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Lin Nan had a bright smile on her face.

“I like being with Auntie Lan.

Auntie Lan likes me, and I like Auntie Lan Too! I feel that Auntie Lan is like my mother!”

As Lin Nan said this, she hugged Auntie Lans arm.

Auntie Lans heart was warmed.

She reached out and touched Lin Nans head.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Auntie Lan likes Lin Nan too.

Lin Nan will stay with Auntie Lan for as long as she wants!”

Lin Nan felt safe and beamed with joy.

Auntie Lan sighed and said to us, “Ive always wanted to have a daughter, but Im not fated to have one!”

Jing Tian said without batting an eyelid, “What about Nanxing Havent you always treated her as your daughter”

Aunt Lan rolled her eyes at him.

“How can it be the same If Nanxing is my daughter, Ill keep her by my side every day.

Will you agree to that”

“No.” Jing Tian took a sip of the soup without thinking.

“You brat!” Auntie Lan glared at him.

Everyone couldnt help but chuckle.

Auntie Lan Sighed at me with a smile.

“No matter how much I like Nanxing, I cant compete with my own son.

I can only bear the pain and give up.

All I can do now is wait for you to get married and have a baby.

Ill take care of them for you.”

Jing Tian said, “You should ask Jing Ni to give birth as soon as possible! Otherwise, it can be Ye Qian or Mai Qi.

Youll have a much better chance with them!”




A few muffled coughs sounded one after another, and several people choked on their food.

Jing Tian had changed the subject.

Auntie Lan beamed.

“Youre right.

If any of you give birth, you can only have Bai Rui and I take care of your children!” Her gaze first landed on Ye Qians face.

“Ye Qian~”

Ye Qian happened to choke on a mouthful of soup, and her face turned red.

Auntie Lan was very reasonable.

“Tong Mo! Im not trying to lecture you, but you need to have children when youre still young.

That way, when the children are older, you two can enjoy your own private world.

However, giving birth to a child later in life isnt good for a womans body at all.

You have to learn to love others.

You cant be so selfish!”

Cousin Mo didnt expect that the topic of having a child would be directed at him.

He stood there, unable to reach out his chopsticks.

Little uncle patted his hand with his chopsticks and said, “Well.

Arent you going to say anything”

Cousin Mo helplessly withdrew his hand.

“Auntie Lan, I understand.

Ill work hard!”

Mai Qi, Jing Ni, and I couldnt help but laugh.

Ye Qians face turned even redder.

She probably wished she could find a hole to hide in.

Auntie Bai Rui kindly tried to smooth things over.

“Dont worry.

They will have children in time.

We should focus on their weddings first.

Think about it.

In the future, there might be a few children surrounding our legs and calling us grandma!”

Auntie Lan clapped her hands happily.

Im really looking forward to it! Jing De! Get someone to build a childrens playground in the yard tomorrow! We need to start the work now!”

“Okay! Ill get someone to design it tomorrow!”Grandpa Jing agreed to everything his wife said.

I guess even if auntie Lan said, “Jing De, go and pluck the moon off for me!”

The old man can not hesitate to say: “Yes! I will get someone to build a ladder!”


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