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Chapter 24 – Amusement Park

As soon as it was dawn, Wen Ruan got up and started to fiddle with the skincare and selected her clothes.

After trying seven to eight outfits in a row, she finally chose an off-shoulder white chiffon long dress with a straight neckline.

She admired herself in the mirror for a while.

Extremely satisfied!

With the straight neckline half-covering and half-revealing her beautiful collarbone, she looks simply pure and tempting.

Last night, to prepare for thisdate today, Wen Ruan stayed up the whole night reviewing all the videos on the beauty and fashion section of B-Web (a video-sharing website) uploaded by the UP Masters.  Finally, she focused on a theme that was very refreshing and outstanding at first glance.

[Japanese soft cute innocent makeup].  A must-learn for daily dating.  TOP1 – Makeup that appeals to males.  Makes mens hearts pound instantly.

Looks like this is custom-made for her!

So she quickly sat in front of the make-up mirror and while watching the video, she started to make up for the date.

When Fu Zhihuan passed by Wen Ruans room the first time, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of her pursing her lips and holding a pair of tweezers to carefully shape her eyebrows.

“What are you doing”

“Pulling the hairs off my brows.”


Perhaps in Fu Zhihuans field of knowledge, he would never be able to understand why girls pull the hairs off their eyebrows.

So he left without asking any further questions while holding a glass of water.

Ten minutes later when Fu Zhihuan passed by the door of Wen Ruans room for the second time, he caught a glimpse of her still pursing her lips and fiddling with her eyebrows carefully.

“What are you doing again”

“Drawing my brows.”

After a long silence, he asked.  “Why do you need to draw”

“To make the eyebrows look more luxuriant.”

“If thats the case, why did you pull it out just now”


She put down the eyebrow pencil in her hand and took a deep breath.  Then she turned her head around to look at him and smiled.

“Earl seems to be calling for you in the living room just now.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Zhihuan frowned and seemed he wanted to speak more.

But Wen Ruan did not give him a chance to speak.  Instead, she stood up with a smile then walked over to Fu Zhihuan and mercilessly slammed the door shut.

She, Wen Ruan, will never put on makeup in front of a straight guy from now on!


Today is a sunny day.

On the way to pick up Simon, Wen Ruan sat upright in the passenger seat and even straightened her back deliberately.  From time to time, she would also use her hand to ruffle her hair.

Just like the kind of flirtatious heroine one sees in the movies.

Today, she sprayed some perfume on the back of her neck, ears, and wrists.  It was the kind that was refreshing, not irritating, and carried a light fragrance.

In addition, she took a special bath and washed her hair last night.

So today, her charm index is 5 stars!

Although Wen Ruan was filled with anxiety and expectation throughout the journey, she did not see that nasty man let out a fart!

After waiting and waiting, she started to feel worried.

So she let out a cough and took the initiative to talk while they were waiting at the traffic lights.

She gathered her hair to one side and propped her arm against the car door to support her head.  Then she looked in the direction of Fu Zhihuan and said in a sweet and suppressed tone.

“Do you see any difference in me today compared to yesterday”

He glanced at her.  “You have a sore throat”


“You have a cold”


“Drink more water.”

Wen Ruans face instantly fell.  She pursed her lips then turned around without a word and turned her back on Fu Zhihuan.  Then she sank into the seat as if a dark cloud had gathered above her head.

He did not quite understand the emotional fluctuations of the person beside him.  After waiting for a while, when he noticed that she was still silent, he turned his head around to look at her.

Then his eyes darkened.

Wen Ruans chiffon dress was fastened with strings at the back.

From this angle, with a glance, one could see her pair of beautiful shoulder blades and fair skin that was as smooth as porcelain.

Fu Zhihuans eyes dimmed and his hands that were holding the steering wheel tightened slightly.

After a long silence, he withdrew his gaze and turned back to look at the traffic lights ahead.  Then he lifted his hand to adjust his collar.

It was a simple action but it contained an inexplicable restlessness.

And on the other side, Wen Ruan was so angry that she was smoking from the seven orifices.

She has always been a champion at sleeping but this morning, she got up at 6 oclock to put on makeup.  Not only did she wear disposal color contact lenses, but she also drew her eyes and wore a new lipstick color.  Most importantly, she had also curled her hair before coming out.

After dressing up so meticulously, this nasty man did not even notice anything!

So hateful!

