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Chapter 46 – White Lotus

Wen Ruan opened the suitcase and hung her clothes back into the closet piece by piece.

Earl kept circling her feet and from time to time, it would rub its small head against her legs and call out in a whiny voice.

It looked like it really missed her.

Wen Ruan was quite moved.  She reached out to pick up Earl and placed her face on its forehead.

“Do you miss me”

Ear meowed sweetly and stuck out its tongue to lick Wen Ruans face.  It jumped down from her arms, then bit and tugged her trouser legs to walk outside.

As she followed Earl out, Wen Ruan lamented that all things have spirits and that pets can truly heal the human heart.

Then she watched as Earl ran to the side of its food box and nudged it with its head.  The cries sounded even sweeter than before.



Wen Ruan retracted the feeling she had just now.

As expected, it was carved out from the same mold as its master.

Although she had this thought, she still took out the cat food from the cupboard and poured it into the food box.

Earl swayed its tail as it munched on the cat food.

Wen Ruan sighed helplessly, squatted down to stroke the cats back, and looked at the empty living room.

She recalled the conversation she had with Xie Yanchi just now and lowered her eyes.  Suddenly, her thoughts surged.

No, it cant go on like this!

Wen Ruan gritted her teeth and stood up to walk to the window.  After taking a deep breath, she seriously made a call to her father.

After a few rings, the phone was connected.

To avoid being thwarted by her fathers words, Wen Ruan decided to be the first one to speak.  So she spoke up as soon as the line was connected.


Wen Fengchen, I have something to inform you.  Note that this is a notification, not a discussion.  Although I dont know what you were thinking about these days, I hope you will end the engagement with the Second Young Master of the Fu Family immediately.  Im now able to live independently on my own, so I hope I can choose someone I like.”

“I already have someone I like.  Even though he is just an ordinary prosecutor and were not together yet, Ive made up my mind.  I hope you will cancel the marriage immediately so that I can formally pursue the person I like.”

Wen Ruans words were spoken with great confidence and her words were clear, logical, and very deterrent.

She was very satisfied with her statement.

There was a long silence on the other end of the line.

After a long time, a female voice that was trembling slightly sounded.

“Young Miss, Mr.

Wen is in a meeting now.  Can you call back later or…….shall I inform him now”


Wen Ruan quickly hung up the phone.  Just now she was still full of confidence but after hearing the voice of her fathers assistant, she instantly squatted on the floor.  Her whole body was curled into a ball, her face turned red and it seemed as though she could only hear her heart pounding.

A long time later, she finally could not hold back……


So embarrassing!

She had actually bared everything in front of outsiders!

And it was in front of that little assistant who works in her fathers office!

For a female assistant like her who is a gossip front-liner, she will surely tell all her good sisters secretly immediately after knowing about this matter.

And those good sisters will tell their good sisters…….

In short, wont the whole company know that Miss Wen is going to pursue someone

When Wen Ruan thought of this scene, she was overwhelmed with embarrassment and goosebumps rose all over her body.

Truly embarrassing!

It was all the fault of the Fu Familys Second Young Master!  If she sees him one day, she will definitely dismember him!

Just at this moment, a call came in.  Wen Ruan picked it up without looking at the screen and said in a tone that was a little unhappy because of what happened just now.

“Hello  Anything”

On the other end, Fu Zhihuans light laugh sounded.

“Why are you feeling unhappy again”

Wen Ruan immediately put away her depressed mood.

“Im fine, its just that Earl jumped around and stepped on my hair.”

“Mm……..”  Fu Zhihuan replied lightly.  “Ill teach it a lesson when I come home.”


Suddenly, she became silent and buried her head slowly in her arms with cheeks that were slowly turning red.

This man is indeed seducing her!


Fu Zhihuan:  “Are you at home”


“Can you bring a document over to me  Its on the desk in the study.”

She agreed and went up to the second floor to open the study door.

She subconsciously glanced at the Tao Xun that was on the desk and then immediately withdrew her gaze.

“Is it the yellow document folder”

“Yes…….check the date to see if it is dated the day before yesterday.”

With the phone wedged between her shoulder and ear, she picked up the folder and was about to flip through it when she suddenly heard a cat meowing from the door.

