her small circle of friends who were gossiping just now.

When they saw Wen Ruan approaching, the group of people instantly changed their expressions.  They moved to make space for her then crowded around her and as they admire the curve of her neck enviously, they straightened their backs.

“Ruan Ruan, weve been waiting a long time for you.”

“Thats right, we were thinking of you just now.”

Chatting with these plastic flower sisters is the most boring.

Wen Ruan raised her index finger, knocked on the wine glass, and then took a sip of red wine but did not say a word.

She was very certain that before she arrived, the topic of discussion in this group of people revolved around her and if she came any later, the new 44th version would certainly materialize and become the latest gossip.

When they saw that Wen Ruan was not interested in their courteous exchanges, they wisely changed the topic.

“Ai, do you know the matter regarding An Xuyin”

“Of course, everyone knows about our Eldest Young Miss, a pheasant who turned into a phoenix.”

“I heard that she doesnt even know how to wear high heels.  For this birthday party, the An Family especially found a teacher to give her special lessons but in the end, she still tripped all along the way.  Do you think this An Xuyin will be wearing sneakers when she offers  a toast”

When the soft female voice said those words mockingly, her tone was filled with sarcasm.  Although no foul words were said, it still caused anxiety to others.

“To me, An Mengqing is the most miserable.  Actually, she is the Eldest Young Miss raised in the An Family and her manners and demeanor are way beyond that of the little pheasant.  Unexpectedly, after this happened, she was sent back to that rotten place.”

“Ah  Why was she sent back to that poor place”

“It must be due to An Xuyins request.  She must be afraid that An Mengqing would steal her position, otherwise, do you believe that Mr.

An would be willing to send away the child that he had raised for so many years”

“It is so cruel to drive away others when one cant compare.”

This group of peoples idle chat will always revolve around one point and then spread out.  Because of Wen Ruans identity and her presence, it was difficult to chat, so they changed their target to An Xuyin.

And she is the protagonist of todays birthday party.

Wen Ruan tapped the table with her index finger with a slight frown and appeared to be a little impatient.

She had never liked listening to gossip and was even more incompatible with this topic.  But because she was attending a formal banquet, it was inappropriate for her to show her disgust.

Besides, she is not familiar with An Xuyin therefore, she need not be in the limelight.


Just when the group of women was chatting happily, they heard a loud noise, and then the sound of glass shattering followed.

Everyone subconsciously stopped talking and looked in the direction of the sound.

An Xuyin looked like a panic-stricken squirrel.  She was frantically holding up a few swaying wine glasses but most of them were already shattered on the ground after she bumped into them.

It seemed like An Xuyin had heard all those words just now.

All the ladies were silent for a while.  They looked at each other and then turned their heads away as if nothing had happened.

An Xuyin blushed and perhaps she felt ashamed, so after she had steadied the glasses, she turned around quickly and was prepared to flee.

But perhaps she truly did know how to walk with high heels, just as she took a step forward, she slipped and fell forward to the floor.


A taunting laugh sounded and like a catalyst that ignited a fire cable, mocking laughter soon rose one after another.

Although the volume was deliberately suppressed, it was extremely clear to An Xuyin.

An Xuyin bit her lower lip tightly and her face had turned so red as if it was about to bleed.

She hurriedly stood up, lowered her head, and made a move to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

At this moment, Wen Ruan suddenly put down her glass and straightened up from the table.  She looked at An Xuyin and said.

“Miss An, is it convenient for you to come over to my side”

An Xuyins back stiffened then turned her head around and the sparkles in her eyes were trembling.

She gave Wen Ruan a deep look and after staying quiet for a long time, she started to move.  With hands clenched tightly into fists, she walked to Wen Ruan without saying a word.

Then she put on an expression that showed her readiness to be humiliated.

Wen Ruan glanced at An Xuyin, turned her head around, and then reached out her hand to place it lightly on her shoulder.  Wen Ruan pulled An Xuyin to stand in front of her and then raised her chin toward the group of young ladies.