As a result, the atmosphere in the car dropped to freezing point and they were almost frozen solid.

And it was until Simon got into the car that the rigid atmosphere dissipated.

“Hello, Sister Wen.”

Jiang Zishen seemed to be in high spirits and had even abandoned the idea of greeting her with the title ofAuntie

She did not throw her temper at the child and instead turned her head to smile and stroke Jiang Zishens hair.

“Good morning.”

Jiang Zishen took a serious look at Wen Ruan and then said in a crisp voice.

“Sister Wen Ruan, youre very beautiful today.  Your new hairstyle and the color of your eyes look very good and the scent on your body smells so nice!  And the color of your lips seems different from yesterday!”

The gloom in Wen Ruans heart was instantly swept away and she even forgot about the little brats threat yesterday.

She let out a cough and turned to look at Fu Zhihuan.  Then she lifted her chin proudly and deliberately raised the volume of her voice.

“Simon is so smart.  At such a young age, you can notice things that adults in their twenties cant even do so.”

A certain adult in his twenties turned his head around and stared at Wen Ruan for a long time.  Then he suddenly laughed.

“So, you wanted praise from me”

Wen Ruan was startled and then hurriedly avoided Fu Zhihuans gaze.  She bit her lips and blushed.

“Who……..who wanted it”

With a smile in his eyes, Fu Zhihuan tapped his fingers lightly on the steering wheel and said.

“The new hairstyle and the perfume are very suitable for you.”

She felt her heart suddenly stop beating for a second.  Subconsciously, she pinched the edge of her skirt and raised her eyes to look at Fu Zhihuan.

Can it be that this man is finally about to get enlightened

“However, therell be a sharp drop in temperature around 4 oclock this afternoon.  The fine weather will change to cloudy skies with a possibility of moderate winds and light rain.”

Fu Zhihuan paused then glanced at the clothes on Wen Ruan and added lightly.

“Constantly being exposed to the cold air and not wearing warm clothes for protection will easily lead to chronic illnesses.  You should develop the habit of checking the weather forecast first before leaving the house.”

Enlightened……..my foot!

This time, the whole car descended into silence and even Jiang Zishen who was in the back seat kept quiet.

Cant be led.

Really cant be led.

Wen Ruan was silent for a while.  Then she turned her head away without speaking and her expression sank visibly.

After a long time had passed, she spoke up and her voice seemed to have dropped several degrees.


Fu, Im initiating a 5-hour cold war with you and during this period, please dont talk to me.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”


Jiang Zishen felt that this matter was difficult to handle.

Wen Ruan was a person who kept her words.  Ever since she got off the car and entered the amusement park, she did not speak to Fu Zhihuan again.

Therefore, the two people depended on Jiang Zishen to communicate.

For example……

“Tell your Uncle Fu, I want to go to the washroom first.”

“Okay…….Uncle Fu, Sister Wen says she wants to go to the washroom.”


“Sister Wen, Uncle Fu said its fine.”

So both of them were clearly less than half a meter apart but they had to depend on Jiang Zishen to pass on their words for half an hour.

In the end, the tormented little classmate, Jiang Zishen decided that this painful cold war must end as soon as possible.

He thought about the love scenes of the male and female protagonists that he had seen in the drama series on TV and then focused his eyes on the Ferris wheel not far away.

Thats right, the Ferris wheel!

The beginning of all idol dramas always starts here.

So he stretched out his little hand to point at the Ferris wheel and said sweetly.

“Sister Wen Ruan, lets ride on the Ferris wheel.”

Wen Ruan glanced in the direction that Jiang Zishen was pointing with his finger and her heart tightened.

She has been afraid of heights since young and basically, she had distanced herself from almost all the rides in the amusement park.

Now standing at the bottom and looking up, she felt flustered and her legs had turned weak.

So Wen Ruan swallowed and quietly took two steps back.  Showing a dry smile, she tried to divert Jiang Zishens attention.

“The Ferris wheel is not fun!  You can only sit and waste time on it.  Its very boring.  Why dont we go to the childrens play area and take a look”

When Fu Zhihuan heard, he turned his head and swept a glance over Wen Ruan.

Her face was a little pale and her tone sounded different from before.  She seemed to be concealing her panic and even her eyes were flickering a little.

Is she afraid of heights

Jiang Zishen tried to persuade again.  “Its alright, I think……”


Fu Zhihuan patted the childs back lightly and said in a soft voice.