She looked up and saw Earl standing outside the door, poking its head into the study.

“Earl, wait you cant come in.”

She put down the file she was holding in her hands and walked to Earl with the intention to carry it and place it outside.

There were too many fragile and valuable items in the study.

As cats love to jump and crawl, it is easy for the items to break.

However, Earl seemed not to hear and with a leap, it brushed past Wen Ruan.  It jumped straight onto the desk and then stepping on its paws, it looked like it wants to jump up to the higher levels of the bookcase.

Suddenly, Wen Ruan had a bad feeling.

“Wait a minute, dont jump!…….”

However, before she could finish speaking, Earl had jumped onto the glass cover that encased the Tao Xun, and then with a leap, it reached the top level of the bookcase.

The base tray of the glass cover was originally placed at the edge of the desk and at this moment when it was shaken, one side slid off the desk and then the whole glass casing fell onto the ground due to gravity.

Wen Ruan subconsciously reached out her hands to catch it but it was too late as she was too far away.

The glass case fell to the ground and shattered.

“Whats wrong  Wen Ruan”

Fu Zhihuans voice sounded from the phone that was placed on the desk.

She squatted down and picked up the Tao Xun from the shattered glass fragments.

Tao Xun, this kind of musical instrument has always been fragile.  Although it was lucky that the Tao Xun did not break into pieces this time, a crack appeared on it and a piece had broken off from the blowhole.

“Wen Ruan”

Fu Zhihuans faint voice could still be heard from the phone.

Wen Ruan lowered her eyes.

She recalled when Fu Zhihuan was talking about this Tao Xun a few days ago, his eyes showed his troubled thoughts, and his serious tone when he mentioned it was agift for someone very important.  A complex feeling arose in her heart.

He would definitely be very angry if the thing that he wanted to gift to someone very important is broken.

Wen Ruan thought about it and after a long time had passed, she stood up to pick up the phone.  After a long silence, she said.  “…….Sorry, I didnt close the door of the study and Earl knocked the Tao Xun off the desk.”

There was silence at the other end of the line.

Wen Ruans eyelashes trembled slightly.  The surrounding air seemed to be frozen and only her light breathing could be heard.

Her voice shook slightly.

“Im truly sorry, I will look for good craftsmen…….”

“Dont touch the shattered glass.”

It was a long time later that Fu Zhihuans calm and steady voice sounded from the other end.

“Did you injure your hand”

Wen Ruan was slightly startled.  “No……”

“Um, thats good.”  He laughed softly and then said.  “Its okay, Ill get the part-time auntie to clear the glass fragments.  Dont touch the fragments, its easy to get hurt.”

She understood that Fu Zhihuan did not blame her.

But it made her feel even more troubled and as she carefully placed the Tao Xun on the desk, she said softly.


“Wen Ruan, you dont have to apologize to me.  Its not your fault.”

Fu Zhihuans tone sounded like it was just a trivial matter and he said slowly.

“Moreover, it is a gift from a long time ago…….and it should have been kept away.”

The call ended.

Wen Ruan could deduce from his tone that although he sounded casual and lighthearted, he still cares about the Tao Xun.

She took a deep breath and leaned down to carefully study the details of the Tao Xun.  Then she pulled out her mobile phone and snapped a photo.  Following that, she opened Xie Yanchis WeChat and sent him the photo.

[Wen Ruan]:  Do you know of any place where a Tao Xun can be customized

[Xie Yanchi]:  ……Do you really think Im yourtool

[Wen Ruan]:  50,000 will be transferred to you.

[Xie Yanchi]:  Its not a big deal…….let me help you find out.


After Fu Zhihuan hung up the call, he put the phone aside casually and closed his eyes.  Leaning against the headboard, he raised his hand and pinched his brow bone repeatedly.

When he heard of the incident from Wen Ruan, his reaction was indeed much calmer than expected.

It was not something bad.

In the past, he had always placed the Tao Xun in the most conspicuous place.

If this is said to be a kind of longing then it is more like a knot in his heart that he could not let go of.

It is only today that Fu Zhihuan realized…….

He did not know when it started…….his life no longer only has the past.

