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DESTINY OF FLAME AND FROST Chapter 7: TelePround Vision

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She appears at weixians room door, to bid him farewell.

Wenren: Wei...( Before she finishes the statement, the door opens, and Weixian motions for her to come in) Nu Weixian Ill leave.

Weixian: (shocked by her statement, he laughs) Woah! You

e bold, not only do you not address me formally, but you also call me by my last name. Anyway, you

e leaving so soon?

Wenren: Yes! I don think princess Xinger wants me to stay for a single moment more. Moreover, I have to go see how things are at home.

Weixian: Okay! Renyu! When you were unconscious I passed down some of my spiritual prowesses to you. So...

Wenren:(Excitedly) So does this mean that Im now an Immortal?

Weixian: No! Never, Don even dream of it, you

e not even close. It only means that you have some of my powers now, meaning you can do some of the things that I can do.

Wenren: Like what?

Wei Xian: Like "Teleprofound vision"

Wenren: "Teleprofound vision"?

Wei Xian: Yes! Its a spiritual technique of seeing things you long to see from a long distance. All you have to do is think of what you want to see and you see them, but remember to use something reflecting like a mirror, water, or something.

Wenren: Okay! (a few seconds later, thinking) No! Could it be that he used the process of spiritual training?, No! Im the holy lady of fire, I can involve myself with such shameful acts.

Weixian: ( He realizes wenren Yus thoughts) Don worry I didn make use of that process.

Wenren: (surprised, still thinking) What? Can he hear my thoughts

Weixian: Of course, I can hear everything you think about, its one of the benefits of being an ancient god.

Wenren: How dare you, Nu Wei Xian! My thoughts are private.

Weixian: Not when I can hear them.

Wenren: (thinking) Stupid pervert.

Weixian: If I was a pervert I would be interested in you.

Wenren:(Angrily) I...You...

Weixian: ( He drags wenren and places her in his bed, lying on top of her, and leans close to her ear and whispers) What do you want to say?

Wenren: (thinking)No! Its happening again my heart is beating rapidly, why does it always happen in an awkward moment? No! This pervert is hearing my thoughts. Stupid Thug, you win. ( She disappears).

Weixian: (smiles)

At Jade palace" Wenrens room".

Xie Qi: (crying) Mistress! Where are you, its been three days now, and yet you haven been found. Everyone is blaming me for your disappearance, Mistress please come back.

Wenren: ( Who has been there ever since unknowingly to Xie Qi, was listening to what she was saying) Im back now!

Xie Qi:(Excitedly) Phoenix! You

e back ( she runs to hug Renyu).

Wenren: Xie Qi! How have you been, have you been hurt?

Xie Qi:No! Phoenix Im sorry I felt you alone at the mango bush valley, it wasn my intention, I was forced to do so.

Wenren: Xie Qi! Don apologize, I know that you would never hurt or abandon me.

Xie Qi: Thank you, mistress.

Wenren: Not right? You have no cultivation, so how did you escape?

Xie Qi: Oh! Yes!, Prince Chen saved me.

Wenren: Prince Chen? Big brother Azure Dragon is back?

Xie Qi: Yes! Night immortal is back.

Wenren: Thats great Im so excited.

Azure Dragon: (appears) Are you excited, or you are more contented mingling with others?

Wenren: Dage ( Meaning Big brother) you

e here! ( She runs to hug him)

Azure Dragon: Do you even still see me as your big brother?

Wenren: Big brother! Of course, I still see you as my big brother, I mean who else would be able to scold and correct me when Im wrong except big brother Chen Chen? (she laughs together with Xie Qi)

Azure Dragon: Okay! I see you are using girls strategies to mock me right? Im leaving ( He turns to leave)

Renyu: (Runs to hold him back) Dage why are you being so hot-tempered?

Azure Dragon: Hot-tempered? See whos talking about being hot-tempered. Fire Immortal, Im afraid when it comes to temper, you are even worst than the Immortal of outrage. Am I right Xie Qi?

Xie Qi: (smiles) Yes night immortal, phoenix princess is the supreme Immortal of uncontrollable anger.

Wenren: Xie Qi! You

e joining my brother to bully me right, fine! I think that you have already chosen the night immortal over the future supreme fire Immortal.

Xie Qi: I don dare. I am only being truthful please bear with me.

Wenren: Truthful? Okay then, you both just wait till I cultivate enough powers to become the goddess of fire. Then Ill turn you all into grey-like ashes. ( She pretends to be angry and slams, leaving her brother and Xie Qi alone in her sitting room)

Azure Dragon: Childish ( he and Xie Qi laughs)

Wenren: ( opens the door again) Don laugh. If you do, Ill make you turn into " Double view ashes"

Azure Dragon: Okay! Well be waiting.

Wenren: Okay wait and see how I conquer you guys. ( She slams the door again).

A few hours later, inside Yus room

Wenren: Xie Qi! Do you know what is Teleprofound vision?

Xie Qi: Yes! Its an ancient technique that was used by goddess Nuwa to create a portal for her to oversee the affairs in the mortal and Immortal realms.

Wenren: Can you teach me how to use it?

Xie Qi: What? (she laughs) Phoenix! You must first acquire "profound knowledge" before you can use any Teleprofound techniques. So! In other to be able to use "Teleprofound vision" "Teleprofound moves", or any Teleprofound skill, you must have "Profound knowledge".

Wenren: I have profound knowledge, Weixian said that he had transferred some of his prowesses to me, so I can use Teleprofound vision.

Xie Qi: Okay! Lets try it out. ( She hands wenren a mirror) Just think of anything body you want to see, and if you have profound knowledge, it will appear in this mirror.

Wenren: Okay! (she tries it out, and then all of a Sudden Xing Chen appears in the mirror, and they both saw him eating various types of food at once, without even trying to chew it perfectly) Big brother, take it slow.

In Xing Chens room

He hears the voice talking, but he couldn figure out who or where it was coming from

Xing Chen: (Azure Dragon) How strange? I thought someone was calling, maybe I heard it wrong. Anyways maybe it was the food calling me. Don worry I have enough space for you all. (He smiles)

In Yus room

(She and Xie Qi were laughing at Night immortals reaction)

Wenren: Woah! This is fun, let me try someone else.

She thinks of someone else and Yize appears in the mirror. He appears to be with someone, who appears to be the flower Immortal" Chu Mu Yao".

Chu Mu Yao: ( Flowers Immortal, eldest daughter of Flower god "Chu Zin Yin" and the stepdaughter to the Sound goddess" Chu Xiaolui". And the successor to "Huatian Palace") Yi Ze! I love you, I love you so much but why can you understand my intentions?

Yi Ze: Lady Mu! Please I have told you I have someone else that I like, so please stop doing these worthless things.

Mu Yao: Yi Ze Why? Why can you love me, Am I so unlikeable?

Yi Ze: Lady Mu Yao, you

e very likable, but not by me. Please since you have nothing else to say Ill leave first.

At wenrens room

Xie Qi: Phoenix! Is Frost prince referring to you when he said he had some that he likes?

Wenren How should I know? Im not his heart. Anyways lets try someone else, but who?

Xie Qi: How about Master Weixian?

Wenren: No!

Xie Qi: Phoenix lets try him. He was the one who taught you profound vision, so lets use it on him. Besides I want to see how handsome he is.

Wenren: Okay! (She did it, and indeed Weixian appeared in the mirror. But what they saw was shocking and at the same time exciting. They were so captivated they couldn even blink a bit).


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