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Chapter 15 – Drunk (2)

Perhaps it was because Wen Ruan moved too quickly so when she turned around her hair inadvertently brushed over Fu Zhihuans thin lips.

He shifted his gaze and fixed his eyes on her face.

The corner of his lips curved and then slowly and elegantly, he lifted his thumb to gently wipe his lower lip.

Wen Ruan was taken aback.

Foul move!  How can this guy be so arrogantly handsome!

“Thats right!”  Yellow Hair regained his senses and desperately agreed.  As he rubbed his arm, he said.  “I was just kidding……”


Before Yellow Hair could finish the sentence, he received a sharp slap on his face and it sounded exceptionally clear in the empty shop.

Wen Ruan retracted her hand and shook it in disgust.  Then she sneered and said.

“What do you mean byright  Who permitted you to interrupt  Even though I didnt let him hit you, it doesnt mean I cant hit you!  I just gave you a bit of face and you started to get fresh with me.  Do you know this is sexual harassment”

“You look very young, so you should have just graduated from high school, is that correct  Didnt anyone teach you to respect girls  If there is a next time, Ill personally send you to the police station to teach you a lesson.  Anyway, I have the patience and energy, so Im not afraid of squandering time on you.”

With a hand covering his face, Yellow Hair stood frozen a short distance away without responding for a long time.

Wen Ruan did not speak to him anymore and after picking up the hangover medicine, she turned around and left the pharmacy with Fu Zhihuan.

While crossing the road, she said vehemently.  “How can you hit people  Youre a public officer!  If anyone finds out about this, you will definitely be criticized!  However, I wont be affected, so in future, I will deal with this kind of matter myself!”

“Next time dont touch alcohol anymore.   If you cant drink, then dont drink.  Next time…….ai”

Fu Zhihuan stretched out his hand abruptly to place it loosely on Wen Ruans shoulders from behind and then pulled her back.


She staggered and fell heavily backward into his arms.

A motorcycle sped past her leaving behind a roar.

She turned her head around to look at him and saw him standing quietly behind her with his hand still resting on her shoulder.

His pitch-black eyes seemed dull and he appeared a little weak which was completely different from his usual lonely temperament.

On the contrary, he looked inexplicably scornful.

At this moment, their two bodies were pressed tightly against each other and she could feel his chests undulating breathing movements on her back.

All the words became stuck in her throat.  She turned her head slowly with her eyes lowered and slowly lifted her hand to touch her hot cheek.

How can this man become like this

After drinking the wine, he became a completely different man from before.

But no matter the changes, it still poked into the depths of her heart.

Isnt that a foul move


The Fu Family.


Wen, are you sure you want to cancel the marriage”

Father Fu pushed up his glasses with a sigh and said.  “Actually, I like that child, Wen Ruan, very much.  My wife and I both truly hope that this marriage can materialize.”

In fact, Wen Fengchen had earlier planned to cancel the marriage.

For the Wen Family to be so successful today, it can be said that the Fu Familys support is considered beneficial and not harmful, however, it is not a necessity.

Moreover, since she was a child, Wen Ruan was loved and doted by him and the marriage was originally arranged so that she could have a reliable family as in-laws.

But since Wen Ruan is against the marriage, it is only natural for Wen Fengchen not to force it.

Today, Wen Fengchen brought his wife to the Fu Residence and they were prepared to cancel the marriage agreement.

“Yes…….Im very sorry.  The children have grown up so they should be allowed to make their own choice.”

Wen Fengchen shook his head helplessly and took the cup of tea served by the servant.

“I also heard that your son is very outstanding and he………”

Although he did not finish the sentence, everyone present already understood the meaning.

Second Young Master Fu has not been home for many years and in addition, he had originally voiced his disagreement with the marriage.  If this matter is forced, it will only make the relationship between him and his family even more strained.

Father Fu sighed and nodded his head.

“Yes, Ive also been thinking about this.  Its better to let the children make their own plans…….so this marriage will….….”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard a voice from the TV in the living room.

~  Thank you very much for your help just now.  Do you have anything to say to the audience

~  Is it possible to use the beauty filter

The familiar voice shocked both pairs of parents who were in the midst of the discussion.   They swiftly turned their heads simultaneously and fixed their eyes on the TV screen.

The Jiang City Satellite TV was broadcasting the programHuman Observation and at this moment, Wen Ruans face appeared very clearly on the TV screen.