“Lets go and take a look at the other places.”

Since both protagonists had refused, Jiang Zishen had no choice but to abandon the plan.

With his head drooping, he moved forward a few steps and unexpectedly, caught sight of a shooting stall.

And the first prize was the model of Iron Man that he had liked for a long time!

Jiang Zishens expression suddenly brightened up and he tugged on Wen Ruans sleeve while pointing in that direction.

“I want that!”

Wen Ruan glanced in the direction that Jiang Zishen pointed.

Shooting balloons.

It did not look like a difficult game.  Not to mention, when she was a child, she had secretly played with slingshots at the rear playground with her kindergarten classmates and had never missed a shot.

So Wen Ruan agreed and strode forward with arrogance as she led Jiang Zishen towards the balloon-shooting stall.

Fu Zhihuan smiled and followed them.  He leaned on the counter situated on the other side and watched as Wen Ruan confidently picked up the gun and paid the money happily.

The boss got up cheerfully.

“Little Miss, thirty yuan for ten shots.  That Iron Man can be taken away with eight successful shots.”

Eight shots.

She pondered for a while and then estimated the distance of the balloons.

The balloons did not seem very far away and with so many balloons, it should not be a problem.

Just like that, she paid the money confidently.

And then ten shots were fired neatly………

Nothing happened.

Wen Ruan calmly analyzed.

“There must be something wrong with your guns.”

Boss:  “Impossible.  We are doing a legitimate business.”

Jiang Zishen was silent for a while.  Then he reached out to pull Wen Ruans sleeve and said.

“Why not let me try”

Wen Ruan felt that she would not be outdone by a child, so she paid the money and lifted him onto the chair.

Then, another ten shots were fired………

Nothing happened.

However, before Wen Ruan could laugh aloud, one of the balloons swayed then swung a reflex arc and burst.


The boss laughed.

“Congratulations, this child made a hit!  The prize is a candy!”

Although he did not get the Iron Man, Jiang Zishen still felt very honorable as he had defeated an adult.

He proudly took the candy and put it into his pocket.

“Im going to write this in my composition when I go back today!”

Wen Ruan felt that this incident was a naked provocation and insult to her.

So she was unable to accept it and wanted to battle with the balloons.  After a fierce exchange of money and guns, there was finally a loud explosion…….


The boss smiled brightly.

“Congratulations, Little Miss…….for getting a hit after shooting 32 times in a row!  This is your candy!”

…….Why must you be so detailed in your speech

Wen Ruan was not happy at all.  She pursed her lips grievously and finally realized that she might not have any shooting talent at all.

And she was not even comparable to a student!

Fu Zhihan stood at the side and watched them for about ten minutes with his arms folded over his chest.

He could clearly see that she was upset with some disappointment showing in her eyes.

When the little lady was unhappy, even her eyelashes trembled and unhappiness was written all over her body.

Fu Zhihuan sighed silently.  Then he straightened up and walked to Wen Ruan.

Since the money for the shots had been paid, the remaining eight shots had to be fired.

Although she felt very depressed, Wen Ruan still picked up the gun and was prepared to do battle with the balloons for the 33rd time.

But just as she was about to pull the trigger, an arm suddenly rested on the side of her body.

The next second, she was shrouded in a black shadow and her whole body was surrounded by that familiar lingering aura.

“This is not the right way to hold a gun.”

Fu Zhihuan was standing only half a fist width away from her at this moment and she could even distinctly feel the scorching heat of his body on her back.

Although they were not very close to each other, there was still a burning sensation.

“Come, hold tight.”

Wen Ruan was stunned for a moment.  Her mind went blank in an instant and she could only hear his husky and slightly magnetic voice in her ears.

His breath seemed to be brushing over her earlobes and causing a tingling sensation.

Fu Zhihuan raised his hand and helped Wen Ruan to hold the gun steady.  Then he held her arm and taught her to adjust her posture step by step.

Perhaps it was for convenience sake in guiding her, Fu Zhihuan bent down to adjust to Wen Ruans height.

If one did not look carefully, it seemed as though she was being embraced by him.

“Dont get too close to the target and lean your head back.”

“Find your breathing point.”


F**k, can she relax!

Although Wen Ruan recited many times in her heart to stay calm, her heart was still in chaos.

The more he talked, the more rapid her breathing became.

Finally, she heard Fu Zhihuans voice that sounded like he was laughing.

“Little kid, why are you so nervous”


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