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Chapter 58 – Jin Chenhe

The rain did not show any signs of stopping and instead, it became heavier.

The smell of rainwater and soil floated in the air and the passageway was in the way of the blowing wind.  The biting night wind was mixed with droplets of water as it blew directly on Wen Ruans face.

She hissed softly, gritted her teeth in the cold, and then folded her arms over her chest.  She moved to the side and deliberately kept a safe distance from Fu Zhihuan.

Although the incident just now was over when she kept silent, it did not reduce the embarrassment at all.

Fu Zhihuan brushed off the water droplets on his body and lifted his eyes as he asked a question.

“Cant get a taxi”

Wen Ruan was in a bad mood and her tone sounded like she had swallowed gunpowder.

“If thats not it, why am I still here  Do you think Im accompanying you to enjoy the rain”

Fu Zhihuan smiled involuntarily.

Just as Wen Ruan finished speaking, she noticed a mother carrying her child in the distance running towards the passageway.  The legs of the mothers pants were already wet and strands of wet hair were stuck to her cheeks.

“Ai, we finally found a place to take cover from the rain.  Be good, Nan Nan, and stand still for a while.  Let mother help you wipe off the water.”

The mother put down the little girl in her arms who was about four to five years old.  The mothers chest still heaving and it seemed she still had not recovered from the running.

The little girl nodded obediently and lifted her face.  In her hand, she was holding a small windmill that was bought from a roadside stall and it spun vigorously in the blowing wind.

The mother frowned as she felt all over her pockets but still could not find any tissue and could only hold the hem of her cuff to help the child wipe her face.

“Just wait for a while, father will be coming to pick us up.”

“Auntie, I have some tissues here.”

Upon seeing the situation, Wen Ruan hurriedly pulled out a packet of tissue from her bag and handed it over.

“Use this.”

“Thank you…….thank you.”

The middle-aged woman quickly thanked Wen Ruan and pulled out a piece of tissue to wipe the little girls face earnestly.

“Nan Nan must quickly thank Big Sister.”

The little girl turned her head around and said in a soft voice while showing a timid look.  “Thank you, Big Sister.”

The little girl looked very cute.

Wen Ruan was moved to tears and felt that her heart that was hurt by Fu Zhihuan today was finally healed.

She squatted down and had an urge to touch the little childs head.

But the little girl clammed up and drilled into her mothers arms.

The woman looked a little embarrassed.

“Im sorry, she is a little afraid of strangers.”

“Its okay.”  Wen Ruan laughed and showed an understanding expression.  “Its better for children to be like this.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a cry.

The windmill that the little girl was holding had fallen to the ground.  The little girl immediately straightened up from her mothers arms and then reached out her hand to pick up the windmill.

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes, bent down to help her pick it up, and then squatted in front of the little girl while holding up the windmill.


The little girl was stunned for a moment and stared at Fu Zhihuan in front of her with her round eyes without blinking.  A moment later, she broke into a smile, stretched out her hand to take the windmill, and then shouted out sweetly.

“Thank you, Big Brother!”

After she finished speaking, she stretched out her short arms and coquettishly held up her arms for a hug and it seemed she wanted Fu Zhihuan to hold her.

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Why are you not afraid of strangers now

This little girl is actually two-faced!

The little girls mother seemed embarrassed as well, so she let out a cough and tried to ease the atmosphere.

“Are you a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend  Both of you seem to be a good match.”

New hatred was superimposed over old hatred.

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth and looked at the face in front of her that even little girls were unwilling to let go of and anger filled her voice.

“No!  Im not familiar with him!  Who is familiar with him!  Not a good match……not a good match at all!”

The woman was startled momentarily by the string of denials.

A long while later, the woman came back to her senses, shook her head helplessly, and said with a smile.

“Forget it, dont get angry with your boyfriend.  The young man is so handsome, he looks more reliable than the one in my family.  And how will couples not quarrel  Just dont hurt each others feelings and thats good enough.”

Wen Ruan:  “No…….Im not together with him.”

Fu Zhihuan rubbed the little girls head then stood up and added warmly.

“No, not yet…….”

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth.  “What did you reply”

He smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and said in a tone that sounded a little condescending.

“Im a bit more to the point.”


Suddenly, she realized something was amiss.