Wen Fengchen took a deep breath.

The camera lens slowly pulled back……..

Then the faces of both Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan appeared together on the screen.

Father Fu sucked in a deep breath.

~ This gentleman……is he your boyfriend  He is very handsome!  Both of you are really a good match!

~ No.

~ No……not right now.

When the program team was editing this section, the scene of them talking was specially edited into slow motion accompanied by a very girly dreamlike background music.  If it was not for the variety shows huge name appearing in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, it truly seemed like an illusion of a romantic scene out of an idol drama.

The two pairs of parents inhaled a deep breath simultaneously.

Wen Fengchens complexion turned pale.

“Dont worry, Ill bring her back and ask her about the identity of this man called Fu Zhihuan.  Although were canceling this marriage, we will find out more about this and give you an explanation.”

“I dont think thats necessary……”

Mother Fu let out a cough and seemed to be rather embarrassed as she said.

“I actually feel that you dont have to cancel the marriage agreement.”

“What do you mean”

“In fact, we were going to introduce our second son to both of you at the engagement banquet but we didnt expect the child refused to come home.”

When Mother Fu spoke up to this point, she paused and sighed.

“To tell the truth, the man who is on the TV now is our second son.  Originally, his name was Fu Lu and while he was in university he changed his name without informing us.  Now he is known as Fu Zhihuan.”


This is indeed embarrassing!

Wen Fengchen was silent for a while.  Then he looked up at the two people on the TV.

Mother Wen leaned forward and said.  “Why do I feel that our girl seems to like this Second Young Master Fu a little bit”

As a mother, of course, she could understand her daughter.

When Wen Ruan was looking at Fu Zhihuan, the wordlike seemed to be written inside her gleaming eyes.

After a long silence, someone finally broke the deadlock……

“Then how did both of them meet each other”

“I dont know…….but it feels like they are unaware of each others identity.”

“Then is their marriage still going to be canceled

“I feel that something is going on between them……so why dont we just let the marriage agreement be”

“Alright, well do just that.”

“Then what should we do now”

“Lets watch TV…….this variety show is pretty good.”

Later the two pairs of parents started a sincere and open conversation that was full of praises while they watched Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan on the TV show…….

“Your Ah Lu is becoming more and more upright.  When I saw him as a child, I had the feeling he would grow up to be very good-looking.  Now looking at him, he appears to be elegant and reliable.  Initially, I was worried Wen Ruan would meet some bad people when she ran away from home but now I am relieved.”

“Your Wen Ruan is the same.  She looks cute and well-behaved.  I feel she doesnt lose out to those female celebrities.  The important point is that she is kind.  There were so many people around but they didnt offer to help and she was the only one who had the courage and tolerance.”

“Ai, your familys Ah Lu is really promising!  At such a young age, he relied on himself to become a prosecutor.  Nowadays, its not easy to be a prosecutor in the legal industry.”

“Isnt Wen Ruan the same  I remember that she was a well-known lawyer back then.  She has a good temper and personality.”

The proposed serious negotiation on marriage cancellation had turned into a family gathering engaged in a friendly chat due to the sudden airing of the variety show.


Wen Ruan finally got the drunk and dangerous humanoid back to the apartment.

As soon as the door was opened, she found Earl at the door waving its paws excitedly and prancing around with joy.  However, the moment it caught the alcohol smell on the two of them, it showed a bitter expression and scrambled back to the cat climbing shelf.

When Wen Ruan looked at Earls food box she saw there was still some food leftover inside.

Fortunately, every time Fu Zhihuan has dinner appointments, he would arrange for an hourly helper to feed Earl.

Wen Ruan had to use a lot of effort before she could get Fu Zhihuan into the bedroom.

 With her hands on her waist and panting breathlessly, she said.

“Change your clothes first while Ill get a glass of warm water for you to take the hangover medicine.  Do you understand my meaning”


Fu Zhihuan neither nodded nor shook his head and did not show any response.  He just lowered his head calmly and then lifted his hand to press on the button of his collar.

……..One button became undone…….

His movements were gentle and natural…….as if Wen Ruan was non-existent.

“Ahhhhhhh…….wait!  You can change after Ive gone out!”

She immediately exploded and sprang up abruptly.  Then she rushed out of the room and slammed the door shut.

It was only when she reached the kitchen that Wen Ruan felt her heart which had been stirred emotionally to distraction, finally begin to calm down slightly.