“Come, apologize to her.”

As soon as the words were said, everyone present was stunned.

An Xuyin trembled and then looked up at Wen Ruan with eyes full of astonishment.

Wen Ruan appeared calm.

“All of you were speaking ill of her in front of everyone just now and no one knows if those words were true, is that right  So isnt it right that all of you should apologize”

When she spoke, every word sounded very ordinary and although there was no sense of coercion, it made one feel an inexplicable sense of oppression.

At that moment, everyone looked at each other but no one took the initiative to speak.

Wen Ruan laughed.

“What  Can it be you want me to call out your names one by one and let me sort out your names to see who should apologize first  Dont you know that I have a bad temper”

Since it was put in such a way and in addition, the Wen Family is a wealthy family in Tong City that could not be offended.  Those people who talked arrogantly just now started to speak up at this moment and apologized to An Xuyin in a soft voice one by one.

Then one of the ladies who was wearing a fur shawl spoke up.  Perhaps the Fur Shawl felt that she had lost face and besides, other than Wen Ruan who has a strong background, this ladys family has the best standing among the rest.

“Ruan Ruan, this is not your banquet.  Dont you think its inappropriate for you to request that we apologize”

Wen Ruan lifted her eyes.  “Then whose banquet is this”

The Fur Shawl replied firmly.  “Of course, its the Ans……”

“So you do know that this banquet is hosted by the An Family.”  Wen Ruan interrupted and laughed softly.  “You dressed so glamorously to attend the hosts banquet but spoke ill of the hosts daughter.  What were you thinking”

The string of words made the arrogant womans cheeks turn red.


Perhaps she felt that she had lost face and was instantly filled with anger.  She tightened her hold on the shawl then lifted her arm to tilt the mouth of the glass she was holding in Wen Ruans direction and it seemed she wanted to splash the wine on Wen Ruan.


Before Wen Ruan had time to react, a hand with prominent knuckles pressed down on the ladys arm and after restraining her movement, the strength increased.

Wen Ruan looked down at the hand and as her gaze traveled over the hand moving upwards, she met a pair of familiar eyes.

Perhaps the argument was too intense just now, so no one noticed Fu Zhihuans arrival.

At this moment, his thin lips were tightly pursed and there was a hint of displeasure in his dark eyes.

There was a crisp sound.  The womans face became distorted with pain and her hands subconsciously loosened.  The next instant, the wine glass fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.  As a result, some wine splashed on the hem of her dress and she looked extremely embarrassed.

Fu Zhihuan released the hand that was holding the womans arm and calmly pulled out a tissue from the tissue holder beside him.  As he wiped his hand slowly, he turned around to look at Wen Ruan.

Wen Ruan who was still in a daze lifted her eyes to look at him subconsciously and then froze.

“Why are you……”

“Arent you cold”

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Fu Zhihuan and it sounded like he was still displeased.

Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment then looked down at her tube-top backless long gown and came back to her senses.

She gritted her teeth.  “Today is 35 degrees.”

Fu Zhihuan replied in a deep voice.  “This dress doesnt look nice.”

Wen Ruan felt indignant.  After walking around for so long, everyone had praised her gown and only this death-seeking straightforward man said it was ugly.

“Thats impossible!  This is the work of my favorite designer!”

Fu Zhihuan:  “There will always be accidental mistakes.”

“Thats impossible!  Its you who have a problem with your aesthetics!”

Silence descended all around.

Just now werent you engaged in a fight with swords drawn then the wine was splashed and a quarrel ensued  But why are the two of you starting to flirt with each other now

Total disrespect for the person youre quarreling with!

At this time, the woman wearing the fur shawl felt hurt and asked three questions in succession.

“Who are you  Are you sick  What has this to do with you”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head around and narrowed his eyes.  He laughed then leaned down and said slowly.

“What has this to do with me”

“I cant even bear to let a drop of rain fall on her, so how am I willing to let you splash a glass of wine on her


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