“Whats the matter”  Zhao Zichen poured out two glasses of water and handed over a glass to him.  “Are you having a headache because of Peng Mengyin”


Fu Zhihuan opened his eyes and took the glass of water.

“After so many years, people who hate me are numerous, so theres no need to be overly worried about which particular one.”

Zhao Zichen laughed.  “You are indeed light-hearted over this.”

He turned around and leaned against the edge of the bed.  After taking a sip of water, he said casually.

“I suddenly remembered that I havent seen much of your family ever since college.  Since youre involved in a car accident, are you sure you dont want to inform your parents”

The corners of Fu Zhihuans lips twitched and his tone sounded somewhat casual.

“Not necessary, Im not dead yet.  I dont want them to worry.”


Zhao Zichen sighed and frowned.

“Forget it, Im too lazy to talk to you.”

When it was time for the ward rounds, several doctors in white coats and nurses entered the room and conducted routine checks on Fu Zhihuans physical condition.

Zhao Zichen wisely withdrew from the room and waited outside the door.

A long time later, he suddenly heard footsteps approaching the ward.

Zhao Zichen thought it was Wen Ruan, so he raised his head and subconsciously said.  “The doctor is checking……”

“Is Prosecutor Fu already awake”

Peng Mengyin was carrying a thermal food container in her hand.  She glanced into the ward and the corners of her lips rose slightly.  She seemed to have the gentle temperament of a good wife and mother.

“Senior Brother, I stewed some chicken soup and prepared some white rice porridge.”

Zhao Zichens words were stuck in his throat.

Although Peng Mengyin was the prime suspect, the conclusion was only based on their speculation without any solid evidence to prove that she is the murderer who planned the car accident.

It would not be a good move to deliberately put her on alert or to recklessly give her the cold treatment at this time.

“Prosecutor Fu had just woke up from a car accident.  He should eat some nutritious food, so I got up early this morning to prepare this……..”

As she spoke, she raised her index finger to rub her cheek gently and her tone sounded cautious.

“Senior Brother wont blame me for taking the initiative, right”


Only then did Zhao Zichen realize that it was impossible to reject because of the words spoken by some women.

However, at this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded from afar and Wen Ruan was walking from one end of the corridor toward them.

She was holding a document folder in one hand and carrying a food box with her other hand.


Zhao, is this little sister your girlfriend”

When Zhao Zichen looked in the direction of Wen Ruan, it was as if he was looking at his savior.

Peng Mengyin had her back facing Wen Ruan and when she heard the familiar voice, she froze.  Her eyes drooped imperceptibly and after a while, she straightened up as if nothing had happened.  She turned her head around and said with a smile.

“Oh, its Miss Wen Ruan.”

Wen Ruan stood in front of Peng Mengyin and looked at her.  The corners of her lips curled and she started to smile magnanimously.  “Hello!”

“Hello…….”  Peng Mengyin nodded and replied with a smile.  “But Im not Mr.

Zhaos girlfriend, Im still single at the moment.”

“Is that so”  Wen Ruan became thoughtful.  She leaned down to take a close look at the thermal food container in Peng Mengyins hand and said with a smile.  “Is this for Fu Zhihuan”

Peng Mengyin nodded.  “Yes.”

“What a coincidence.”  Wen Ruan smiled and raised the food box in her hand.  “Ive also prepared some food as well.”

Peng Mengyin pursed her lips and a gentle smile appeared on her face.  “Then……”

“Then Ive to trouble this little sister to let me have this opportunity.”

There was a hint of a smile in Wen Ruans eyes.  She raised her index finger then placed it on her lips and made asilence gesture.

“It cant be helped.  Presently, Im pursuing Prosecutor Fu, so you should understand, right”

Peng Mengyin:  “……”

The smile on Wen Ruans face was just right.  It was the kind that looked sweet and non-aggressive which made people unable to refuse.

Peng Mengyin lowered her eyes and after a long time, she said.  “Okay.”

Wen Ruan half-squinted her eyes.  “Thank you.”

Its needless to compete with me on who is being morewhite lotus*!

Since Ive never lost before!

(White lotus means a person who looks pure and simple but harbors sinister thoughts while pretending to be good and kind.)


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