Why does this conversation seem a little familiar

The little girl was still standing beside Fu Zhihuan acting coquettishly while holding up the windmill in her hand.

“Look!  Big Brother!  Windmill!  Look!”

Fu Zhihuan felt helpless and reached out his hand to rub his temples.  Then he squatted down and responded with a few words to coax the child.

“Mm, I see it.”

When she looked at the incomparably harmonious adult and child, Wen Ruan almost ran out of the passageway in anger.  She looked fiercely at the face in front of her that attracted the bees and butterflies and scolded him repeatedly in her heart.

As expected, he is a male vixen!

At this moment, the girls mother glanced across the street and suddenly shouted happily as she beckoned.

“Ai!  Old Jin!  Were over here!”

Then a middle-aged man with a broad physique holding a black umbrella rushed over in a hurry.

Looking at his anxious appearance, he is most probably the womans husband.

“I finally found you!  The rain is so heavy, did you get wet”

“Its okay, we quickly found a place to take cover from the rain.”

“Where is Nan Nan”

“Here……look at her, she is unwilling to let others go.  Old Jin, you have to educate your daughter when we go back and teach her a few things about growing up.”

Although the wife spoke in such a way, her face was full of sweetness.  She turned to the side so her husbands view was not obstructed.

“Nan Nan, Father is here.”

The husband rubbed his hands together cheerfully and looked in the direction of his daughter.

“Precious, do you want………”

Before he finished speaking, he stopped abruptly.

When Fu Zhihuan heard the mans voice earlier on, his hands had stopped moving and looked in the direction of the husband with narrowed eyes.

At this moment, the eyes of the two men clashed and the atmosphere seemed to have turned quiet at this particular moment.  Even the noise of the rain outside seemed to be muted.

It was a face that Fu Zhihuan would never forget in his life.

Jin Chenhe…….

The only clue in the murder case of Fu Yuqing.

It was obvious that Jin Chenhe also recognized Fu Zhihuan.  He seemed to have frozen into a statue, his pupils shrank and there was a brief flash of panic in his eyes.


The atmosphere felt very strange.

Fu Zhihuan stared at the man in front of him with his dark eyes.  He pursed his thin lips lightly and seemed not to show much expression but his body exuded a suppressed aura that made all the people present could not help but keep silent.

Whats the matter

Wen Ruan could not understand the situation in front of her.

Can it be that these two people know each other

Just when she thought the surroundings would remain quiet forever, suddenly a throaty roar broke the tension.

“F**k, whats going on here!  Stay far away from my family!”

Blue veins popped up all over Jin Chenhes forehead.  He pulled his daughter away from Fu Zhihuan and then placed one hand on Fu Zhihuans shoulder while his other hand clenched into a fist.  His movement was swift like the wind and his fist swung towards Fu Zhihuans stomach.

The wife did not have time to react and covering her childs eyes, she shouted.  “Jin Chenhe!  What are you doing!

Wen Ruan hesitated for half a second and then quickly stepped forward to stop the mans movement.

However, before she could move, Fu Zhihuan held down the mans hand that was grabbing his shoulder, and then with great precision, he slammed back the fist that was aimed at his stomach.

Panic filled Jin Chenhes heart but he still shouted with strength.

“F**k, what the hell are you going to do!  If you dare to cause trouble for my family, Ill make you……..*cough* ! !”

Before Jin Chenhe could finish speaking, Fu Zhihuans eyebrows knotted up and his eyes turned dark.  He spun his body around neatly, shot his hand upwards to grab Jin Chenhes neck, and shoved him hard against the wall.

The wife panicked and her voice rose several notches higher.

“Stop fighting!”

Wen Ruan was shocked.

Because it was rare to see Fu Zhihuan act like this.

He has always been calm and rational.  Even when he helped Xu Zeming out of trouble, he was still as calm as ever, neither arrogant nor impetuous, and without the slightest show of anger.

But now, it is totally different from before!

Fu Zhihuans eyes were a little red and the red blood veins were very distinct.

It was as if the peaceful body had been shattered by an ax and the uncontrollable anger had erupted from it giving others a sense of heavy oppression.

What was even more frightening was that Fu Zhihuans hand around the mans neck seemed to be tightening.

Upon seeing that the situation had turned worse, Wen Ruan quickly grabbed hold of Fu Zhihuans arm and moved in front of him.

“Fu Zhihuan!”