She took a deep breath then poured a cup of warm water from the dispenser and decided to wait for a while before going in again.

Most people will get disorientated when they are drunk.

Especially people like Fu Zhihuan who gets drunk immediately after drinking a glass.  Probably, he wont be able to remember anything when he wakes up in the morning.

Wen Ruan twitched her lips.

This is too much!  He seized the opportunity to madly exude his charms while he is drunk!

And after doing it, he can shirk all responsibility with justification!  Scumbag!

But facing such ascumbag, the useless Wen Ruan could only lower her head.

She couldnt resist at all!

She stood at the door and waited for a long while.  After guessing that Fu Zhihuan should have changed his clothes by now, she cautiously pushed the door open to walk in.

When the door was opened, Fu Zhihuan had already changed his clothes.

At this time, his eyes were closed tightly and he was leaning against the edge of the bed with one hand resting on his knee.  His brows were furrowed and his expression showed exhaustion.

Fallen asleep

Wen Ruan walked towards him.

When he heard the sounds of footsteps approaching, Fu Zhihuans eyelashes trembled slightly.  Then he suddenly opened his eyes wide like a lion that was awakened from a nap and his whole body seemed to emit displeasure.

“Take your medicine.”

Wen Ruan was not afraid of him and on the contrary, she pretended to be fierce.

“Why are you looking so ferocious  You know you cant drink but you still recklessly showed off bravery.”

It was not known whether Fu Zhihuan understood what she was saying.  He only stared fixedly at the person in front of him without a word and did not make any move to take the medicine that was held up to him.

“Here, take this.”

When Wen Ruan saw Fu Zhihuans expression, she immediately softened and twitched her lips.  Just now she was still fiercely baring her fangs and showing her claws but at this moment, she became aggrieved.

“This is the hangover pill.  If you dont take it youll get a headache tomorrow morning.”

Perhaps it was Wen Ruans aggrieved expression that pulled on a certain heartstring in Fu Zhihuan.  He lowered his eyes and let out a laugh.  He straightened up his body then lowered his head……..and picked up the pill directly from Wen Ruans hand.

His hot breath hit Wen Ruans fingers.

When he lifted his head, the smile at the corners of his lips did not fade away and his eyes narrowed slightly.  He was like a cynical precious young master whose pure-hearted and desireless outer shell had been stripped off.

Her hand shook subconsciously.

This is too much!

This man is too much!

He could even come up with so many tricks in just taking the pill!  No scumbag is as good as him!

Wen Ruan quickly withdrew her hand and held the glass of warm water in front of him to feed him.  Then she held his shoulders and adjusted the pillow before she made him lie down.

She executed the series of movements extremely fast with her head lowered as if she was afraid of being seduced by the nasty man.

Her heart was always on alert.

She cant be seduced by thisscumbag who will forget everything by tomorrow morning!  He wont take the responsibility for stirring up her emotions!

After everything was dealt with, she watched as Fu Zhihuan gradually closed his eyes sleepily due to the effect of the alcohol.  The stone pressing down heavily in Wen Ruans heart finally lifted.

This one-sided seduction finally ended!.

All that happened tonight was just like the plan ofpretending to be drunk to stir up love sparks that she had envisioned and told Qin Sushan at the beginning.

‘Due to the effect of alcohol, a series of ambiguous actions can naturally and normally stir up other peoples hearts in an invisible way which will then generate love sparks.

The only thing wrong was that the hero and heroine in the plan had changed places.

Why is Fu Zhihuan the one who got drunk!

In the end, the one whose emotions were stirred up into a messy state was actually her…….a little lady!

Perhaps this is called reaping what one has sown!

Just as Wen Ruan was about to leave the room in sorrow, suddenly her arm was grabbed by a force.

Before she could react, she was pulled into Fu Zhihuans arms fiercely and her shoulders pressed tightly against his chest.

Whats going on

Wen Ruan struggled and tried to sit up.

But Fu Zhihuans arms suddenly tightened around her.  He frowned and lowered his head to rest his forehead on her shoulder without opening his eyes.

“Dont move.”

The voice sounded low and hoarse which was expected from someone drunk.

Her breathing tightened.

After being drunk for one and a half hours, Fu Zhihuan finally spoke his first sentence.

“Earl, dont move.”


F**k, she is not that cat!


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