He did not move.

Wen Ruan raised her voice higher.

“Fu Zhihuan!

Finally, her shout seemed to have suddenly struck a certain chord in Fu Zhihuans mind.  His eyelashes fluttered slightly and a flash of faint light seemed to appear in his pair of dark and terrifying eyes.

He lowered his eyes and was silent for a moment before he released his hands without a word.

Jin Chenhes legs had turned weak and he leaned against the wall.  Then he slipped down to the ground and coughed very hard as though he was about to die.

The wife hurriedly went forward to check whether her husband was injured.

Fu Zhihuan did not move and just stood in front of the man calmly.  Although he did not say a word, it still make people break out in cold sweat.

Finally, Jin Chenhe could breathe and rubbed his neck.  His face had turned red and he said with gritted teeth.

“Let me tell you, I dont know anything about what happened 20 years ago!  If you keep pestering my family, Ill……”


Fu Zhihuan rotated his wrists, twitched the corner of his lips, and crouched down to look at the little girl who was frightened and had shrunk back.  Although there was a smile in his tone, it did not seem to reach his heart.


Jin, it has been a long time since we met…….so this is your daughter……”

The half-smiling tone made Jin Chenhe tremble.  He shoved his wife away and aggressively moved forward to grab Fu Zhihuans collar.

Wen Ruan frowned at the side and quickly grabbed hold of Jin Chenhes arm.  She raised her eyebrows slightly and her tone sounded a bit cold.

“Although I dont know what happened between the both of you, dont blame me for being unreasonable if you continue to provoke with your actions.”

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

The wife hurriedly pulled the child backward and stepped forward to say.

“Old Jin, it was a coincidence that I met them here when I took cover from the rain.  Why are you acting like this  Did you run into trouble and kept it hidden from me again”

When Jin Chenhe heard this, his back stiffened, and withdrew his hands angrily but his eyes were still trained on Fu Zhihuan.

No one answered.

The wife became even more anxious and hurriedly persuaded with a dry smile.

“Mister, when my husband was young, he did indeed cause a lot of trouble but he hadnt done anything bad for a long time.  If he had offended you in the past, please dont take it to heart.  Now both of us just want to lead a simple life and live well.  Ill keep an eye on him and wont let him cause any more trouble outside.”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes.

The last time he met Jin Chenhe was five years ago.

At that time, he was still a gangster in the market street who walked around shirtless with distinctive tattoos on his body and constantly fought with people at the slightest instigation.

But now he is much thinner, has grown a beard, and no longer looks like a ruffian.  Currently, he looks more like a father and husband.

It seems like he is ready to lead a proper life.

Fu Zhihuan swept a glance at the surroundings.

The little girl trembled as she stepped back and looked at the person in front of her nervously.


Fu Zhihuan lowered his eyes.  A long while later, he laughed softly and reached out to rub the little girls head gently.  Then he stood up to walk in front of Jin Chenhe and said to him in a lowered voice.

“Go home, Mr.

Jin………its raining heavily tonight, dont let your child catch a cold.”

Jin Chenhe was clenching his fists tightly but when he heard the words, he gave Fu Zhihuan a strange look and bit his lower lip.  Then without a word, he picked up his child, handed the umbrella to his wife, and they walked into the rain.

The family of three huddled under the big umbrella as they walked further and further away.

Wen Ruan watched as they left.  With a slight frown, she thought for a while and then turned around.

“What was that about  Youre usually not like that.  Who is that man……..”

Who knew that when she turned her head around, she was so shocked that all the words became stuck in her throat, and could not utter a word.

Fu Zhihuan looked as though he was in deep pain.

He was hugging his abdomen tightly with one hand while his other hand was propped up against the wall.  Because he was using too great a force, the veins on the back of his hand became clearly defined.  A layer of cold sweat was forming on his forehead and the droplets of sweat dripped on the ground and even his lips had turned slightly pale.

“Whats the matter with you!”

When Wen Ruan saw him in this state, the anger in her heart instantly dissipated and she hurried forward to help him.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and the red veins in his eyes were very distinct.

He watched the receding back view of the family of three as they gradually condensed into a dot in the rain.

After so many years, it turned out that it was only a momentary thing……

After torturing himself for so long…….

He still did not leave anything behind on behalf of Fu Yuqing…….

And he was unable to accomplish anything……..


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